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“That’s good to know. Do you mind giving me a hand then?” Reynolds asked.

He was currently overpowered by his opponent. Although it hadn’t gotten to a critical situation yet, getting a helping hand wouldn’t be bad.

“I’d love to help, but a new target just arrived. I’ll talk to you when I’m done with him, it shouldn’t take long.” Klaus replied before studying his new opponent.

According to his previous opponent, the young man before him was called Aron.

“To think Hank was beaten by someone like you,” Aron said coldly.

Klaus attacked straight away. It was still too early to start talking, after he’s beaten up his opponent a little, then, he’ll talk to him.

With that, Klaus and Aron started fighting. The difference in strength between his current opponent and the previous one was nearly negligible, so he was able to gain the upper hand as soon as the battle started.

Alice was having a tough time as well, although she was still able to counterattack on some occasions, she was mostly put on the defensive.



“What?! You have a third element?” The Darkness Elementalist was left bewildered when a surprise attack he thought would put Grey down was blocked by the earthen armor on Grey’s body.

Other than suffering from the impact of the attack, Grey didn’t feel any other thing from it.

Panting heavily, Grey raised his head to stare at the Darkness Elementalist. If not for his quick reaction, he would have been injured by that attack. The attack wouldn’t be life-threatening since his body was strong, but being injured against an opponent such as this was not something he could afford to allow.

“You just keep on surprising me. I’ll see what you have in store next.” The Darkness Elementalist launched an attack on Grey once more.

‘I have to kill him no matter what.’ The Darkness Elementalist’s resolve to kill Grey had increased to a high level. The stronger Grey was, the more he wanted to kill him.

The threat he was feeling from Grey was very high, and if he didn’t stop him from growing now, he’ll regret it later in the future.

“It’ll be something great, I assure you.” Grey took in a huge breath of air and once again started defending from the attacks of his opponent.

He had been trying to make inscriptions since the battle started, but the Darkness Elementalist had not given him the chance to create one yet. If he could create the symbol, then fighting against the Darkness Elementalist would be easier since he could distract him with the repeated attacks from the sky.


“Ah… what happened?” The blue-clothed youth groaned in pain grabbing his head.

The moment he regained consciousness, he was hit by a severe headache. It felt like a battle was going on, and his head was the battlefield.

“Uh! Prince Ellis, you’re awake?” One of the youths beside him was the first to notice him.

“What happened?” Ellis asked again.

“It’s like this…” The youth went on to tell him what happened after he lost consciousness till now. He also didn’t forget to tell him the reason he blacked out.

“You mean that guy with the blue flame threw me at a rock?” Ellis asked to confirm if they were talking about the same person.

The youth nodded in response.

“But, I didn’t feel anything. How can someone grab me by my clothes and throw me without me feeling any force or contact?” Ellis couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

From what the youth told him, he should’ve at least felt some contact, or a pulling force when Grey grabbed his clothes. But he felt nothing, how could he believe something like that?

“I don’t know, but that was what happened. You can ask the others if you feel I’m lying.” The youth replied.

Still having doubts, Ellis asked the other three about the issue, and they all narrated the same thing.

“What sort of terrifying speed and power will allow him to throw me so casually without me not even feeling anything?” Ellis muttered to himself.

“Huh! He’s Dual Elementalist as well?” A look of confusion appeared on Ellis’ face when he saw Grey using the earth element.

“No. He’s a Multi Elementalist.” One of the youths corrected.

“You mean other than the fire and earth element he has a third one?” Ellis asked with his mouth agape.

“Yes, the lightning element.” The youth answered.

“How can there be such a monster? Luckily he was found sooner rather than later.” Ellis sighed.

Since Grey wasn’t from his empire, all he wanted was his death. If such a genius grew up, then wouldn’t that mean he could almost single-handedly defeat the other empires given how strong he currently was.

“Come, let’s go closer. If the situation permits, then we’ll remove these future threats.” He said coldly.

Grey wasn’t his only fear, the Darkness Elementalist was the second person he wanted to eliminate as well. He didn’t know where the Darkness Elementalist or Grey was from, but he knew they weren’t from the same empire as himself.


