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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 85 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 85: The Secret of the Red Flame (3)

The magic of prominence, a tradition handed down from generation to generation, exerts exceptional power, as the fire spirit Salamander discovered 1000 years ago. Due to the dimensional explosion of the same era, the link with the spirit world was severed completely, and prominence magic was left: half of a whole.

Elisha was known to be a genius who could handle fire freely, even in a world without spirits. However, she knew she only wielded half of the power. Her innate firepower was so strong that she could realize the magic of prominence to some extent. Still, it was not comparable to the legends passed down from generation to generation.

According to rumors, Poseidon was recreating the magic of ‘the days of the spirits.’ He was one of the world’s leading archmages. With his magic, there were times where many wondered how he displayed such powerful water dominance; nobody considered a contract with the spirit. Was that because the link with the spirit world was cut off due to the explosion of 1000 years ago? It wasn’t certain…it seemed that the link was affected by the explosion, but broken links weren’t a sufficient issue to eradicate connection with the spirit realm.

Spirit wizards – those who mastered the red flame and the wall wave – pursued the spirit magic joined forces with each other due to an accident in the spirit world. They did not deliberate their means and methods. Elisha figured out why the link was broken, and as a result, she learned the truth.

“The reason the link was cut off is that the spirit world fell to a faraway place that could not be reached from this world. Therefore, no matter how much we talked to them, the spirits couldn’t respond. I’d bet the spirit doesn’t exist in the world anymore. If so, my ancestors would somehow find a way to connect with them.”

She continued to explain: 1000 years ago, spirit magic didn’t require a complicated process. Even without the difficult skill of separating attributes, a specific circle could be formed through a contract with the spirit. However, when the link was severed, the spirit wizards had to find a new way. What was born was a method centered around attribute separation. After a lot of trial and error, they discovered the magic that produced a power similar to the elemental magic by separating the attributes. They maintained their single-person tradition. Thus, the process of the spirit contract disappeared.

It was hard to believe. Poseidon found a new method of attribute control, but it didn’t rely on the spirits.

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