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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 110 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 110: An Unconventional Walk (2)

A warm voice that conjured images of a kind face drifted over the phone. Go Young-cheol responded calmly, “Actions will prove your words.”

[Yes, yes. There’s no need to worry at all. Although there are rumors that the president of the association, Park Dong-jin, has been seeking support everywhere, he’s little more than a scarecrow without the government’s help. We never intended to have a lousy relationship with Kang Min-hyuk. The Korean Magic Association does not influence the world – Kang Min-hyuk’s tower shows great promise, and I believe its support is of national interest.]

The person on the other end of the phone was from the Korean government, and his initial tone wasn’t so soft. As the conversation progressed, he became aware of Ko Young-cheol and Kang Min-hyuk’s power and how much it exceeded the Korean magic association. It became clear which side was more valuable, and the government quickly changed its preference.


Go Young-cheol hung up.

The secret of the red mana stone was a considerable advantage. Kang Min-hyuk ordered the purchase of all red mana stones to monopolize the distribution network at a time when no one had not yet revealed the secret. As a result, Kang Min-hyuk accumulated enormous wealth. He had a lot of cash, but alongside that, the red mana stones piled up immeasurably. However, Kang Min-hyuk’s plan did not end there. He was unsure if he’d work only on the domestic stage. Still, as the number of red mana stones that had to be processed on the world stage increased, information inevitably leaked out, so Kang Min-hyuk revealed the red mana stone’s secret and immediately patented the process. According to the international agreement (國際協約), patent management was strict for technology related to mana stones.

If the law does not protect intellectual property, there is the possibility that people would lose the means to get stronger; disaster would strike if anyone violated the patent laws. Therefore, Kang Min-hyuk used a very safe system as he disclosed his secrets. Mana stones from Korea were monopolized. Even though a total monopoly on the world stage was impossible, the fees received from fictitious patent rights extended beyond the realm of imagination. Also, he purchased many blue mana stones whose prices were falling immediately after the secret was revealed.

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