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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 119: Episode 119: When Desires Clash (Xiii) Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 119: When Desires Clash (XIII)

As a result of running fast without stopping for a moment, they were able to reach a distance that would have taken 40 minutes in 20 minutes.

Squeezing all his strength to keep up, Noah only managed to relax and gasp after his horse stopped.

His hand, which had held the reins for the first time in a while, was hot as if it had been burned by the line.

“You are a pretty good rider.”

“…Thank you.”

Deheen gazed at Noah, fairly satisfied. He thought he would fall behind in the middle, but he was surprised he was able to follow well-trained adults until the end. It seemed that he was not the scholar type who only spoke slickly.

“Push forth!”

Deheen got off his horse and shouted loudly. The knights all dismounted and lined up behind him.

There was not the slightest hesitation in the back of Deheen as he walked towards the huge temple.

He took the sword from his waist and held it before him, as if to wipe out anything that might get in his way.

It was still too early for the temple to be open, so the door was firmly closed.

The gatekeeper guarding the front was dozing off, but then, perhaps feeling something strange, he woke up with a startle and got up in a hurry.

“Oh, what is Your Grace doing here this early in the morning? I hadn’t heard that you’ve made an appointment…”

“Get out of the way.”

Having inadvertently received Deheen’s cold gaze head on, the legs of the gatekeeper trembled.

“For… For now, I’ll go in and ask. But the armed knights can’t enter…”

Feeling the choking pressure, the gatekeeper hesitated and withdrew.

However, there was no place to retreat because the wall was behind him. He groped the wall with his palms and wept.

“I-I’ll go in right away, so can Your Grace please wait a moment? No, no… Your Grace may come with me.”

No matter what the gatekeeper said, Deheen’s expression was as cold as looking at an insignificant insect.

“Are you blocking my way now?”

Frightened by those eyes, the gatekeeper’s complexion turned white.

“Absolutely not! I just ask for the armed knights to step back…”

Deheen frowned, not hiding his irritation.

And without saying anything else, he took off the sheath of the sword he was holding.

With a creepy sound, the well-sharpened blade was properly revealed under the bright sunlight.

Faced with a blade so shiny that his reflection could be seen, the gatekeeper’s mouth hung open without a sound; he couldn’t even scream.

“If you can’t get out of the way, then I’ll have to get you out of the way.”

The moment Deheen raised his sword…

The gatekeeper shook his head wildly, took out the keys, and ran straight to the door.

He could no longer bear the fear of being stabbed by a sharp sword.

“P-Please, go… go in!”

The door was wide open on both sides.

Deheen trudged along and stepped into the temple. Of course, his knights were all with him.

He went straight inside and immediately went up to the second floor.

The first floor was a space that anyone could enter, but from the second floor, only those involved in the temple were allowed to enter.

The paladins who were approaching to stop Deheen faltered. They were also frightened by his overwhelming aura.

The eyes of the priests praying in the large space on the second floor widened.

“Am I the only one seeing it?”

“Huh, it’s not just you, me too.”

Deheen walked towards the priests who were scared stiff.

Then he stared at one of them and asked.

“Where is the high priest?”

“Wh-What’s the matter? I can never reveal it to anyone who comes in armed.”

“If you don’t tell me right away…”

Nonchalantly, Deheen lifted his sword.

Then, the priest, who seemed as if he would keep his mouth shut no matter what, trembled and immediately revealed the high priest’s location.

“He should be in the conference room right now.”

“Guide me.”

Deheen headed straight to the meeting room with the priest at the fore.

A priest casually walking from the other side screamed when he saw Deheen and the priest who was being held by him.


Shocked, he ran frantically to the meeting room where the high priest was located.

“High Priest, we’re in trouble. Now, His Grace the Grand Duke is here, armed and accompanied by knights!”

Paras, who was having a morning meeting with some priests, frowned and raised his head.

“His Grace the Grand Duke… Why?”

“I don’t know either. But the situation seems serious. You should run somewhere…”

“All right, I will go out.”

Paras followed the servant outside with a blank expression that showed he did not know what was going on.

Deheen was also on his way to visit him, so the two met in the hallway.

Paras’ expression darkened at the sight of the really well-armed grand duke, but he approached him, trying to remain as calm as possible.

“Your Grace, can you please explain the situation?”

“It may be sudden, but as of today, the temple is closed.”

“What? Closed?”

When Deheen delivered the main point very simply, Paras didn’t understand the meaning and asked again like an idiot.


“Here it is.”

Ben, the secretary, handed over the papers that he had brought with him. Deheen tossed them at Paras’ face, as if throwing a grenade at an enemy.

“You’ll know when you open it. It’s a document containing the dirty parts.”

Deheen narrowed his eyes at the pathetic priests around Paras who were becoming quiet.

“I swear to the Goddess that I did nothing to be ashamed of.”

Even as he picked up the papers lying at his feet, Paras stood firm. In fact, there was no lie in his eyes.

