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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 29 Bahasa Indonesia

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Episode 29: The Genius of the Fallen High Family (1)

Kang Min-hyuk thought back to a class he took at the beginning of the semester.

“What is the ultimate purpose of the magic department? It’s where a wizard is equipped with basic skills. Still, a wizard is also a hunter… to play both roles in the highly competitive world beyond school; practical experience is essential. The department of magic gives the curriculum completed through numerous trials and errors. The formation of the third circle is said to be the common reference point for developing this skill.”

As a hunter, a second circle wizard holds little value. But once the next circle is formed…many shortcomings are resolved. For instance, second circle magic can (generally) only endure a few uses in any single battle. However, the third circle produces much greater mana and can therefore sustain greater amounts of casting. Thus, the third circle became a point of emphasis by the professor due to its practical functions.

If a wizard graduates in the second circle, he will have no future as a hunter. However, a third circle wizard will receive offers from both his family and outside groups for teamwork and employment. He becomes sought after. Some wizards remain in the third circle; there is no clear time-frame in which one should progress to higher classes.

Two years from the day of the lecture mentioned above, an incident occurred in which a second-grade student reached the third circle on the merit of his strength alone. It caused an uproar at the time.

Most senior, fourth-year students could barely form the third. The second-grader was regarded as a genius and instantaneously received many offers of recruitment from prosperous organizations. The fourth circle’s possibility can be predicted by the time it took to generate the third. For this reason, the value of the third circle was colossal.

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