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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 62 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 62: People Gather in Search of Hope (1)

Thirty minutes after the incident, Choi Byeong-ho visited the training ground.

“Really? A Class A Werewolf was killed by magic?”


“How does that happen?” Choi Byeong-ho’s expression was smudged with surprise.

Moments earlier, Choi Byeong-ho, who received the training ground’s news, felt a lightning strike in his head. It’s startling to hear that an A-class monster was summoned, but it was presumed that the opponent who handled it was a wizard. He couldn’t believe the information he received, so he chose to see the aftermath for himself.

Captain of the guard (a reinforced warrior) Yun Gyeong-ho said, “When I arrived at the scene after receiving the emergency signal, it was over; all that remained were 140 Orc corpses and 1 Class A Werewolf. They were all charred as though burnt by fire magic. At first, we thought that the A-class Werewolf was the job of a reinforced warrior, but when we called the inspection team and checked the corpse, there was no evidence of being hit by an aura.”

“…Which means…?”

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