However, it was not something that could be done by one person. Dozens of priests were rotting under him.

“Just because you didn’t know doesn’t mean you’ll be innocent. It’s your fault for not cracking down on people.”

“Your Grace the Grand Duke… If there is a problem, we can have a discussion. Isn’t it too much to immediately order a closure?”

Deheen’s merciless gaze did not change even as he listened to Paras’ pleading voice.

“This is something His Majesty ordered. It’s not something to be agreed upon with you. As of today, the temple is closed, so leave Tersia. Every single one of you.”

The priests who had been listening to the conversation between Paras and Deheen protested from behind and raised their voices.

“It’s ridiculous!”

“This is oppression. We can never leave the temple!”

Deheen let out a deep sigh. He had expected it, and indeed, they were not people who would listen if he spoke nicely.

“The negotiations have broken down. I can’t help it.”

Deheen looked back at the knights and gave the following instructions.

“Gather all the people inside the temple without exception.”

“All right!”

Following Deheen’s order, the knights scattered to every corner of the temple in perfect order. At the same time, screams erupted from everywhere.

Although the behavior of the knights seemed rough because of the screams, no one was actually injured or treated harshly.

Everyone only screamed loudly because they were shocked. Eventually, they were all caught by the knights and gathered together.

“Is this everyone?”

Less than 20 minutes after the grand duke and his people entered the temple, the prayer space was filled with people.

Although only the elite knights were brought, there were many of them, so they were able to swiftly gather most of the temple staff.

“Your Grace, why are you doing this? This is not it. Aren’t you afraid of the Goddess?”

Someone yelled from behind. Deheen’s gaze slowly turned towards him.

“No? Who decides that? Have you really done your duty?”


There were quite a few people whose names were written on the papers Deheen had brought.

Everyone had been murmuring in anger, saying that it was unfair, but after that statement, they kept their mouths shut because they were afraid that their names, which was likely written on the papers, would come out.

Among the people gathered, there were also paladins who were supposed to protect the temple, but they had already lost their fighting spirit in front of Deheen’s knights.

Watching the situation that was now irreversible, Paras spoke with regret.

“You should know that persisting in this will make you an enemy of the temple. Are you okay with that?”

“What’s so scary about fake things?”

Hearing Deheen’s answer, Paras was startled for a moment. It was also the moment when his eyes, which seemed disinterested all along, sparkled for the first time.

“Could it be… Do you know?”

“What do you mean?”

Paras pondered at the frown formed by Deheen’s eyebrows, then suddenly threw off the priestly robe that had been draped over him like a mantle.

“High priest!!”

Surprised voices erupted from the surroundings, but Paras didn’t care and bit his lips.

“Are you pursuing justice?”

“At least, more so than the temple.”

“…Then please use me too.”

Deheen and Noah looked at each other for a moment, exchanging glances of surprise.

It was an unexpected development that Paras, who was in the position of head priest, bowed his head so easily.

“You mean you’re leaving the temple?”

“Yes. I was already exhausted. I also want to work for the justice I believe in.”

Deheen narrowed his eyes as he tried to gauge if Paras was lying, but he could only sense sincerity.

He would have to comfort the residents of the territory who felt uneasy about the temple being closed, so it would be of great help if Paras, the head of the priesthood, personally helped him.


Dehyon held out his hand to Paras. The deal was concluded when Paras held his hand with both hands.

“High Priest Paras! Are you really going to abandon us?”

“You will be punished by the heavens through the saintess. You can’t do this alone! This… Hey, traitor!”

No matter what the priests shouted, Paras stayed still like a person who had closed his ears.

Deheen looked at each of them coldly as if they were just making noise and ordered the knights.

“Now, send everyone except Paras out.”

The priests tried to say something more to Deheen, but they were all dragged away with their mouths shut by the knights.

After a while…

Deheen looked around the place, which had been emptied in an instant. Even looking down on the first floor from the railing, it was huge.

“What are you going to do now?”

Noah, who had been quiet this whole while, asked Deheen a question for the first time.

“I’m going to open the temple.”

He knew from the very beginning that the temple discriminated against people.

Although the temple was open to all, only the chosen ones could enter.

With his arms crossed, he declared as he glared at the huge statue of the goddess perched in the center of the temple.

“As of this time, the temple has disappeared in Tersia. This is no longer a temple.”

Then he widened his eyes and spoke in a louder, more powerful voice.

“From today, this place is open for anyone to enter. Open all doors wide.”

As soon as the order was given, the rest of the knights waiting by his side jumped down to the first floor.

Noah asked as he stepped slowly to the side of Deheen, who stood in front of the railing, still looking at her statue.

“Do you intend to continue using this place?”

Ame: I almost forgot Paras is part of the temple in Tersia’s territory. I have a soft spot for Paras. He reminds me of those who want to do good, but is lost and perhaps even depressed at his inability to make a change. Still doesn’t excuse his negligence, but it’s very human and relatable.


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