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A Black Market LitRPG – Chapter 27: Attempted Takeover Bahasa Indonesia

Two weeks later…

The Culdao Peak Town had become even more of a bustling hub of trade, the market packed to the brim. Dozens of wagons and caravans shuttled crates of Euria Seeds to and fro from the town towards the city of Raktor, prompting new businesses to sprout up along the way.

The inn which Kyle stayed at had the best businesses, with the sheer amount of merchants and travellers trying to cash in on the amount of traffic going through as well as profit on the price difference of Euria Seeds between the town and Raktor.

“Did you hear the news? I heard one of the companies is under attack by the other five!”

“Really? Didn’t the six of them agree to share the habitat? Why would they renege on the agreement now?”

“I don’t know, but it seems to me that eventually only one company will remain standing. As profitable as it is, I don’t think it’s large enough for six companies to share.”

The rumours floated around the town like wildfire. It was to be expected, as it gave the town a new breath of life. Strangers from the city of Raktor that they had never seen before were now entering frequently, using the town as a base station hub for transportation. The companies’ workers would bring large baskets on their backs into the forest, harvesting the seeds before selling them off en masse in the town.

Other independent adventurers and townsfolk tried to get in on the action but were somehow deterred by goblin archers and warriors defending the habitat. The biggest rumour was that the six companies had somehow managed to broker a deal with the goblins. Some townsfolk had even heard rumours of metalware and forging equipment being delivered to the goblin den.

“Trading human weaponry for Euria Seeds, this might be dangerous in the future! What if the goblins decide to turn around and attack us?”

“Bah, they’re numerous but weak! Without anybody training them they are no better than a kid with a sword. Our Yual Dominion’s knights can easily flatten them. If they don’t come on time, then the gangs from the city of Raktor would take care of them easily.”

It was no secret that the gangs of Raktor were beginning to take notice of this massive venture, hoping to cash in on some of the profits. They had eyes everywhere, disguising themselves as travellers, escorts, adventurers and merchants.

One such traveller draped in a cloak sat near the market, observing the crowded area as some of the Euria Seeds harvested by the companies were sold right here, while the rest were shipped at wholesale prices to various parts of Raktor. Merchants jostled with each other to choose the best basket, throwing hands.

The traveller sipped on his water flask, just as a young boy ran up to him, whispering into his ear. “Good, here’s your rakels.” He placed a hundred rakels into the boy’s hands, who grinned widely and ran off. He got up from his chair, moving slowly but with purpose through the crowd, targeting a well-dressed gentleman in a suit.

He revealed a concealed knife from his wrist, jabbing the tip into the back of the gentleman, who froze. “Don’t make a sound. I’m sure you don’t want your wife to see your dead body on the ground here. You’re not the only company executive I can use, Feldon.” The traveller whispered to the gentleman.

Feldon gulped instinctively, before nodding vigorously. The traveller nudged him with an elbow, the two of them moving to a more secluded area between buildings. “Who are you? What do you want?” Feldon asked, his voice shaking.

“Which gang is behind this operation?”

“What…?” Feldon’s face was filled with confusion. The traveller wielded the same knife and pressed it against Feldon’s neck. “I swear, I really don’t know what you’re talking about! As far as I know, we’re a legitimate company! I only joined a week ago!”

The traveller examined Feldon’s eyes carefully, before finally letting him go. “Who’s growing the Euria Seeds? There must be a hidden plantation nearby, right?”

“Huh? Our workers collect them from the forest. The area is filled with ripe Euria Trees!”

“Yet only the six companies can collect from that particular area? Do you think I’m stupid?” The traveller scowled, pointing the knife at him.

“Look, It’s my first time here as well! I was supposed to just oversee the transfer and sale of Euria Seeds here, that’s all!” Feldon pleaded with a fearful expression.

“Bring me to the habitat.”

“Wh-what?! No, you’ll be killed. I don’t even know if I am allowed in!”

