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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 71 Bahasa Indonesia

“I didn’t know the saint cared for me to this extent. I’m so happy!”

Rabienne, unaware of Cespia’s inner feelings, smiled brightly in an emotional manner.

“You are the only person I have.”

Cespia also returned the smile and gently stroked Rabienne’s luscious hair as she leaned in.

As much as the sight seemed beautiful and delicate, the eyes of the two remained cold.

“Ah! Have there been any revelations bestowed upon the saint? You haven’t said anything since the time there appeared a girl with ash-gray hair.”

“I assure you that I saw wrong.”

Cespia reassured Rabienne, trying her best to maintain a calm, collected voice.

“There haven’t been any as of late, but I am sure a revelation will appear regarding you soon.”

“I hope so.”

Rabienne’s vigilance slightly eased as she observed Cespia.

‘In this physical condition, I have two years at most.’

Cespia saw approximately two years of this struggle, even now when her health stopped worsening.

By all means, if Rabienne replaced the poison to thoroughly kill her inside and out, that already short period will shorten even more.

However, she was going to withstand. She ought to buy time for the poor Esther one way or the other.

“Saint, you will take the medicine, right?”

“Of course. I must drink it.”

At that moment, Cespia’s eyes filled with the urge to break Rabienne’s delicate neck.


After the party, ‘family’ was taken from the many paintings Esther distributed at the exhibition hall and hung in the middle of the living room.

It has become a daily routine for everyone to gather in the living room at least once a day, look at the picture, and have a conversation.

Today, as normal, the happy family headed for the living room after dinner.

Small conversations lightly flowed back and forth over the table filled with Esther’s favored desserts.

“Judy, did you say the academy training was a week away?”

“Yes. I’m going to start packing now.”

“Take care of yourself and train well.”

Darwin’s calm voice shifted from Judy to Dennis.

“I heard you don’t seem to leave your study the past few days.”

“I’m studying something new. I lost track of time because it was entertaining… I’ll be careful.”

“Good. It isn’t healthy to sit for too long. You should exercise regularly.”

It was unthinkable for the past Tersia to have conversations such as this.

However, even since Esther’s arrival, much has changed. Darwin was putting effort into caring for each of his children.

“I will have to leave for the Capital as per the Imperial Palace event.”

Darwin observed Esther happily enjoying her blueberry cake as he continued.

The twin’s reaction remained indifferent. He had often departed for the Imperial Palace, so this wasn’t anything new.

“How many days will you remain there?”

“Ack! Don’t forget to get me the wooden doll that came out as a limited edition! Please!”

Amidst the commotion, Esther’s reaction stood unfamiliar. She put down her fork and looked at Darwin.

“Father, can I go too?”

Darwin’s eyes widened. This was the first time Esther asked to accompany him voluntarily.

“Are you talking about the Imperial Palace?”

“Yes, I want to go there.”

Ever since her conversation with Dolores, Esther had been seeking a chance to pay a visit to the Imperial Palace.

Now that Darwin brought up the topic, all she had to do was grab the chance.

When he saw her desperate pleas, Darwin recalled an important fact that slipped his mind.

With the validity that she lived in the temple, and considering her age, it was more than normal for her to be curious.

“Alright. Let’s go together.”

Darwin graciously allowed for her accompaniment. He had also been thinking of introducing Esther to the Emperor at some point.

“What? Then I want to go too.”

“You have to leave for the academy.”

“Tch… I want to go on a trip with Esther too.”

Judy joined their talk, grumbling over why only the two were going to the Imperial Palace.

However, due to time constraints, Judy was to leave for the academy at the time.

“They won’t be leaving to have fun. It’s for work. They’ll also be back soon. Just focus on your training.”

Dennis covered Judy’s mouth, picked a tart, and placed it on Esther’s plate.

This was Esther’s favorite dessert. She couldn’t lay hold of it earlier because it was out of reach.

Dennis’s consideration for Esther was overflowing.

“Esther, good for you. Have fun with father. I’ve been to the Imperial Palace countless times, so it’s not very impressive to me anymore.”

Esther nodded, grateful to Dennis.

“I’ll be very lonely next week.”

As it turned out, Dennis would stay home alone.

He was Dennis, a person who preferred to remain alone. Now, he seemed to feel empty upon hearing he wouldn’t be able to spend time with his family.

“Father, please come back soon.”

At that moment, Darwin stood blank.

He had been away countless times thus far. This was the first time he was told to return quickly.

Darwin smiled, a strange emotion overwhelming his heart.

“Alright. I’ll see you soon.”


A week later.

Darwin and Esther rode a carriage and headed for the Imperial Palace.

The trip took more than a day, but it wasn’t exhausting since they stopped for breaks and had their meals.

