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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 154: There’s Something Here Bahasa Indonesia

Grey shook his head while staring at the dead Ape, but since there was nothing he could do about the lost horn, he went back and assisted Void in fighting against the remaining four Silver Horned Lightning Apes.

Before he joined in on the battle, he created an inscription since he would be fighting against multiple opponents. He also planned to end the battle as quickly as possible.

It took the duo almost ten minutes before they were able to kill off the remaining four Silver Horned Lightning Apes. Dealing with these ones was easier for Grey compared to when he was previously fighting against the Purple Horned Lightning Ape.

When the last Ape died, Grey heaved a sigh of relief, because now, he could finally get the rest he wanted. He didn’t forget to take the beast core of the Apes as well as their horns. Only the corpse were left alone, due to their huge sizes, he couldn’t keep them all, and even if he could, he wouldn’t bother. He already had the Purple Horned Lightning Ape in his storage ring, so he was content.

The beast cores of these Origin Plane magical beasts would earn him quite a lot. Compared to most of his friends, he was poor, in fact, in his group, he could be said to be the poorest. So since an opportunity just presented itself to him to make money, he grabbed it with both hands. He would sell the cores as well as the horns once he left this place.

‘Where to now?’ Void asked after seeing Grey keeping the last of the horns.

“Uhmm.” Grey brought out the map he acquired from Quinn and studied it, he soon realized this part of the trial land wasn’t recorded on it.

“Because we were on the run, there was no way for me to look at the map previously. The Lightning Apes are located here, and we came from this direction, so we obviously can’t head that way anymore. We’ll have to explore this part without the use of the map.” Grey said after examining the map carefully.

He felt a little regretful that he didn’t obtain the lightning attribute plant that took him to the Lightning Apes territory, and going back in that direction was something he didn’t dare to do. If the Apes were to accidentally see him again, then they’ll try to kill him using whatever means necessary given they grudge they held against him. He decided the horns and cores he collected from the Apes were his compensation.

They soon left the area, after walking for a few hours, he found a cave he felt was safe enough for him to rest.

‘Aren’t we going to have a meal before resting?’ Void asked when he saw Grey was about to go to sleep after he finished setting up the defensive array.

‘Nope.’ Grey replied and immediately went to sleep.

Void couldn’t help but grumble inside, but since he couldn’t prepare the meal himself, he had to wait till Grey woke up before eating.


One week later.

Grey was currently looking at one of the few buildings he had come across since entering this place that was still intact.

‘Hopefully, I find something good here.’ He thought before stepping into the building.

Since the time he stole the Great Earth Essence Liquid, he felt his luck ran out because he hadn’t gotten anything good ever since. What was annoying was that he had been chased by magical beasts on numerous occasions, but none made him feel as dejected as his encounter with the bunnies.

‘*Sigh* Going to search another building, again.’ Void thought while staring at the building.

He looked on without much interest, he was starting to get bored by this place because all they did was repeat almost the same routine daily. Train, search for treasure, and maybe fight against some magical beasts. He rarely got excited now, since he could almost predict what would happen next. If they couldn’t find anything here, then they would continue looking for more buildings to search.

He knew training was good, but being in this place without having much contact with the world made life too boring from his point of view. On one occasion, he had even asked Grey if they could leave this place ahead of time, which Grey affirmed to, but after pleading with him, he refused.

When he asked the reason for his refusal, Grey told him this was a place of opportunities for them, so leaving ahead of time was something only a few people had done since this place was discovered. With a dejected and lonely look, he could only hang on and pray the last two months they had here run out as quickly as possible. They didn’t even have up to two months left, so he felt a bit hopeful.

There were times when he actually missed Grey’s friends, even though he didn’t communicate with them, at least then he had some company other than Grey alone. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for them since they were alone, unlike Grey who still had him to talk to.

Grey was naturally unaware of Void thoughts and was currently cautiously entering the building.

‘Oh! This is expected.’ He thought looking at the empty hall in front of him.

Even he was starting to feel a little tired of this place, maybe very soon he might just agree to Void’s demand and leave this place. He had already gotten a major boost in strength anyway, if not for the fact that the elemental essence here is richer than the one outside, then he would have probably left after not being able to find anything good all this while.

Luckily, he stole the chest from the clutches of the Twelfth Prince and found Void, or else, life here would have been pretty boring.

Still being a little optimistic, he decided to search the rooms in this place. There were two hallways in the building, with each having more than fifteen rooms. He entered the hallway by the right and started looking through the rooms, it didn’t take long for him to look through eight rooms, where he found nothing.

‘Since I’ve already started searching, it would be bad if I don’t look through the other rooms.’ He encouraged himself and continued searching through the other rooms.

After going through the rooms in the first hallway, he unenthusiastically went to the second hallway.

‘There’s something here.’ Void who hadn’t shown any reactions since they entered the building said after Grey entered the hallway.

Grey looked at both sides, and other than seeing walls, statues and doors ahead of him, he couldn’t see anything else.

“Where?” He asked.

From the time Void hatched until now, Grey knew he had never sensed anything wrongly. Whenever he said there was something anywhere, it always tends to be true.

‘I can’t pinpoint it, but I can sense it.’ replied Void.

Getting confirmation from Void, Grey felt a little better since this time, his search might actually yield a reward. What got him excited was that whatever Void sensed had never turned out to be ordinary, take the space element technique he got for example, and also the time he entered the castle where the expert’s inheritance was.

At that time, although he sensed something, it was a little vague, it was only after Void sensed it did he decide to stay and search for the passageway that led underground.


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