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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 48: The Inverted Talent (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 48-The Inverted Talent (1)

A book lay open on the desk in front of Kang Min-hyuk; he sat in the chair and opened it.

[The forefront of my mind was occupied by the deliberation of the guardian gate. Would its deception unveil a new way for me to increase my magical ability? If I don’t meet my expectations again this time, I may be trapped in self-doubt. Part of me has already given up. I don’t want my feelings to be swayed by useless anticipation, but as long as there was some possibility, I couldn’t turn away from Suhomun’s deliberation.]

It was Klinssman’s familiar handwriting. When Kang Min-hyuk had returned to the original world, he’d begun to record his thoughts in the form of a diary.

[Day 1. I used Guardian Gate’s deliberation. I knew my intentions, but mana didn’t follow my will.]

The fundamental purpose of the training was to move mana, strengthen the body through mana, and in the end, accumulate some mana in Danjeon. It usually takes people over a year to adjust to this process. It isn’t easy to feel and move mana’s intangible power, and it requires high-level skills to accumulate it in the desired place. So Kang Min-hyuk gave Klinssman the direction but didn’t expect results right away.

He continued to read.

[Day 3. Mana began to move according to my will. The spirit of the guardian gate is similar to mana meditation, but at the same time, everything is different. Mana meditation refers to forming mana around the heart and training the basic circle of magic. However, Suhomun’s deliberation method was training the ‘human body’ itself.]

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