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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 171: The Pants Thief Bahasa Indonesia

On a mountain, Grey could be seen with an annoyed expression while walking in a somewhat awkward manner heading towards a building that looked like a temple situated at the top of the mountain. He was about fifteen to twenty minutes away from the top of the mountain if he continued walking at this pace.

‘Why are you walking like that?’ Void couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked.

He noticed that for some reason, after leaving the corpse of the youth from the Starlight Academy, Grey’s walking movement changed, it was like he was almost forcing himself to walk, and he has been grumbling all through the journey. Even when he was fighting against the magical beasts on the way, he was particularly more violent compared to before.

“Damn it! These pants are annoying!” Grey said through gritted teeth while moving his hand behind him towards his butt.

At first, when he took the pants from the youth, he thought he could manage it even though it was a little too tight making it uncomfortable, but then, the discomfort increased and the pants kept getting into the middle of his butt.

He didn’t know how many times he had removed it since he started the journey, and whenever he was fighting, it was worse. He couldn’t help but regret the fact that he discarded his old pants when he took this one.

“I didn’t think I’ll ever say this, but, I miss my old pants.” Grey said with a sorrowful face.

Void who was on his shoulder disappeared and appeared behind him, observing his butt.

‘They look perky!’ He exclaimed.

“Huh! What?” Grey asked as he turned around to look at Void.

‘Your butt, this pair of pants is very tight, keeping it firm.’ Void said seriously.


Grey’s mind went blank, he didn’t expect Void was talking about his butt. He opted not to reply, he was already irritated by the pants, if he were to reply Void, then he might just explode and pull off the pants!

The duo continued walking forward with Void talking about the pants, and Grey moving his hand behind him every five minutes or so to remove the pants that had gotten into the middle of his butt again.

Presently, the only thing in his mind was to find a guy he could rob of his pants, and it has to be one his size!

With a goal in mind, Grey walked as fast as he could, although his movement was quite strange due to the fact that he was walking in a somewhat bent position while occasionally stretching his legs.

Void on the other hand was having a good time laughing at him, seeing Grey’s discomfort was quite entertaining.

‘Imagine Klaus sees you in this condition.’ Void suddenly thought of Grey’s friends.

When Grey heard this, his body jolted, and for the first time since he knew Klaus, he was praying not to see him. Even though it had been a while he saw his friends, and he’ll like to see them before leaving this place, but not like this. Given Klaus’ personality, he’ll mock him to no end.

Grey’s movement speed suddenly increased, and he soon got to the building. He looked around, and other than some statues, an array at the middle which he guessed was the way out, he saw nothing else.

“That’s it? No rewards or anything?” He asked while still looking around, hoping to find a reward with one of his hands going towards his butt again.

On the castle he entered with his friends, after every trial, one would naturally get a reward, although, he remembered the last trial there was no reward. He couldn’t really say there was no reward in that one since they found a bunch of things inside, not only that, but they got to hone their fighting skills through the repeated battles while searching for the exit.

Void looked around as well, ‘No, there’s nothing here other than the statues and this array.’

“Damn it! Such an annoying place! Let’s go.” Grey said upset, not wanting to spend one more minute in here.

They got to the array, and just like what happened in the hall, they were sucked in with a flash of light, disappearing from the temple.

The moment Grey appeared outside the castle, he noticed there were still a few beasts from the ones who chased him here around, he immediately turned tails and ran, after dodging the tail of a lizard that was swung in his direction.

“Void, let’s go rob some pants.” Grey said as he jumped over the walls surrounding the castle.

Void instantly got excited when he heard they were going to rob, this was different from when he stole from the Lightning Apes, and he couldn’t help but think of how thrilling it would be to rob someone.

And so, two pants robbers were let loose in the trial land. In two weeks, they have robbed eight different people, with two of them being from the Qilin empire, of course Grey covered his face from them so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. Of the eight people robbed, six were beaten for refusal to comply with the demands of the pants thief.

Another two weeks passed, and it didn’t take long for the tales of the pants thief to spread in the trial land, it was quite unbelievable that in a place as big as the trial land, of the small number of people who entered it and were still alive, at least seventy percent of them had heard a thing or two of the pants thief, whole a stark few of them had encountered him.

It was unimaginable that a single individual would be so famous amongst all the people who entered this place, and what made him famous was not because he was strong or anything, rather it was all because he robbed pants! Grey was currently the most talked about individual in the trial land and was also the one hated by people from all four empires, luckily, he covered his face whenever he was robbing people.

The only thing that kept everyone from ganging together to find him was that he didn’t kill any of his victims, and he only occasionally took the items in their bags.


Somewhere in the trial land.

“Hey bud, why don’t we also go around robbing people?” A young man said with a hint of mischievousness.

Another young man could be seen with him with his brows knitted.

“To be honest, the thought truly is tempting. But… What if the real pants thief comes for us?” The second young man asked.

“We’ll run.” The first young man said nonchalantly.

The two young men were none other than Klaus and Reynolds, after the group separated, they accidentally encountered each other five days ago, and decided since they would be leaving the trial land in a month, they should stick together till they leave the place. They had been searching for Alice and Grey, but they had unfortunately not found them.

They had been hearing about the pants thief even before finding each other, and just a few hours ago they bumped into someone who said he was robbed not too long ago. Klaus felt it would be exciting robbing so many people, not just him, even Reynolds felt it would be an entertaining experience.

They had also heard that the pants thief was able to defeat someone in the Fifth stage of the Origin Plane easily, so they knew he was someone they couldn’t defeat individually. Although, they felt there was a chance if they teamed up, but they couldn’t be so sure.

“Okay, we’ll do it. I’ve gotten bored here, this should be able to thrill me till we get out of here.” Reynolds accepted Klaus’ suggestion.

The thrill they felt the first time they entered this place was gone, so seeing an opportunity to have fun, Klaus took it without blinking. They soon started planning out how they speak to their victims.

“I have a suggestion, why don’t we rob ladies as well?” Klaus suddenly said with a grin.

Reynolds gasped as he looked at Klaus with enlarged eyes.

“That would be even more thrilling! But… Wouldn’t that leave the ladies naked?” Reynolds asked.

“They should have spare clothes, have you seen any of the people robbed by the pants thief naked?” Klaus asked after some time.

“Besides, we’re only doing this for fun. If the ladies truly don’t have spare clothes, we would leave them alone.” He added.

After their discussion, another set of pants thief was set loose on the trial land, and this group even robbed the ladies! Within one week, this group of pants thief grew even more famous than the first one, and many believed that the pants thief found a companion.

Grey who had stopped robbing people was dumbfounded by the news of another pants thief and the only people who came to his mind was actually Klaus and Reynolds, he didn’t think there would be anyone who would be that bored to start robbing people, and given the fact that they were robbing ladies, he felt there was a sixty percent chance he was right.


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