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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 33: Change (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 33: Change (1)

He awoke in a shabby interior with grayish wallpaper. Kang Min-hyuk had been in this room before; he tried to get up, but immense pain flashed through his whole body…this phenomenon hadn’t been an issue before. Previously, he experienced blurred vision during his possession of Klinssman’s body, but there had never been any physical pain. Could it have been a side-effect of the journey between worlds? He didn’t think so; it was a very familiar form of pain.

“I think it’s a bruise,” “he thought, his mind hidden within Klinssman’s body.

Kang Min-hyuk’s physical awareness informed him that there was no significant damage to the internal organs – a bruise suggested an injury to the external body. This same body screamed in pain as he rose to view a mirror in the bathroom. As his reflection gazed back at him, he realized that this was the first time he’d seen the face of the man he was inhabiting.

It was a humble face. Beneath brown hair was a dark, thoughtful expression. “Hello, Klinssman,” he muttered. He rolled up his shirt to find bruises, as he expected – pain swelled through him with each breath he took. There were bruises all over his body – only a serious beating could have caused such damage. Kang Min-hyuk inspected Klinssman’s hand. Smooth knuckles, no sign of a fight. The level of injury inflicted suggested that Klinssman hadn’t retaliated. “What the hell happened here?”

He didn’t understand…Klinssman wasn’t an ordinary person; even within a world where a magical civilization of 2000+ blossomed, Klinssman’s knowledge was of great value. He could enjoy great riches if he chose; there should be no need for him to dwell in such a shabby room. But Klinssman didn’t choose that path…he kept his knowledge secret, preferring not to disclose it to the world, and his peers at the academy ignored him. Kang Min-hyuk didn’t know who had beaten Klinssman like this, but he guessed there was a deeper meaning behind the bruising. Klinssman seemed to disregard his own wellbeing completely…

“Klinssman…what are you thinking?” He left the bathroom, seeking a message from Klinssman. He checked all over the room but found nothing. In the minimalist interior, the search didn’t last long. Everything was already visible – a futon, a desk, and a book on top of the desk. He was able to read the title of the book without getting closer.

[3rd Circle Spell-book]

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