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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 47 Bahasa Indonesia

“You should never talk about who you’re going to meet. Do you understand?”

Priest Shin continued to talk without giving Esther a moment to think. In particular, he reiterated for her to be cautious in front of Saint Cespia, and not to ask her anything.

“I’m sure you won’t be able to hear anything she says anyway.”

When Priest Shin sighed to himself, Esther pricked up her ears. It seemed that the condition of the Saint was not very good.

‘Then there is no reason to come this far.’

Anxious, she began to observe the palace where Cespia was staying.

It was always crowded with people and kept secured by the Paladins, but now it was as quiet as a graveyard.

Seeing that they had not met anyone up to here, it seemed like Priest Shin had sent the people away in advance.

After they arrived in front of the Saint’s chambers, Priest Shin reached out and blocked Victor.

“You have to wait outside.”

“That can’t be done. He’s my brother, I won’t go in unless we’re together.”

Esther originally tried to enter alone, but when she saw Victor putting his hand on his sword, she was surprised and decided to meditate. Eventually, with the permission of the Priest, the three entered the palace together.

The corridor that only had candles lit with a feeble light, was very dark and eerie. No servants were seen. Esther kept peering around, wondering if this was the palace of the Saint.


However, she was running out of breath.

She had been feeling unpleasant upon entering the temple, and as they entered the dark hallway lit only by candles, dark emotions began to surface.

The past that she didn’t wish to remember was emerging all at once. They were memories that were buried deep down but never forgotten.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

Victor became worried when he noticed Esther’s distress.

“No, it’s just a little hard to breathe…”

Esther slowly tried to calm her breathing. After a few deep breaths, she felt like she was getting it under control.

“It’s alright now.”

“Are you sure? If you’re having a hard time, let’s leave now.”

“I’ve come all the way here, so I can’t go back. Don’t worry, brother.”

Esther bravely answered and passed through the door, decreasing the distance that had appeared between them and Priest Shin.

In the past, it was hard to endure because she only had painful memories, but now it was different. She could handle this because she had a lot of great memories that made her happy just by thinking about them.

‘I have changed too.’

Esther exhaled with a relaxed look. Her trauma seemed to have been lifted a little.

“Phew, we’re finally here.”

Priest Shin stopped walking when he finally saw the room of the Saint. In front of it stood a middle-aged woman.

“You’re a little late. I have all the painting tools you asked for inside.”

“Thank you for all these years. We will talk about the details later since we don’t have much time now.”

The two of them exchanged a light greeting and had a friendly conversation.

“I will be in the parlor.”

“I’ll call you when we are done.”

As soon as the conversation ended, the middle-aged woman left the front of the door and walked back alone.

Other than Priest Shin, she didn’t give Esther and Victor a single glance, as if she was already aware of what was going on.

“Then, let’s go in.”

Priest Shin murmured in a hardened voice. He was so nervous that one could see how stiff his shoulders were.

Esther, who was nervous, gulped.

“In here… Is the Saint in here?”



The doorknob turned and the door opened smoothly, right after Esther entered first, the Priest blocked the door.

“I had no choice but to let you come together, but it’s only the child who’s going in here.”

“You can’t do that.”

Victor, who had the duty of escorting Esther safely, naturally protested.

But this time, Esther ordered him to wait in front of the room. They didn’t have time to resolve this with such a scuffle.

When Esther entered the room, she looked inside with trembling eyes. Not far away, someone was sitting on the bed.

‘The Saint is really here.’

Even though she was covered by a veil and only the silhouette was visible, Esther’s heart was pounding fiercely.

While Esther stared blankly at her, Priest Shin slowly approached Saint Cespia.

“Your Holiness, the Saint, it’s me. It’s Priest Shin. Do you recognize me?”

Priest Shin’s expression while facing Cespia was very nostalgic. It was a strange expression mixed with excitement and nervousness.

“Saint… No, Cespia. Can’t you recognize me?”


However, no matter how eagerly he called for her, Cespia did not look at him. Only time, tinted in sadness, passed.

“I think this will be the last time but… I really wanted to see you once more.”

The Priest sobbed as if he were going to cry at any moment. The unexpected sad atmosphere left Esther feeling upset.

‘What the hell is their relationship?’

After whispering for a while to the Saint, he sat her on the sofa, his expression mournful.

“As you can see, she’s in such a condition, so take care of her well. Please record the last image of her.”

