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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 97: Season of the Harvest (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 97-Season of the Harvest (3)

Sang-Hoon’s father had generated upward of three billion won in debt to a dangerous loan shark. Sang-hoon’s rapid ascension to the third circle, however, seemed to provide something resembling a solution. His talent could be monetized, but that came at a cost of its own.

Sang-hoon knew that Park Moo-cheol wouldn’t let him go. As soon as he saw that Sang-hoon was a goose that laid golden eggs, he would find a way to increase the debt. He had laughed a greedy laugh when the prospect was verbalized.

Although he knew Moo-cheol’s motives, Sang-Hoon had no other choice…he had to protect his father, and so sent Park Moo-cheol and his gang back home with a deal in hand.

The priority was time. Yes, moneylenders were generally predatory, black-hearted individuals, but his father had borrowed money, and the massive interest they attached to the payment wasn’t illegal. They were exercising their rights. Sang-hoon would remedy his father’s mistake, but his timely liberation from the ties with Moo-cheol had to be attained, also.

Sang-hoon went straight to the office of the head of the Department of Magic.

“Sang-hoon! What is it?” Choi Byeong-ho’s face was inquisitive.

“I have something to tell you.” He took a deep breath that rippled through his lungs. Choi Byeong-ho was a man who pursued his interests, so he could be useful in what we might call…extra-curricular activities.

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