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Why Should I Stop Being a Villain – Chapter 314: Visit at the Mage Association Bahasa Indonesia

314 Visit at the Mage Association

“Remember, you will have one day to study there, and you can take out up to 5 copies of any books you find,” Elsa said, looking at the three students before her.

When the announcement was made that Asher, Amelia, and Alyssa would be visiting the Sanctuary of Mages, many students, and even some professors, felt envious.

The Sanctuary of Mages wasn’t a place anyone could simply visit.

Even elite families couldn’t attempt to enter, unless they were prepared to wage war against the entire Mage Association.

Only by making significant contributions to the Mage Association and by participating in annual meetings for many years was someone granted the privilege to enter the Sanctuary of Mages.

Even Elena and Eva were envious about missing this opportunity, but they refrained from speaking up due to the recent incident with Kevin.

Elsa reiterated the rules and etiquette primarily for Alyssa’s benefit, as she believed that Asher and Amelia would likely face little difficulty during their visit.

Both of their statuses ensured that even the Elders of the Mage Association treated them with respect.

However, this wasn’t the case for Alyssa. Given that it involved the Mage Association, Elsa took extra precautions to brief Alyssa on several matters.

Except for Amelia, both of them wore the Black Uniform, symbolizing their position on the Student Council.

“Now, follow me,” Elsa instructed, turning to enter the teleportation gate.

Ordinarily, a 3-Star Professor wouldn’t be assigned to guide them, but Xander insisted that Elsa escort them to the Mage Association.

This was not just to manage affairs at the Mage Association but also to ensure the safety of the trio.

Aside from Elsa, only a few assistants were present, as there was no need for additional security.

The teleportation gate directly linked to the Flying Island, where the Mage Association was located.

Amelia and Alyssa stepped through first, followed by Asher.

Upon arriving, they were greeted by a fleet of cars and a security team ready to escort them.

Elsa quickly surveyed the surroundings before entering a car, gesturing for the others to follow suit.

Throughout the journey, all three students remained silent.

Amelia felt particularly out of place, sandwiched between two individuals who were not conversationalists.

‘Why is he browsing these articles?’ Amelia wondered, sneaking a peek at Asher’s phone.

‘Both of them are so peculiar,’ she mused, mentally contrasting Asher and Damian.

She recalled how Damian would often share articles he found intriguing. It didn’t strike her as unusual that Asher had a similar habit.

However, she couldn’t discern the type of articles he was reading.

Unlike Damian, Asher was observing the effects of his plans unfold.

The cars came to a halt, and the security personnel opened the doors. Everyone exited the vehicles and followed Elsa through another entrance.

This special entryway was designed to lead them directly to the floor right beneath the topmost one, where Silvus resided.

As they proceeded, an elderly man approached to greet Elsa, prompting her to pause.

Two individuals were with him. The deep crimson hue of their eyes immediately revealed their identities.

Even without this telltale sign, the old man was already acquainted with two of the students.

“Sir Edward Amaris, a pleasure to see you,” Elsa greeted, extending her hand to Edward.

Edward returned the gesture with a smile. His gaze drifted to another girl, who donned a metallic mask and was seated in a wheelchair. Recognizing the name Astaria, it took a moment, but he remembered who this girl truly was.

“Likewise,” Edward responded with a light chuckle.

“Let’s converse as we proceed, and I’ll brief you on the Sanctuary of Mages,” Edward suggested, leading the way to an elevator.

“Consider that place a compendium of knowledge from every mage who has served the Mage Association since its inception,” Edward summarized.

Research and the practice of magic were commonplace within the Mage Association. So, when a mage innovated a new spell or made a groundbreaking discovery, this knowledge was documented and archived in the Sanctuary of Mages, credited to their name.

From the Chairmen or the various Elders that were part of the Mage Association to the current one.

Each one of them had their research and knowledge stored there.

It was a record of all the Mages that had ever worked in Mage Association.

“Although you will see countless records but I would advise you to think about a thing you want to excel at,” Edward said.

“Because the amount of information in that place is too much for even me, despite the amount of times I have entered there.” Edward said.

Despite being a Elder, Edward could only enter the Sanctuary of Mages two times each year.

Arriving in the lift, Edward started speaking about the rule inside that needed to be followed.

“Don’t tamper with any of the recorded books or research papers as they are all protected under multiple spells,” Edward said.

“There will be a few places that are not to be accessed as only Elders and some are so secretive that only the Chairman could visit there,” He said.

Although the Sanctuary was vast, they wouldn’t stay for too long.

It was better to tell them to look for things they really wanted to know about as the information present in the Sanctuary of Mages was priceless.

It was a library that contained the record of magic that had developed over hundreds of years.

And many people knew the worth of the knowledge that was stored there.

Even some people from the Elite Family often tried to contribute in the Mage Association with their own research papers to just have the access to visit that place just once.

The lift opened as they arrived at floor that was covered with runes all around it and in front of them was a huge gate that had golden and black engravings.

“Welcome to the Entrance of the Sanctuary of Mages,” Edward said as he pointed at the huge door.

Amelia was looking at the gate with surprised gaze as she could feel the amount of mana coming out of there.

“Some people even call this a paradise for a Mage,” Edward said with a smile as they walked near the gate.

Edward took out a badge and it started floating near the gate and after rune inspection process the gate started moving and a opening was formed.

“Well, as you know you guys have only a day so make the most out of your time,” Edward said but he didn’t tell them one last thing.

Although all people could try and enter the Sanctuary of Mages, there was a special spell that was placed on the entrance itself which would take the person to place of their strongest element.

The Sanctuary was in an entirely different place on the Flying Island and its location was only known to the Chairman of the Mage Association and those that will take that position it in the future.

Elsa stayed behind as she saw the three of them enter one by one.

“You didn’t tell them about the part that they will enter different locations, not the ones they wanted,” Elsa said as she looked at Edward who was smiling.

“It’s the same for all the others who enter it for the first time, it was the same for you as well,” Edward said as Elsa remembered the first time she entered this place.

“With that said, I hope they can find what they were looking for but I have a question,” Edward said looking at Elsa.

“Why is the Grandson of the Sword God here?” Edward asked.

“Don’t ask me, but that boy wants to learn magic,” Elsa replied.

Edward frowned and Elsa could understand the reaction.

Edward was a teacher himself and he thought that their response to Asher’s decision was not good as he was meant to become Aura user not a mage.

But he could guess that World Academy wouldn’t intrude on the Student’s decision as well.

Although there was one thing he didn’t know and it was the fact that Asher was also the strongest even in the Mage Class, despite not using even a ounce of his swordsmanship.

Only Alyssa was the one in the whole class that stood a chance against Asher in a pure Mage fight.

And at that moment, some other Elders entered that place as well, and Elsa could guess what they wanted just by looking at their faces.

“How the hell could you allow that Garcia’s girl to enter this place,” One of the Elder shouted and Edward let out a sigh.

‘It will be a long day,’ Edward thought.


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