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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 92 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 92: The Way Two Civilizations Fight (6)

Following the duel with him, Kang Min-hyuk had reflected upon Chris Kyle’s prowess: how did he compare to wizards of the reinforced civilization? The fifth circle was a notable grade there, but in Klinssman’s world, its destructive power was different. Higher and harder, somehow. Would warriors beat Kyle in their dimension? It was hard to tell. Lee Jun-ho, and perhaps others of the golden generation, would have a chance, but those of lesser talents were ambiguous. That was what made Chris Kyle impressive to Kang Min-hyuk – he represented the best in his field as a student, just like Lee Jun-ho, in a world where the balance of power was flipped. His fighting style was a little immature, but his powerful chain attacks could easily destroy a reinforced warrior.

Taking Chris Kyle’s stats into account, what, then, did that make of Dominic Green? He was at least the same level as the golden generation, and in all likelihood, higher.



Flame magic erupted. Evasion had to be swift if it was to be successful.

Mana burst forth like an active volcano, pumping out magic. It became apparent why each step beyond the fifth circle has deemed another world of ability. Access to third circle magic without the need to cast provided a great advantage – with it, Green pushed Min-hyuk into a corner without moving an inch from his initial position. Thanks to mana, the spell’s impact wasn’t too bad, but it prevented Kang Min-hyuk’s approach toward Dominic Green…he had to make a gap.


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