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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 112: An Unconventional Walk (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 112-An Unconventional Walk (4)

The first person to board the stage was Lee Hak-beom; the audience was captive, awaiting what was to come.

“Professor Lee Hak-beom’s help while I was studying in the Department of Magic was invaluable. As a joint Ma-Tap master alongside myself, he will handle Ma-Top’s big and small events and lead the research team. As I said in the live broadcast, my primary aim is magical advancement.” To do that, a great scholar like Professor Lee Hak-beom is an essential piece of the puzzle. The scale and quality of our research team will be the greatest in the world. As of tomorrow, we will be making a massive investment of 100 billion won per year to ensure that’s the case.”

Clap clap clap! Applause burst out.

In the past, Lee Hak-beom was only a professor – now, he was recognized as an outstanding scholar. His support was meaningful in many ways – his inclusion guaranteed the future of the research team. At least, Wayne Burns knew about Hak-beom’s involvement – they had discussed his bond with Kang Min-hyuk while he worked with the BMA. His knowledge of Lee Hak-beom differed from what the public knew – Wayne Burns was acutely aware of Hak-beom’s brilliance. Although the research team remained incomplete, the combination of Min-hyuk and Hak-beom was a recipe for excellence.

Who would be next? People watched the stage, riveted. Nobody could predict…there were many people connected to Kang Min-hyuk, but joining the tower would be reserved for a prized few.

“The next member is Jeong Sang-hoon from the department of magic.”

The audience expressed great pleasure and admiration at the revelation – Sang-hoon had rapidly gained a reputation as one of Korea’s finest prospects. This time, Kang Min-hyuk did not explain; Sang-hoon took the microphone himself.

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