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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 107 Bahasa Indonesia

Updated: Apr 7

A few days later, during the afternoon.

Victor, dressed in casual clothes, unlike his usual escort attire, headed towards the main gate. In his large hand was a cute pink basket that contrasted his appearance.

“What’s this? Baby boy, what are you doing here?”

John and Leo, the guards in charge of guarding the main gates, welcomed Victor with affectionately harsh punches.

“The lady allowed me a day off since she would be staying at home. Isn’t our lady so compassionate and kind?”

Victor raised his shoulders, proudly pushing forward the basket he brought.

“Won’t you head out? Your girlfriends are earnestly waiting for your arrival at the village.”

Victor rubbed his ears, choosing to ignore Leo’s deliberate teasing.

“What are you talking about? I don’t have time to look elsewhere. I will protect my lady with all my power.”

Victor responded without an ounce of hesitation. Then, he opened the basket lid.

Inside were three sandwiches filled with strawberry jam, along with several layers of cheese and ham.

“…What’s this ugly sandwich? Did you make it in your sleep?”

Leo burst out laughing as he mocked the visuals of the sandwich, the sandwich which was supposedly made by Victor.

Victor’s expression became horrifying.

“This was made by my lady.”


A moment of silence passed.

John, who arose to his senses before Leo, fumbled while pouring praises.

“Ah… Haha, is that why the shape is so fresh and unique? Our little lady possesses great talent.”

“That, that’s right. I thought this was made during my lady’s sleep because it was so artistic. During sleep, one’s artistic spirit burns.”

Victor snorted as he observed the comical act of the two trying to fix their mistake.

“Didn’t you say it was an ugly sandwich? You don’t deserve to eat.”

“I’m speechless? Will you be this mean to me?”

Leo begged Victor not to spread rumors of what he said.

He was petrified of what punishment would strike him once this incident entered the ears of the daughter’s fool, Darwin.

“I made no mistake, so let me have one. Since our lady made it, I have to brag about this precious moment. Hmm~?”

John pretended to be pitiful and received a sandwich from Victor first.

Leo also earned his slice after the endless pleading, and therefore the three were content with their sandwiches.

Even if it looked just a little ugly, the sandwich was delectable and tasty.

“There’s no one like our lady. To have their servant take a day off and even pack sandwiches like this?”

“You are blessed.”

Of course, Victor knew better than anyone else that escorting Esther was his greatest fortune.

“Of course. There’s no one like our lady in the world.”

Victor smiled softly and recalled the lovely Esther.

When they first met, the small lady seemed almost colorless, but as time passed by, she shined brighter than any star. It was Victor’s greatest pleasure to watch after her all this time.

“I’ll buy you drinks for the rest of your life, so trade with me.”

“No, I’ll buy them for you. I’m better than John.”

As a matter of fact, there were not only one or two knights desiring Victor’s position.

Everyone in the Grand Duchy loved Esther. This was because the atmosphere of the mansion completely changed after her arrival.

They knew that Esther was the most influential figure in the Grand Duke’s residence, as she managed to change even Darwin, the Duke who was cold-hearted and wary of everything surrounding him.

Everyone was ready to rush in whenever there was as much as a small gap, fervently waiting for Victor to step down.

“I’ll never switch with anyone. I will escort my lady for thousands of years.”

As the three chatted in a friendly manner, a visitor could be seen approaching the main gate.

“Who’s that person?”

“We weren’t given prior information about any guests coming today.”

John and Leo ran through today’s schedule in bewilderment.

As the person approached at a distance enough to properly observe them, Victor recognized the approaching figure, his eyes narrowing.

“That person…”

“You know him?”

“Yeah. Someone my lady hates.”

Victor’s expression hardened in displeasure. Whenever Esther encountered him, her bright complexion would turn into one of wrath.

“Hello, I…”

Leo cut off Khalid’s words before he could finish speaking.

“What is the reason for your arrival?”

“I’m here to meet Esther.”

“Did you conduct a prior appointment?”


Leo glared at his response.

“I cannot allow you in without a prior appointment.”

“I’m an old friend of Esther’s. I haven’t made an appointment, but could you let her know I’m here? I ask you.”

Leo felt sympathetic towards Khalid’s desperate and polite attitude, but he put forth a heatless demeanor, knowing that Esther disliked him.

“There is nothing I can do.”

“Uh? That person… You were with Esther, right? Don’t you remember me?”

When Khalid recognized Victor and felt a rush of relief at his appearance,

“No. I don’t remember.”

Victor replied indifferently and locked the gates tightly.

‘What should I do now?’

Khalid stood helplessly before the large gates. He had arrived with determination; he couldn’t just leave now.

It was then.

The prattling of horseshoes gradually increased in volume, and before long, a luxury wagon stopped in front of the main entrance.

The knights seemed to have recognized the family name engraved on the wagon as they smiled brightly. It was unlike how they treated Khalid.

“What will my lord be doing today?”

