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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 179: Since When Are You So Nice? Bahasa Indonesia

“Shit! They’re five now?! We have to find a way to stop them before they become too much for us to handle.” Klaus said in dissatisfaction when he saw another two people started following them.

“Yeah, you’re probably right about that. We don’t know what situation Alice is in, but being followed by a lot of people wouldn’t do us or her any good either. Given how desperate they all are for treasures, they’ll do anything for it. That’s what also makes chasing them harder. Even if we explain what this thing is, they wouldn’t believe us, after all, only a few people know about it.” Grey said.

“Explaining won’t do any good, let’s just beat the crap out of them. That way, they wouldn’t dare to continue following us.” Reynolds said impatiently.

‘Yes, violence, let’s use that.’ Void said excitedly.

From how happy he was, it was easy to see he didn’t like it when things are too peaceful. Since meeting up with Klaus and Reynolds, although their company was fun, Void preferred the time when Grey would either be fighting against a beast or running away. At least, he was always excited whenever they were doing those. But the most excited he had been all this while was when Grey started robbing pants!

‘*Sigh* I miss those days.’ He sighed at the thought of their pants stealing days.

‘You’ve always liked violence.’ Grey smiled wryly at Void’s words.

“How long do you think it’ll take to send the message?” He finally conceded to the group’s plan.

“Two minutes at most, as long as we go full power immediately.” Klaus calculated.

They didn’t want to kill the people following them since it was just a misunderstanding but they didn’t want them to follow them either. After all, they didn’t know Alice’s situation. Also, there was the possibility of Alice finding a heaven-defying treasure that she wanted to show them. Although the chances are small, it was a possibility they couldn’t rule out!

“Okay, wait while I get my inscription up, until then, we won’t attack.” Grey nodded.

Since they were going to deal with them quickly, he might as well use his inscription also. The only problem was, they didn’t know if they were already close to Alice, or not, so if before he creates his inscription they get to where Alice was located, it would be quite sad.

Another minute went by before Grey completed the inscription.

“Okay, I’m ready.” He said.

The trio stopped and turned around. Grey had already suggested they tried explaining to them first, only when the group following them refuses to heed their words before they’ll attack. Although attacking will make the people following them feel like they were truly going to get a treasure, they didn’t have much of a choice.

The people following behind them also stopped and looked at the trio, then they looked behind them, and saw that the floating object the trio was chasing after was currently stopped by an earthen hand that came out of the ground.

“Why are you following us?” Klaus asked apathetically.

“Nothing.” The youth in the Fifth stage of the Origin Plane said.

Since he was the one with the highest stage, he became the default leader of the group. Of the four people, three were male, while the last two who joined recently were females.

“Then stop following us.” Klaus said plainly.

“You don’t sound convincing enough.” Grey whispered in Klaus’ ear.

He felt if he was the one following behind someone because of a strange floating object, and the person just turns around and says stop following us, he wouldn’t stop. Besides, he was following them for a reason.

“Okay, let’s cut to the chase. We want a share in the treasure.” The leader of the group of five said.

“What treasure? There’s no treasure, this is only a device used to locate a partner. If you notice there are three, which belongs to the three of us, we’re only following it to our friend who has the last one.” Grey explained.

It’s not that he was scared of fighting, but he felt if they could settle this amicably, why fight?

“Heh! Do you think we’ll believe that? Just continue heading forward, and we’ll follow you, we don’t care if you have any friend or not.” The leader of the group said with a sneer.

The others in the group all chuckled, feeling Grey’s explanation was stupid. ‘Who would believe they were only heading to meet a friend, since when was a floating object needed before one can meet a friend?’

Thinking about this, they felt even more certain that the trio was going to a place where a rare treasure was located, and only that floating object could take them there.

‘You see, if you had used violence from the start, you wouldn’t waste so much time explaining.’ Void said, edging to beat the crap out of some people.

‘*Sigh* I hate to admit it, but you’re right. We can’t waste our time explaining to them.’ Grey sighed.

“Well, I guess I tried. But just to be clear, we truly are heading to meet a friend. We can’t risk allowing you people following behind us, so it’s either you turn back on your own, or we make you.” Grey warned.

“Heh! I knew there was a treasure.” The leader of the group scoffed.

“I don’t wa…” Grey was about to continue warning before he was cut short by Klaus.

“Stop preaching Mr goody two shoes. Attack!” Klaus ordered.

“So much violence, but I have to say, it’s fun.” Grey smiled and the inscription in the air lit up.

‘Void, you’ll have to deal…’ Grey was once again cut short by a loud explosion.


The attacker was none other than Void.

‘Since when did you become so nice?’ Void asked with contempt before attacking once again.

‘Ah… This feels nice.’ He thought to himself, relishing the feeling of getting to attack someone once again.

Grey smiled awkwardly, ‘Yeah, I don’t get why I’m being so considerate to them.’

After this thought, he joined in the attack as well.


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