Void was sitting by the side enjoying the ongoing battles, without making any moves. It’s not like he didn’t want to, but he was still too weak to fight them. Had he broken through and became a rank four beast, then he wouldn’t have a problem with helping Grey fight against them.

When he saw Ellis and his group coming closer, he was able to quickly sense the ill intent that came with them.

‘Hey Grey, I think your situation just went from bad to worse.’ He alerted Grey of the group’s arrival.

‘Huh! What do you mean?’ Grey asked.

Being engrossed in the fight against the Darkness Elementalist, he couldn’t afford to be distracted. But the only reason he placed his entire focus on the battle was that he knew Void was keeping watch of the surroundings.

‘That guy you threw away is coming back with his friends. And from their faces, it looks like they want revenge.’ Void explained.

‘Hmph! I should’ve killed him the first time.’ Grey snorted.

He felt Ellis didn’t do anything that deserved death the first time hence he didn’t attempt to kill him and just knocked him out. But on hearing he was coming back and it seems like he wanted to find trouble with him, he felt annoyed.

‘You should have.’ Void said.


When Ellis and his group went closer, the Darkness Elementalist noticed them and threw a warning glance at them. His message was clear, don’t come any closer.

“We’re here to help,” Ellis said.

“I don’t need it.” The Darkness Elementalist replied coldly.

“You can’t defeat them at this rate. Look around, other than you, the others aren’t in a good condition.” Ellis persuaded.

He was right about this though, other than the Darkness Elementalist, the other four were not in good conditions except for the one who was fighting against Klaus, his condition wasn’t as bad as the rest.

The reason for this was because, after the others saw how strong Klaus was, they started switching positions. At first two of them wanted to gang up against him, but then they realized something. Alice was even more terrifying than Klaus was.

Before the other opponent could go back, she had already beaten her opponent with the chance she got. But because the second person returned quickly, she couldn’t deal the finishing strike.

But Klaus was true to his word, and always beats his opponents into pig heads.

Looking around, the Darkness Elementalist was shocked by the sorry state his companions were in. If not for the fact that one of them was still looking okay, he would’ve thought they were someone else.

The faces of three of them were swollen, and the mocking laughter of Klaus almost made them go crazy.

Grey was also taken aback when he took a glance at the other battles.

‘Of all your friends, I think I like that one more.’ Void told Grey of Klaus’s deeds.

‘*Sigh* That’s Klaus for you. Always finds fun in anything he’s doing.’ Grey sighed.

‘He’s quite fun to be with though.’ Void said.

The brief time he had been around the group, Klaus was the one who keeps the group entertained most of the time. He was sometimes accompanied by Reynolds as well. Grey and Alice were the ones who spoke less in the group.

“Fine. But this one is mine.” The Darkness Elementalist agreed to Ellis’ offer but didn’t forget to warn him not to come close to him and his prey.

“Whatever you say.” Ellis chuckled lightly and charged straight at Klaus.

In his group, other than him, only one of them was in the Second stage of the Origin Plane, the rest of them were in the First stage.

“You bastard, I’m back for you.” Ellis laughed when he got close to Klaus and attacked.

“Fuck! You stupid moron. How can you gang up against me.” Klaus cursed out.

“Blame that lousy mouth of yours,” Ellis replied.

“You’re lousy! Your whole family is lousy!” Klaus cursed again even when he was being beaten.

“Shit! Don’t attack my face you fool. How can I get a wife if you deform it?” Klaus cursed.

“It’s none of my business. Do you think you can leave this place alive?” Ellis asked.

“I don’t know about that. But what I know is that you’ll die before I do!” Klaus laughed after being pushed back.

Klaus, Reynolds, and Alice were facing off against three opponents each. Things were particularly worse for Reynolds and he was already planning on summoning his Elemental Warrior. The reason he didn’t summon it at first was because he didn’t want to depend on it.

If most of his battles were fought by it, how would he grow strong?


“That should be the exit.” A youth said looking at the portal ahead of him.

Without delay, he stepped through it and disappeared.


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