As they crossed the bridge connected to the entrance of the capital, Esther glanced outside.

“Wow, the river is very deep.”

“This is the center of all waterways. The water from this river extends throughout the empire.”

Esther astonishedly observed the water.

“Are there any droughts here?”

Most of the rivers she witnessed as they proceeded were parched and withered. This place, overflowing with water, was like a different world.

“It’s a bit less than before. The Imperial Palace managed the flow of the water, so it remained as it was since.”

“Is that possible?”

“Of course. It’s possible if you put a fortunes’ worth into it.”

Darwin’s indifferent gaze followed Esther’s.

“In case of shortage, they store the water, and when drought occurs, the palace releases the recourse in a graduate manner.”

Esther was astounded that one could solve such a significant issue without the power of a saint.

“Wow… But why only the capital? It’d be nice to help other residences as well.”

Darwin was proud of Esther to have thought in such a broad manner at such a young age. He stroked her head.

“That would be nice, but we can’t due to our relationship with the temple.”

He didn’t mention the details, thinking Esther would find the matter difficult to understand.

However, Esther immediately understood Darwin. He could not work separately from the Imperial Palace as the Emperor was conscious of the temple.

‘No one cares about the victims.’

It was the same with the Imperial Palace and temple. They only looked after themselves despite holding power to assist other areas. As for the temple, they incessantly turned a blind eye to uphold their profit and success.

But the temple was worse. She was vexed at their foulness and how they would do anything to rise using the title of the saint.

Amidst Esther’s fuming, the wagon reached the gates.

Darwin’s carriage alone was already enough proof of his status, so they swiftly entered the estate without any need for confirmation.

“It’s very fast.”

Esther’s lips parted in astonishment when she saw that they passed from the main gate to the capital in an instant.

Now that they reached their destination, she felt nervous. Esther pulled the curtains over the window and sat quietly in place.

Darwin glanced at the silent Esther. He noticed her agitation and chuckled.

“Are you nervous?”

“A little. It’s scary, now that I’ll be seeing His Majesty.”

Esther could feel her heart beating fast. She put her hands against her chest.

Esther was shocked at the fact she’d have to meet the Emperor.

No matter how long she lived with Darwin, her body instantly stiffened whenever she thought of how she would meet the man who ruled the Empire.

“There is nothing to be afraid of. This is just to introduce you, my daughter.”

“Yes, father.”

Although her anxious state remained unchanged, Esther smiled to reassure Darwin.

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

Darwin matched Esther’s calm eyes.

“You seem to be quite close with Sir Noah.”

“P-prince Noah? While drawing… We did become friends.”

Esther’s eyes widened at the mention of Noah.

She rolled her eyes to the side.

“Is that all? I heard you two left for the mine last time.”

Darwin’s eyes narrowed.

He was already aware that Esther and Noah had searched for diamonds together.

“We met by chance… It’s nothing.”

Darwin instantly realized there was something more between the two as he witnessed Esther avoiding his gaze.

Just as he clenched his fists and tried to ask more, the carriage halted to a stop.

“Wow, I guess we’re here!”

Esther quickly opened the carriage door to alter the conversation.

As she left, a magnificent Imperial Palace unfolded before her eyes.

Although she wasn’t surprised by any of the buildings that didn’t compare to the Duke’s residence, she was impressed by the sophisticated architecture of the Imperial Palace.

“Welcome. I was waiting for the two of you to arrive.”

As soon as they stood on the ground, Gordon, the Emperor’s secretary, welcomed them kindly.

“Ah, Gordon. Long time no see.”

Darwin approached Gordon as they lightly exchanged greetings.

Esther hurriedly ran after him, afraid she’d be left behind.

“His Majesty is in the drawing-room. You may go now.”

“Right now? Wait a minute… Hyeup.”

Esther took in a deep breath and exhaled, taking another breath again. It was her way to regain composure.

Darwin smiled at her cute appearance before noticing Gordon’s surprised expression and returning to his original appearance once more.

Darwin, Esther, and Ben headed for the reception room where the Emperor was waiting under the guidance of Gordon.

Esther constantly glanced around, amazed by the Imperial Palace. As a result, she fell behind the party.

Darwin stopped and waited patiently for her to catch up. Esther, startled by his actions, quickly rushed to his side.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, I should be. Hold my hand.”

Darwin linked hands with Esther so she wouldn’t be left behind.

Gordon glanced behind his back before pinching his finger to discern if this was reality.

“It seems that the Grand Duke has changed. That appearance… It’s my first time seeing it.”

“Yes, he has changed significantly. Of course, only when the lady is beside him.”

Ben smiled meaningfully. He fully sympathized with Gordon’s baffled appearance.


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