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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 162: Battling The Quasi Dragon Bahasa Indonesia

‘What the hell! That’s insane!’ Void exclaimed when he saw the huge impact of the explosion.

The moment the orb hit the quasi dragon and exploded, Grey grabbed Void and made a break for it.

Yes, he would love to see the outcome of the attack, but he knew this was their best opportunity to escape. If the attack managed to hurt the creature, then he truly would regret it since if he could collect the body of this creature, it would mean a lot to him. But if the creature was fine even after this, then he would regret not escaping now.

They soon got into the tunnel, and Grey quickly created a fireball that helped light up the way. Panting heavily, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Void.

‘Uh… Escaping.’ replied Grey who was still running quickly.

The tunnel was about eight meters wide and had a height of at least ten meters.

‘What about the quasi dragon?’ Void asked feeling maybe they had a shot at killing it.

‘What about it?’ questioned Grey.

‘Wouldn’t you want to check if that amazing attack of yours killed it?’ Void looked behind them and asked after seeing no movements.

‘No.’ Grey answered resolutely.

He had already seen how strong the quasi dragon was, why would he risk staying there any further. If by chance his elemental fusion blast didn’t hurt it, then he wouldn’t know what to do since even if he entered the Fusion State, that was still his strongest attack.

‘We’re missing out on a potential amazing meal, I think that attack of yours injured it at the very least. Just imagine how tasty it would be, and you should know, this is a magical beast that is previously at least in the Peak of Rank Five, so its flesh must hold a lot of energy.’ Void tried to convince Grey to turn back.

He strongly felt Grey was being too wary of the beast.

Two minutes later, just as they were about to appear on the other side of the tunnel.

‘You know what, I think we should go back and… No…no, running is fine, running is good. Can you run a little faster?’ Void who was in the middle of trying to persuade Grey immediately started urging him to go faster.

Grey was stunned by Void’s sudden change, but it didn’t take long for him to realize why, he could hear the faint footsteps of the quasi dragon behind him, and it was gradually growing louder.

‘Damn it! It couldn’t even keep it down for two minutes!’ He cursed out while trying to boost his speed further.

He soon started ascending the flight of stairs, and just when he got to the twentieth step, the footsteps of the quasi dragon stopped.

‘Oh no!’ His heart sank, and he pushed himself to the limit trying to run as fast as he could.

Contrary to the first time when he was hearing the footsteps of the quasi dragon, now, he was tenser since he didn’t know the location of the quasi dragon.

‘Can you sense it?’ Grey asked while running.

He had managed to get to the fiftieth step, but he still had one hundred steps to go, given the speed with which the quasi dragon used in crossing the tunnel, it would be able to catch up to them before he got to the exit.

‘No, it’s like its presence and aura disappears whenever it does that.’ Void responded while vigilantly looking around.

He knew the quasi dragon was here, but just like the last time it disappeared, he couldn’t sense it, so he didn’t know where it was.

‘Damn it!’ Grey cursed and tried to increase his speed, but alas, he was already at his limit.

Just as he stepped on the eightieth step, the quasi dragon suddenly appeared eight steps ahead of him.


Its roar stopped Grey in his tracks who because of his speed almost slammed into it.

Grey looked at the quasi dragon and couldn’t help but curse his bad luck.

‘Damn it! Not even a scratch!’ He felt like crying.

The elemental fusion blast was his greatest attack at the moment, and it didn’t have a problem rivaling a full-powered attack of a Peak Ninth stage Origin Plane Elementalist. Yet, it couldn’t even leave a scratch on the quasi dragon’s body.

Is this thing even killable? With this strong defense, Grey wasn’t confident he could harm it, not to mention killing it.

The duo exchanged glances and instantly unleashed attacks at the quasi dragon barring their way.

Grey had already decided to leave this place, no matter what! Even if it meant doing the impossible!


