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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 158: Is That What I Think It Is? Bahasa Indonesia

“Void, stop!” Grey yelled while chasing after Void.

Void heard him, but paid no heed to his command, he wanted the blade, it was shiny. Although he didn’t know what he wanted to use it for, but since it’s shiny, he wanted to keep it, he’ll think about its use later on.

‘Damn it! Of all the things to be obsessed about, it just had to be shiny things?’ Grey thought angrily.

From how strong Void’s obsession was with shiny things, Grey had already concluded he would never take him close to the castle in the Capital after they left here, otherwise, given Void’s guts, he might probably steal the crown off the head of the emperor.

While the two were playing cat and mouse, with the cat surprisingly playing the role of the mouse, they didn’t realize that they were being watched.


The creature growled gently. It was currently hidden in the shadows, and other than its somewhat faintly glowing green eyes, none of its other features could be seen.

It stepped out from a hole that neither Grey nor Void saw in the wall facing the tunnel they passed through, it nimbly climbed the wall, making sure to avoid entering the area the fire covered so as not to be seen. Before long, it had gotten to the top of the lab, staring down at the duo who were still running around.

“Haha, where can you run to now?” Grey grinned widely while staring at the cornered Void who had his back on the edge of the wall.

With nowhere to go, Void was like a cornered rat, but even when he was cornered, he still refused to let go of the blade, instead, he held it tighter.

“Just let it go, I’ll find you something shinier to play with later on.” Grey persuaded.

Void shook his head while tightly holding onto the blade, he also looked around, seemingly scanning the area for an opportunity to escape.

“Come on Void, give it to me. You should know because of you we got careless.” Grey said while walking closer to Void.

When he was chasing after Void some moments ago, he had completely forgotten about where they were, it was only now did he remember they were in a place where there’s a likelihood of something old being here.

Seeing that there was no way for him to keep the shiny blade this time, Void begrudgingly handed it to Grey.

When Grey held the blade, he couldn’t help but praise its craftsmanship. The blade not only looked good on the eyes, it also felt great.

It had a silver hilt with dragon carvings around it, and a snakelike creature that had legs, four to be precise, that ran from the start of the blade to the tip.

“What an exquisite blade.” He said out loud, not hiding the joy in his voice.

During the time Grey was looking at the blade, Void suddenly recalled something.

‘I forgot to tell you earlier, I can’t use the space element.’ said Void.

“What?! What do you mean you can’t use the space element.” Grey asked, confusion evident in his voice.

He had never heard of an Elementalist not being able to use their elements before, unless they ran out of elemental essence, and that rarely happened. But he knew Void hadn’t been using his elements, so there was no way for his elemental essence to run out.

‘When I wanted to take the blade, I noticed I couldn’t use the space element.’ Void explained.

“And you’re only telling me now?” Grey’s face slowly turned serious.

This was a major issue, and Void felt getting the blade was more important than telling him about it sooner.

He tried keeping the blade in his storage ring, but just as Void said, anything related to the space element seemed to be blocked by something.

‘I’m sorry.’ Void apologized when he realized the severity of the matter.

Since he could use his space element previously, and it was then suddenly blocked, it meant that it was caused by someone, or, something.

Grey’s thoughts went into overdrive, trying to think of a possible solution to the matter. He tried using his fire element, and it worked, not just that but his other elements as well, and they worked perfectly.

“We should leave this place.” He quickly came to a decision.

He had already acquired this blade anyway, and from the look of things, there was nothing left for him to search here, leaving this place was the best choice for them.

Just as Grey came to the decision, he realized Void who was still in a standing position was staring behind him, intently.

“Void, what are you looking at?” Grey asked, not daring to turn around immediately.

‘Behind you.’ Void said timidly, pointing behind him.

Grey’s heart raced when he heard this, and he was suddenly gripped by fear.


He gulped in fear, the scariest thing was the unknown, now, the unknown was behind him, but he didn’t want to know it. If he was given an opportunity, then he wouldn’t ever hope to know it.

He steeled his mind, and took a step forward, after walking to the edge of the wall, he slowly turned around, placing his back on the wall just like Void with his head looking at the floor.

After placing his back on the wall, he gradually raised his head. The first thing he saw was the almost seven inches sharp claws that protruded out of the toes of the creature, it had five toes on each limb. Looking higher, he realized the creature had two forelimbs, and two hind limbs which were covered entirely with armor-like scales, there was also the long tail that was behind it, but Grey couldn’t get a clear view of it from his position.

The creature had powerful muscular hind and forelimbs that were almost three meters in length, Grey wasn’t even two meters yet! His head was slowly but gradually starting to face upwards.

The muscular shoulder of the creature was at least half a meter wide, and its neck was over one meter long, and positioned at the top of the neck was what looked like the head of a dragon, only without horns.

‘Is that what I think it is?’ Grey transmitted his thoughts to Void, not daring to speak out.

He was literally almost scared shitless right now. For the first time in his life, he was dead scared.


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