“I will.”

Priest Shin walked out helplessly, saying he would wait out in front.

Finally, only Cespia and Esther were left in the room. Esther sat across the Saint.

Even when viewed directly, Cespia’s eyes were out of focus. She looked hazy as if she were drunk.

Her pale sky-blue eyes contained nothing as if she was transcending the world.

‘How did this happen?’

Esther was confused as she unfolded the tools she had prepared.

She had no intention of giving her all in this painting, but Esther couldn’t help it because of the earnest request from the priest before he left.

“If this is the last time.”

She couldn’t draw it in vain, even though it was an unofficial portrait. It was something that would be used for the saint to be remembered by.

Esther sighed and focused on the painting. She wanted to do her best since this might be the last time.

The more Esther focused, the lighter her eye color faded. The color gradually changed and began to burn golden.

Cespia was watching all of this while holding her breath.

Since she found out that Rabianne was poisoning her, she had been working hard to cleanse the poison every day, and the amount of time she could stay awake had been increasing.

Normally, she pretended to be drained. Like she was doing now.

But when she observed Esther, her heart began to race.

‘Why is this child here?’

Cespia recognized Esther at once, who she had seen through both her dreams and holy water.

Cespia quietly glanced at Esther, stifling her agitation. She could see no end to her overflowing holy energy.

‘She has already surpassed me.’

As she gazed at her eyes turning to gold while painting, Cespia was convinced that Esther had already fully matured as a saint.

Esther, immersed in the painting while teasing the brush, looked up, wondering what the intense gaze she felt was.


Then she found Cespia staring at her. But, it wasn’t the same hazy state as before.

“That’s what I want to ask. How are you here?”

When Cespia asked quietly, Esther opened her mouth in amazement.

“Do you know me?”

“I saw you just as you saw me. Wasn’t it you who used the holy water?”

As if whispering, a very small voice flowed into Esther’s ears, quite enough so that only the two people could barely hear it.

Esther tried to keep her trembling hands still and continued painting. She had to keep drawing to avoid suspicion.

“That’s right.”

“How did you get in here? Why did you come with Shin?”

“It was just a coincidence. The Priest looked at my painting and found me.”

The two still kept their guard against each other. However, there was a strong sense of similarities beneath the surface.

“When I first saw you in my dream, I thought it was a revelation of the next Saint. But… you already have more power than me. You are not ‘next in line’, you are already a full-fledged Saint.”

The situation was confusing, and so was Cespia. She didn’t know how to accept another saint who suddenly appeared before her.

“What is going on? Two saints in one generation…”

“Don’t you know why?”

“No, there is no record of anything like this. Is it because I’m losing my strength?”

Cespia couldn’t give Esther the answer she wanted. It meant there was nothing she could find out after all.

Esther couldn’t hide her disappointment and asked what she was most curious about.

“You said you thought it was a revelation when you saw me. So… did you talk about me to the temple?”

This was a very important problem.

It was necessary to be careful if Cespia had already mentioned Esther’s characteristics because they were currently searching for the next saint based on the revelation of the current saint.

Rabienne, who moved faster than anyone else, may already be using her power to look for Esther. She had to be prepared.

“No. I didn’t speak of it, and I plan to keep hiding it in the future.”


Esther asked again, amazed at the unexpected answer.

“Look at how I am currently. The temple used me and took advantage of me all my life, but in the end, my situation still concluded like this. Why should I help them any more?”

It was a voice filled with remorse.

Esther observed quietly to see if Cespia’s words were sincere or not.

Cespia also stared back directly at Esther. Doubting each other, a strange consensus arose.

“I’ll ask you now. Why did you come to me? If you’re outside the temple, It means you are not a candidate, but… how could you have that kind of Holy Power? What do you know?”

“…Can you still read memories?”

After much thought, Esther decided to show her memories to Cespia. What Esther went through couldn’t be properly explained in words.

“If you show me, it is still possible.”

Reading memories was one of the Saint’s abilities. It was only possible when the other person opened her mind and gave permission.

“Then look for yourself.”

Esther lowered her brush and reached out her left hand to Cespia. She pretended to be fine, but the back of her hand trembled incessantly.

The Saint lifted her dry hands with difficulty.

Even the simple task of putting her hand on Esther’s was a daunting task for the Cespia of today.

And what she saw was the multiple pasts of Esther; where she had been abused and tortured.


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