The quasi dragon growled and slashed its claws towards their attacks, the attacks exploded on impact but it surprisingly didn’t retreat, instead, it pushed forward past where the attacks exploded.

Standing in a step that was just barely over one meter wide, and a few inches long, Grey was having a hard time contending with the huge body of the quasi dragon.

Without realizing it, he was gradually descending the stairs once again as soon as the battle started.


Grey’s earthen hammer slammed the head of the quasi dragon, forcing its upper body down. But just as it had always done, it rose almost instantly.

Although Grey’s attacks didn’t have much of an effect on it, he noticed the brute strength attacks whenever he uses the earth element seemed quite effective against it, so he instantly resorted to using only it against the quasi dragon, but he was still descending the stairs trying to escape the attacks of the quasi dragon.

‘Oh! I remember something now, the last time I attacked it with my darkness element, the darkness element was able to erode its scale, hurting its flesh as well.’ Void suddenly recalled his last attack at the lab and told Grey about it.

‘Then what are you waiting for?’ Grey asked after jumping back almost ten steps to escape the attack of the quasi dragon.

Void who was previously using his fire and lightning elements changed to the darkness element once again.

But this time, whenever the quasi dragon saw anything that gave off even the slightest hint of the darkness element’s aura, it hastily retreats.

Once it avoided the darkness element attack, it opened up its mouth and spat out fire in the direction of Grey and Void.

Grey created an earthen wall, while Void formed a wall made of black mass behind it, the fire quickly destroyed the wall and went for the black mass behind it.

Grey immediately jumped back when he saw the black mass being destroyed by the quasi dragon’s fire.

After they landed on the ground, Void sent three arrows at the quasi dragon, all three arrows were black.

The quasi dragon who just stopped spitting out fire scurried to escape the arrows.

‘It’s avoiding it, good.’ Grey praised but cursed out loud the next moment.

“Shit! Damn it! Fuck this beast!” He complained when he realized they had actually gone back to the foot of the stairs once again.

While he was attacking and dodging the attacks of the quasi dragon, he didn’t know when they got to the last step, not to mention the foot of the stairs. He could see he was even at least two meters away from the first step.

He created a huge earthen pillar that had a sharp tip and sent it at the quasi dragon, hoping it would be able to successfully pierce the armor-like scale.


The quasi dragon roared and swung its tail at the almost half a meter thick pillar.


The pillar broke and fell on the ground with a ‘thud’.

When the pillar fell, it kicked up clouds of dust which Void capitalized on and slashed a huge black claw at the quasi dragon.

The black claw was made using the darkness element, but for some reason, it looked very identical to Void’s claws.

Before the quasi dragon saw the claw it was already too late and the claw slashed its chest area, creating an injury in the process.


The quasi dragon roared in pain when the attack landed.

Void’s attack made four almost fifteen inches long claw marks appeared on its chest. With the scales there falling off, and the injured flesh eroded for some time before stopping.

Grey caught sight of the injury and sucked in a cold breath.

‘The darkness element truly is a mysterious, and powerful element.’ He thought.

Although Void’s attacks weren’t stronger than his, the corrosive ability of the darkness element was currently making life a living hell for the quasi dragon.

Grey was again attacked, he created what looked like a nail, and used the water element to create a hammer that smashed into the huge earthen nail.

The reason he didn’t use the nail alone was that he wanted to generate enough force and speed so it could successfully pierce through the quasi dragon.

The quasi dragon who was still feeling the pain from Void’s claw attack saw the two meters long nail made of earth coming its way and instantly tried to dodge it.

Pu-Chi! Bam!


The quasi dragon let out a roar of pain, looking behind it, it saw the nail pinning its tail to the ground.

‘Yes!’ Grey exclaimed happily when he saw that the nail managed to pierce through the scale of the quasi dragon.

‘Attack! Don’t give it time to break free.’ He urged Void.

And the duo rushed at the quasi dragon, each preparing their respective effective attacks.

Currently, they felt maybe they had a chance against this beast.


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