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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 88: Pot Meets Kettle Bahasa Indonesia

(Elaria POV)

The three of us slipped out of the mansion without being seen, making our way down towards the town.

Both Onee-sama and I had Onii-sama between us, our hands entwined with his as we guided him towards our destination. Onee-sama had her umbrella in her other hand, protecting our dear Onii-sama from the afternoon sun.

My head is still fuzzy over the fact that Onii-sama has returned, I’m probably handling it better than I should be due to the fact that I still have yet to completely grasp that reality yet.

I’m pretty sure that by tonight, when I have time to actually collect my thoughts, I would most likely be paralysed by the realisation and all the fantasies that come with it.

Especially when Onii-sama has become so cute! This must be a gift from the heavens for what I’ve done for the world so far! I’m sure if I continue my work, I’ll be rewarded even more in the future!

I have no doubts that the final reward would be Onii-sama regaining his memories and… And…

I wiped the drool off the side of my lips, schooling my face into an emotionless one when we reached the edge of town.

This was the face I usually used when in the presence of non-familial people which, honestly, is everyone else except Onii-sama and Onee-sama.

As much as I want to focus on pampering my dear Onii-sama today, there’s a rather serious problem we have to take care of first.

Earlier, our telegram machine had received an SOS message from one of our agents within the town. Odriana had decoded the message before handing it to me.


Seeing that whoever sent it had chosen to send a direct SOS message to me instead of the Security division, it should be an exceptionally serious situation that they cannot solve by themselves.

After all, our security team is trained to handle almost anything a normal business might face. That includes ruffians, scammers, spies, otherworlders and even a certain degree of divine intervention.

If they were unable to deal with it, I would probably have to utilise everything at my disposal to solve whatever it is.

Still, it was incredibly distracting to see Onii-sama marvelling at everything around us, clearly amazed at the town that we have built for him.

He asked a number of questions about the town and both Onee-sama and I answered him gleefully, taking pleasure in seeing his face of curiosity.

Ah~ To think there would be a day where I am the one guiding Onii-sama instead of the other way around! It really feels like my chest would burst from happiness today!

The three of us stopped outside a rather grand three storey building which looked like a cross between a tavern and an inn from the outside. A sign bearing a sword and bow behind a kite shield was hung above its entrance, the symbol of the Adventurer’s Guild.

I wondered briefly on whether I should bring Onii-sama with me inside, the last thing I wanted to happen was for any form of danger to befall on him.

After finally reuniting with him since he left the House, I would hate that fate played an incredibly cruel twist by having the two of us separate again.

For all I know, Onii-sama will meet with some tragic event that will force him to separate with me again. Then I’ll have to wait for another few decades before I can reunite with him again either through finding an ancient artifact or meeting him in some magical plane of existence somewhere else.

Nope, that’s not going to happen if I can help it.

“Onii-sama?” I asked.

He tilted his head up at me, his most adorable visage burning its way into my retinas and causing my heart to skip.

“Ummm… It’s a rather private thing we have to settle ourselves… So would Onii-sama mind waiting outside for us?”

A bright smile graced his face, almost blinding me with his radiance.

“I don’t mind,” Onii-sama eaved his hand. “In fact, I’ll go look at some of the shops around here. Maybe I’ll find something nice to buy.”

I silently heaved a sigh of relief, hopefully I will be able to settle whatever emergency was inside and reunite with Onii-sama again.

I nodded towards my group of guards that were following us stealthily from behind before I released my grip on Onii-sama’s hand.

Digging through my pockets, I handed him a black card without hesitation.

“This is a membership card for all the stores under the ‘An Ney May’ Conglomerate, use this whenever you find something you fancy, Onii-sama!”

He took it with both hands, raising an eyebrow at the card, “It wouldn’t happen to have a hundred percent discount on all items now, would it?”

“Ehehehe~ Onii-sama really knows me so well! Of course it does!”

Onii-sama frowned slightly, “You don’t need to you know? I have my own money.”

Odriana patted his head with a warm smile, “Aww~~ Is my adorable little brother already an independent young man? Big sister is so proud of you!”

Onii-sama pulled himself out Onee-sama’s grasp, “Come on, I’m already more than forty–twenty years old! It’s just the body that regressed, not my mentality!”

Onee-sama giggled, “You’ll always be my cutest little brother to me~”

Onii-sama sighed and shook his head, waving goodbye to us before leaving us, my guards following behind him a distance away.

Onii-sama shouldn’t be any danger within the town itself but it doesn’t hurt to make sure. As I said, fate can go shove itself a new one. Onii-sama won’t be meeting any unfortunate incidents under my watch, you hear?

Now with Onii-sama’s safety assured, I looked towards Onee-sama with a determined face.

“Shall we? Dark Mistress of Ebony Night?”

“Fufufu~ Of course, Magical Girl Sarah.”

Pushing open the entrance, we prepared ourselves to what lay within.

But we were not ready for what we saw inside.

A girl with golden hair and another with a sword on her hip was standing over several collapsed members of the Security division. I even recognised a few of them who were especially talented fighters who were top ranked Adventurers within our local Guild.

The two girls looked completely unschathed, as though our Security division hadn’t managed to touch either of them before going down. Right now, they seem to be saying something to the crowd, their backs facing towards us.

For these two girls to defeat members of the Security division without a single scratch… Either they were especially skilled or they had some tricks that allows them to subdue our men easily.

Looking at how everyone else was standing away from the girls and refusing to speak out against them, I would tag the reason as being the former one.

“First Lady Lindulf, Young Mistress Lindulf,” One of the male Guild staff greeted us.

Onee-sama waved her hand, “Spare the formalities, little mortal. Get right to the point as to why we were called.”

He nodded, “About an hour ago, the short haired one had came into the Guild looking for information on your House. The Security division confronted her about it and she had refused to cooperate. The golden haired one came in a while later and revealed herself to be the other’s sister, backing her up in the confrontation.”

“And things got violent but our Security guys got wiped instead?” I guessed.

The staff nodded.

“And what are they doing now?”

“They… They started preaching about some god of theirs… Saying how their god was the one true god that will guide us to salvation…”




How… How dare they?! Trying to undo our work in regaining Onii-sama’s lost memories?!

This… This cannot continue!

We must stop these heretics!

“Stop right this instance!” I yelled out, stomping my way towards the two blasphemers.

I shall not forgive anyone who tries to prevent Onii-sama from regaining his memories!


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