“You’re a company overseer, I’m sure you’ll be fine. MOVE!” The traveller growled and continued aiming the knife at Feldon, forcing him to move under coercion.

They re-entered the market area, with the traveller nodding to two other random strangers. They each had a different outfit to blend in, but they all came from the same gang. They hefted large backpacks, no doubt filled with weapons.

The four of them moved into the forest from a different approach, with Feldon forced to be in the lead. The other two opened their backpacks, passing a crossbow to the traveller.

“Keep your eyes peeled. Have your crossbows at the ready. If it’s the Veiled Angels running this operation, we kill on sight. Too many, and we run.” The traveller ordered the other two.

“Yes sir.”

Feldon’s mind was racing as he stumbled through the foilage, continuously peeking behind him only to see three crossbows aimed at him, ready to shoot him if he tried to run. Veiled Angels? If they got a beef, it means that the three of them must be from the Violet Demons!

The two gangs were currently at war with each other in the West Sector, bloodbaths appearing whenever and wherever they clashed. This applied outside the city as well: money was money after all. The Violet Demons were not about to let the Veiled Angels be the only ones to profit from such a scheme.

Taking down our forest bandits and setting up their own operation? If these Angels think they can get away with it, they are dead wrong… The traveller smirked as they trudged through the forest. They passed a few Euria Trees, but they could no longer spot any seeds on the branches or leaves, no doubt being harvested by the companies already.

Suddenly, a warning arrow swooped in, landing right at their feet. It was a crudely made goblin arrow, short and stubby. The group looked up to see three goblin archers perched on the branches of trees, aiming down at them with their short bows. Feldon screamed instinctively, trying to run away before the traveller grabbed him by the throat and slapped his cheek.

“Idiot, your company already has a deal with them, just show your company emblem!”

“Right, right.” Feldon fumbled as he searched through his suit’s pockets, his breath was still erratic. He quickly retrieved a metallic emblem, engraved with a simple logo of the company.

The goblins did not aim at Feldon any longer but aimed their bows at the remaining three. “Looks like we’re not getting a free pass after all.” The traveller sighed, before lifting Feldon as a shield and hostage. They walked forward, the other two aiming at the two goblins with bulky crossbows.

“Keep moving!” The traveller growled to Feldon, who quickly moved. However, a single arrow grazed Feldon’s cheek, before a gurgling sound was heard behind him. He turned to see the traveller’s neck pierced from the front by the arrow as he collapsed to the ground.

“Fuck!” The remaining two lifted their crossbows, firing bolt after bolt at the goblins. The two goblins did not stand a chance, their bodies riddled with bolts and dropping to the ground. However, another zipping sound could be heard, with one of the remaining two screaming out in pain as the arrow pierced his chest, embedding itself in his heart.

“Who’s there!? Veiled Angels? Stop shooting if you don’t want him to die!” The last man immediately grabbed Feldon as a hostage, a knife aimed at the neck while his other free hand hefted the crossbow in the direction where the arrow came in from.

No one replied, and no more arrows came in. A bead of sweat began to trickle and snake its way down the man’s face as the tension began to build within. He glanced everywhere, trying to spot any movement. All he could hear was the rustling of the leaves and the sounds of animal cries from the distance.

Out of the blue, a searing pain erupted from his back, stemming from a dagger plunged deep by a young lady. Her face was apathetic as the man yelled out in shock, immediately using his crossbow as a blunt weapon to try and hit her.

Her short black hair floated as she ducked quickly before retrieving another dagger from her belt, jabbing two times in rapid successions in both ankles of the man, causing him to fall on both legs, dropping Feldon and his crossbow as well.

“Wait! I have money! Just let me go!” The man shouted in a final attempt to sway the young lady, but she showed no reaction, not even responding. “Fine! I won’t go down without a fig-“

The man tried to continue speaking, but his cheeks were already pierced by a crossbow bolt, from his own crossbow wielded by the young lady now. A few more bolts ended his life, with Feldon still shivering as he stared at the three dead bodies. I signed up to be a manager, not a fighter!

