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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 100: Season of the Harvest (6) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 100-Season of the Harvest (6)

Space magic was a significant experiment for Lee Hak-beom. That specific study had received no insight from Kang Min-hyuk, so it was a test of Hak-beom’s abilities outside of their duality. He was curious to see how much his skills had improved through his interaction with Kang Min-hyuk. Going to England was a challenge for him. Leaving the well of the Department of Magic, he tested his abilities in a new environment, and as a result, Lee Hak-beom realized that he had risen to a new level. The flow of research was visible, unlike before, and when problems arose, he could navigate a solution.

Researchers of the British Magic Association were the best in the world. Hak-beom shared his thoughts as they worked together, offering new ideas.

“How about this way?”

His questioning was careful and precise. At first, the other researchers did not show a positive attitude toward Lee Hak-beom’s suggestions – researchers from the British Magic Association had not yet recognized him. Hence, his opinion, as an outsider, was much less reliable. However, their attitude changed quickly.

Lee Hak-beom’s opinion was always helpful, and as he consistently proved his worth, they grew to respect and rely on his input more and more.

“How do you think we could improve the method?!”

“Professor Lee Hak-beom, could you explain in more detail what you just said?”

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