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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 103: The Incompetence (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 103-The Incompetence (3)

S News quickly organized a special broadcast. They canceled the hunter-related program scheduled that afternoon and released a video of the non-dance in its place.

The video started with an introduction from Jung Min-gu.

[Something incredible has happened. Earlier this afternoon, S News received an anonymous text message informing us that Kang Min-hyuk, the former successor to Suhomun, and pioneer of the magical revolution, was to strike up a non-dance beginning with Byeokgyeungmun. We fact-checked the message, and fortunately, by the time it was verified, I was able to capture the confrontation between Gu Gwang-mo, the marvelous gatekeeper, and Kang Min-hyuk.]

The broadcast went on to show the confrontation between Gu Kwang-mo and Kang Min-hyuk. The process and result of the fight were incomprehensible to residents of the fortified civilization. Kang Min-hyuk did not retreat against the reinforced warrior and overwhelmed Gu Gwang-mo with a brand of magic nobody had ever seen before. In the end, the audience was astonished at the fall of Gu Gwang-mo.

A wizard defeated-Gu Kwang-mo?

– OMG.

-It’s insane! Gu Gwang-mo is a great warrior.

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