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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 26: The Wizard’s Role (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 26: The Wizard’s Role (2)

The battle continued, and Kim Seong-ho observed his siblings. Seong-ho had vowed to risk his own life to save his brothers. But now, he had another to observe…in every crisis, Klinssman’s magic came into effect just in time.

“Clash! Thud!”

Magic accuracy truly was an art form. Despite his entanglement with a monster, the wizard fired magic directly at another goblin’s head. It struck a vital spot, and despite the creature’s hard shell, the hit made it groggy.

Kin Seong-ho admired the wizard for his consistent support. He’d encountered many wizards and had seen first-hand how difficult it could be to use magic accurately. Aside from this, Klinssman was very fast. The battle lasted for about ten minutes, and Klinssman had used magic more than ten times; this meant that casting, on average, took less than a minute to complete!

The wizard’s continuous use of the rock arrow was because a wide-range attack in close quarters could cause as much damage to allies as it would enemies.

Kang Min-Hyuk was amazed by his first battle.

Once the fight had reached its conclusion, Kim Seong-ho took a deep breath and approached the newest party-member.

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