The young lady grabbed Feldon by the waist, lifting him up and walking deeper into the forest towards the mountain. “Wh-where are you bringing me? The town is the other way!”

Feldon tried to convince her to change direction, but she did not reply anymore, almost as though she was mute. They soon reached an abandoned mine, where the wooden palisade walls were crawling with goblins, freaking Feldon out even more.

They entered the fort, with the young lady dumping Feldon onto the ground unceremoniously.

“Good work Sasha. Gulak, send out the goblins to collect the bodies.” Kyle ordered with a satisfied expression on his face. “Ah, you must be one of the new employees. Feldon, was it? Welcome to the source of the Euria Seeds.” He helped Feldon up, who patted his already bloodstained suit in vain.

Feldon was surprised they knew about him when it was his first time visiting. He knew the goblins were at peace with the companies, but not to the extent where company members could stay at the den itself. “I-I-I demand an explanation! What in the world is going on here?”

“Sasha, head back and take a rest.” Kyle motioned towards the entrance. “As for your explanation, it is very simple. I am the one running this entire operation. My name is Kyle, gang leader of the Seven Snakes.”

“W-what?! How?! I thought…”

“We have a problem now, Feldon. It seems you’ve been marked by the Violet Demons, and they are trying to use you as a way to sneak their way into this operation. Releasing you back into the town will only raise even more suspicion, placing you under an even bigger threat.”

Feldon pondered for a moment, before suddenly realizing what Kyle was implying. “You’re.. you’re suggesting I stay here permanently! No, no way in hell! My wife and kids are still out there in the town!”

“Oh, Celine, Mick and Daphne? Of course, I will bring them here as well for their protection.” The accuracy with which Kyle knew about Feldon frightened him even more. “Sasha will handle it.”

“What?! I’m a prisoner now? My relatives are all in Raktor, my kids’ school is there too, you can’t just -”

Kyle suddenly grabbed Feldon by the neck, lifting him up. “You seem to misunderstand something. You don’t have a choice. Your life is now in my hands. Make the wrong move and I can’t say what happens to dear Celine.”

Feldon immediately clamped up, nodding vigorously as his hands desperately tried to remove Kyle’s grip. Kyle dropped him on the ground, ordering the goblins to show him to his new room. Feldon soon noticed that he wasn’t the only one here – plenty of other company workers who were compromised by the gangs were now sheltered here.

Gringer ran up to Kyle, bowing respectfully. “Sir, one of the companies seemed to have turned over to another gang. The Euria Seeds are being passed for free to their wagons just outside the town.”

“Looks like the attack from the other five companies were not enough to keep them in line. Kill every worker from that company that comes to pick up the baskets.”

The workers did not directly interact with the goblins, instead exchanging baskets at known locations agreed upon throughout the forest. The workers only knew this was part of the deal as to not interact with the goblins, but it was a ploy by Kyle to ensure no one knew the real nature of the operation.

Keith was the one who set up the companies in Raktor but had used frontmen to serve as the fall guys in case anything went wrong. The money invested was through yet another shell company, so even if the company’s head told the controlling gang who funded him, it would end up in a dead end.

With this, Kyle had established a safe trading network of Euria Seeds, where he is the only direct profiteer. At the same time, he was training Sasha and a few of the compromised company workers, forming a secret force of his own.

Kyle already had plans for this force to serve as a hidden dagger that he could use to strike at other gangs’ operations in the region, or even enter Raktor undetected to fight in the South Sector.

With this, even if the other gangs were watching his movements, they would be unaware of this new hidden force. Sasha was also designated as a follower with Kyle’s designated follower skill, a new arcia engraving appearing on her neck that allowed them to telepathically communicate over a long distance.

Looks like I’ve done everything I could here. It’s time to return.


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