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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 77 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 77: The Guardian Gate and the British Magic Association (1)

Outside of the operating room, where cool air circulated, Jeong Pan-ho waited impatiently, gnawing his finger-nails and pacing back and forth. His face was a collage of anxiety. Seats were provided, but the thought of sitting made his bones tingle restlessly. Images of his younger brother flickered ceaselessly through his thoughts. Blood oozed out of the edges of his over-bitten nails, but the bitter physical pain seemed to detract from the mental anguish for a second.

“Please…please Jeong Pan-soo, you must survive this.”

When he got struck by the Transcendental Death Knight, he thought his son’s life was over. He should have died immediately, but thanks to Kang Min-hyuk, that wasn’t the case. Upon departing the dungeon, Jeong Pan-ho ran to the hospital with Jeong Pan-soo. Modern medicine had to develop quickly, under the threat of monsters, to the point where anybody with a pulse could be saved…that may have been something of an exaggeration, but the essence was true. Major surgery was required to save Jeong Pan-soo. Time passed quickly.

Jeong Pan-ho was yet to resolve the fatigue of battle, and as he stood outside of the operating room, he had the sensation that his blood was drying up in his veins. When the door finally opened to reveal a weary-eyed doctor, Jeong Pan-ho was jolted back into the physical realm with a start.


The man smiled faintly at Jeong Pan-ho in response to his thousand questions.

“It went well. Jeong Pan-soo’s condition was so dreadful that we weren’t sure he’d make it…it was touch and go for a while, but the operation went as smoothly as we could hope. It wouldn’t have been possible at all without effective immediate action, though…I heard that the wizard used medical magic? Without that, your son would have certainly bled out and died. The blood-flow needed to be stopped quickly…don’t worry, Guardian. Jeong Pan-soo survived.”

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