“I’m thinking of practicing swordsmanship with Judy. He’s inside, right?”

“Yes, everyone is here.”

Sebastian didn’t even have to leave the carriage. He simply opened the window and spoke to the knights. That alone unlatched the doors.

“Pl-please let me go in, too!”

Khalid urgently shouted, holding the faint hope that Sebastian would help him in.

“What’s this? Who is he?”

“That is… He asked to meet Lady Esther without a prior appointment.”


Sebastian’s eyes turned into triangles as he eyed Khalid up and down.

He seemed pretty annoyed at the unfamiliar stone that rolled in.

Sebastian pondered over whether this guy was also crushing on Esther. He then muttered in an audible voice.

“During my birthday party, Esther and I danced.”


“That’s what happened.”

After uttering such words deliberately for Khalid to hear, he confidently closed the window and passed the main gate.

“Why is he entering right away? Did he make an appointment in advance?”

“You and young master Sebastian are completely different stories.”

When none of his tries resulted in an advancement, Khalid moved past the gates which he could not enter.

Now was the time for him to return to the Temple. He wasn’t able to even reach Esther.


Judy and Esther were sitting on the terrace facing the garden while eating their sandwiches.

“Next time, let’s make it with eggs. I’m sick of strawberry jam.”

It was Judy who suggested the making of sandwiches. It was because he wanted to cheer up the dejected-looking Esther.

But somehow, they ended up making too much. Even after distributing the leftovers here and there, there was still a lot left, so the two shared them.

“Judy! Esther! I’m here!”

Sebastian ran to the two. Judy frowned. Sebastian was coming far too much as of late.

“He’s here again.”


Esther, who had been sitting absent-mindedly, stood up and greeted him.

“Hi, Esther. I guess you were eating a sandwich.”

“Do you want one too?”

When Judy handed over a sandwich, Sebastian tilted his head and took a sip from the glass of water beside him.

“Well, the shape is a little… Is it okay for me to eat this? Who made this?”


When Esther, who was chewing on her piece, raised her hand, Sebastian spewed the water in his mouth.

“Why’re you being so disgusting?”

“I meant that the shape was very pretty. Don’t get me wrong.”

Sebastian quickly received the sandwich whilst ignoring Judy’s words.

He picked up two sandwiches, one in which he savored, and the other in which he wrapped nicely with a napkin.

Sebastian and Judy had each other’s back, so it was obvious that they both worked out diligently. Both of them exercised every day, so their bodies were naturally stronger than their peers.

Sebastian lost his previous lumpy figure and was now slim with a sharp jawline.

However, Esther, accustomed to her handsome father, brothers, and Noah, felt nothing when she saw him.

“I bought this for Esther on my way here.”

Sebastian shyly pulled out a red ribbon. It was a ribbon he wanted to give Esther.

“Thank you.”

Esther glanced at the ribbon. However, she wasn’t much interested in accessories.

“Would you like to try it on your hair now? I think it’ll look good on you. I’ll do it for you!”

Sebastian hesitated before coming closer to her. He really wanted to see how cute she would look with the ribbon on her hair.

“Yes? Alright.”

Dorothy tried to receive a ribbon to do it in his stead, but Sebastian glared at her so she would stop moving.

He almost succeeded when Esther didn’t refuse, but as soon as he tried to tie the ribbon, he was kicked by Judy.

“Where do you think you’re going? How dare you touch Esther’s hair?”

“I’m going to tie this up for her.”

“We can just put it on Cheese or something.”

In the end, the red ribbon was tied not to Esther’s hair, but to Cheese’s neck as the tired cat rested beside her.


Sebastian became teary-eyed. He sighed while shaking a willow leaf, Cheese’s favorite plaything.

The reason Esther continued to be distracted and absent-minded was because of her mother’s story.

She felt apologetic towards her mother who had died after giving birth to her. She was tormented by her desire to find out the person who attacked her mother.

In the meantime, Sebastian started practicing his swordsmanship in the garden, looking to attract Esther’s attention.

“Why are you practicing here? You can do it at your house.”

“If I do it at home, I can’t show Esther.”

Sebastian avoided Judy’s well-known moves while counterattacking and spoke nonchalantly.

“I think Esther’s friend also seemed to use his sword quite a bit.”

Esther, indifferent to their conversation, suddenly raised her head and retorted.

“My friend?”

“Yeah. A person who called himself your friend, came outside to meet you…”

At Esther’s interest, Sebastian clasped his mouth in regret that he had run his mouth.

‘Is it Khalid?’

Her mother’s matter was important, but dealing with Rabienne was top priority. Esther called for Dorothy.

“If Khalid was the one at the front gate, will you tell him to come in?”

“Yes? Alright.”

There was something she had to confirm from Khalid.

“Judy, do you know who Khalid is?”

“No? It’s my first time hearing of… Wait, wasn’t he the one in front of the well last time?”

Sebastian and Judy raised their alertness when the name ‘Khalid’ appeared in the conversation.


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