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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 192: Magnificent! Bahasa Indonesia

Outside the cave.

“What do we do?” Alice asked a little scared for the little cat’s fate.

“He should be fine.” Grey said waving his hands.

“What?!” Alice, Klaus, and Reynolds exclaimed simultaneously while looking at Grey with a little hint of disbelief.

‘How could he be so cruel to his pet?’

This was the thought going through their heads.

“No, no, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any plans of leaving him there, but you all should remember he’s not an average cat. I can’t even call him an average magical beast, he’s too unique.” Grey explained when he saw the expressions on the faces of the others.

The trio didn’t buy his explanation and continued looking at him with the same expression.

“Fine, let’s go get him before something untoward happen to him.” Grey could only helplessly agree to their demands of retrieving Void.

“See, I told you making this expression would make him give in. Now, let’s go see a dragon.” Klaus whispered into Reynolds’ ear.

Unlike Alice, they couldn’t say they liked Void that much, after all, he was just a cat. If not for him having the space element, as well as his treasure sensing ability, they wouldn’t even spare him a glance, much less trying to save him.

“How do you think a dragon would taste?” Reynolds asked Klaus as they walked past the door.

How bold! They didn’t even know if the dragon would take pity on them and allow them to go unscathed, yet Reynolds was already thinking of eating it. What a bold thought!

“Given its superior quality, its taste should be exquisite.” Klaus answered after a while.

The duo continued on their topic about eating a dragon as they headed into the cave.

Grey and Alice who were walking alongside them felt their scalps tingle. Klaus and Reynolds were seriously planning on how to eat the dragon, how the hell does their brain process work?!

“Grey, do you think we would be able to beat the dragon?” Alice asked.

They had only walked for a few seconds, but it felt like days had passed. They were like an army who knew death was coming, but can’t flee.

“If we’re truly able to beat it, then we’ll be having dragon soup for dinner.” Grey said jokingly.

Alice paused for a moment, ‘The three of them are the same.’ She shook her head wryly.

Before hearing Klaus and Reynolds speak of eating a dragon, Grey didn’t think about it, but after the initial fright from the thought, he found out it wasn’t a bad idea. I mean, not everyone could say they’ve eaten a dragon before, right?

‘Void, are you okay?’ Grey tried to speak to Void.

But his response was the same as before, ‘So shiny.’ Void currently doesn’t say anything else, it was like he had been hypnotized by the shiny things.

‘Damn! Stupid obsessions.’ Grey said hatefully.

After going past the door, giant rocks could be seen all over the place, some of the rocks connected to the roof of the cave just like the walls. The group felt the cave was opened up by the dragon itself due to how it looked.

Going further into the cave, they had to climb up a rock so they could continue their journey. Just after they got to the top of the rock, they were left stunned by the sight ahead of them.

Yes, there was a six meters long creature lying by the side, but what grabbed the attention of the group was the different treasures lying on the ground.

Looking at the right side of the cave, the group saw different plants growing on the ground, and they were all thriving. They also noticed that after climbing the rock, the elemental essence in the cave seemed to have increased by threefold, that was a lot, considering how high it was outside.

On the left side of the cave, a pond could be seen, a blueish light could be seen floating on top of it like an aurora.

“So…beautiful.” Alice said while gazing at the pond in a lost manner.

It was like the floating light above the pond was all she could see.

Amongst the treasures sprawled on the ground, different elemental weapons could be seen, there are even elemental defensive weapons.

These defensive weapons could make one almost immune to a specific element. Although, that mainly depends on the grade of the weapon, as well as the strength of the attacker. Unlike offensive elemental weapons, these were much harder to forge, and no one amongst Grey’s group had ever seen one before.

It took the group almost a minute to fill their eyes with the things sprawled all over the place. The fire which they were previously using as a source of light had been put out since this place was quite bright. Although not to the extent of when they were outside, they could see properly.

“Guys, look.” Reynolds said in a hushed voice while pointing to the six meters creature that was lying not too far from the pond.

Looking at the dragon closely, the group guessed if its tail was added, then I would measure at least ten meters in length. They couldn’t get the proper height of it since it was lying on the ground with its eyes closed, but even in this position, it still measured over a meter high.

Its bat-like wings, as well as its hind and forelimbs, were tucked close to its body, but the razor-sharp claws were still visible for the group to see. The dragon’s armor-like scales had a glistening look to it, like ice.

On the head of the dragon were two light blue horns which sparkled with a unique charm. The entire body of the dragon was blue, only, the color of its body was darker than the color of his horn.

The group had only one word to describe the dragon, ‘magnificent!’

But they didn’t have enough time to praise the amazing features of the dragon. The reason for this was because on the dragon’s forehead, between its horn, a shiny crystal could be seen, and close to it, a pitch-black cat could be seen approaching it.

Grey’s heart almost leaped out of his body through his mouth when he saw this, and his left eye couldn’t help but twitch uncontrollably.

He wasn’t the only one who freaked out, the others felt their scalps going numb.

“We’re doomed!” Klaus almost fainted from fright.


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