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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 873: My Slime Is Better Bahasa Indonesia


The black slime morphed itself again, this time adopting a figure more similar to Xun Guan’s and also with the same tanned skin.

I’m guessing she doesn’t have a human form of her own so she resorts to copying our figures to talk to us instead.

“Oh, how beautiful you are, sister!” The black slime praised, clasping her hand in front of her.

Just a note, I already checked this with omniscience but they aren’t actual sisters. The black slime is probably just calling Xun Guan a sister because they were of the same species.

Xun Guan did not share her enthusiasm, “You called out to me, what do you want?”

“Oh? I thought you would be elated to find another sentient slime? Was I wrong in assuming so?”

Xun Guan tilted her head, “Why would you even assume I would be happy in finding someone like you?”

The black slime nodded in my direction, “The man behind you is your master, correct?”

I could see Xun Guan tense at her words, “He is my Master, that is correct.”

“That is interesting. I, myself, have been held here as a pathetic little guardian of this idiot’s treasure vault for an untold amount of time… It’s hard to keep track of the time being underground after all. Do you know how many people even came through those doors before you?”

“Zero,” I answered, already knowing that to be true.

Her eyes moved to me for the briefest of moments before returning to Xun Guan, “He is right. Zero. Me, alone in this stupidly big room with those stupid gold slimes who don’t even know how to talk, being able to do nothing!”

Xun Guan tilted her head, “And what does that have to do with us? By the tone of your voice, you sound like you hate this place but why have you not tried to leave it until now?”

“And be stuck in that confounded maze and be forced to wander for the rest of time? I think not.”

“So what do you want us to do? Bring you outside?”

The black slime smiled at Xun Guan’s question, “That is a very tempting offer indeed, but there is one thing I have to do first.”

“And what might that be?”

“I shall help free my fellow sister from her cage. Allow me to kill that man for you and set you free!”

Xun Guan growled at her, “He is my Master and I follow my Master of my own accord. If you even try to hurt a hair on my Master’s body, I will kill you.”

Oh… I knew Xun Guan was protective of me but I didn’t know she was that protective. Somehow seeing her standing in front of me with her hackles raised makes me want to cuddle her.

The black slime did not take her threat well, “I don’t understand… Why would you protect the one who enslaves you? No… I see… He even wears you on his body… If you truly hated him, you could have killed him anytime you wanted. You truly hold no malice towards him?”

“I do not,” Xun Guan answered simply.

The black slime nodded, “I see… I understand.”

Oh good, I thought that conflict was actually unavoidable, good thing I was mista–

A black spike was shot towards my face only to be intercepted by Xun Guan mid flight, my slime girl deflecting it away by smacking it with the back of her hand.

The black slime furrowed her brows, “I see this man has dominated your mind as well as your body… Worry not sister, I will free you!”

Xun Guan turned to give me an exasperated look and we both knew that this slime girl would not listen to us anymore.

Looks like the monsters here are just as stupid as their human counterparts on this Plane.

The other gold slimes in the room had also been spurred by the black slime’s proclamation and shed off their disguises, all of them moving towards me.

I was about to wipe them from existence when Xun Guan stopped me, “Master, please allow me to handle this…”

That is certainly an odd request from her… I looked into her eyes and I found the reason behind them.

It was simple really, she just wanted to sate her desire of protecting me as my guard.

I gave her a nod and that was all she needed from me.

She moved to position herself in front of me and spread her arms out, causing blue spikes to shoot out from her bodies to skewer the entire room except for where I stood.

In an instant, half of the gold slimes deflated and melted into puddles of goo as their slime cores were destroyed, the other half managing to avoid the deadly attack by inches.

The black slime had formed a shield on her arm that blocked the attack, only to shoot her own spikes out at Xun Guan in retaliation though most of it was obviously aimed at me.

Instead of blocking the attack, my slime had altered the state of the spike closest to the black slime and turned it into a whip, using it to slam against the black slime’s unprotected side.

The impact caused the black slime’s attack to be shifted away, impaling several gold slimes behind me instead.

She quickly retracted her spikes but Xun Guan was a step faster in retracting hers, allowing her to spit out compressed balls of water that solidified midair to blast the black slime away to crash into the wall.

Xun Guan then leapt into the air and swept her leg in a circle, extending her leg into a whip before sharpening it into a blade to cut through everything in her path.

That swipe was enough to wipe out the remaining gold slimes in the room, leaving only the black slime left who managed to duck under Xun Guan’s attack by a hair’s breadth.

Xun Guan landed back down on the ground and shot her hands out, forming them into lances that sprouted out spikes to impale her enemy.

The black slime responded by creating holes around her body, allowing the spikes to pass through her unfettered before using that chance to fire off a barrage of compressed bullets of her own.

Xun Guan could not dodge the onslaught as I was standing directly behind her so she hardened her own body to take the blow while retracting her spikes.

The black slime had taken that opportunity to duck under her arms in an attempt to flank me, shooting out her arm that had changed itself into a sword mid-flight.

Xun Guan moved into its path and slapped it away but that seemed to be what the black slime was looking for.

She used the momentum of the slap to catapult herself towards Xun Guan, her other hand morphing into a lance that was set to impale her chest.

Xun Guan moved to deflect the blow but her earlier movement had left her off balance, allowing the lance to impale her directly through her chest.

The lance stopped right before reaching my neck, courtesy of Xun Guan hardening her body at the last moment.

The black slime sneered, “Too bad sister… I knew you would use yourself as a shield since you’re so used to being a guardian and I have no qualms killing you to release you from your prison… It is unfortunate but goodbye.”

Xun Guan grasped the black sime and wrapped her up in her arms, shocking the black slime to try and pull herself back only to find out that she was stuck in my slime’s embrace.

Even though I could only see the back of her head, I could guess that Xun Guan was currently giving the black slime an evil smile.

“Let me guess, that was meant for my slime core? Too bad for you but my slime core is in the safest place in existence.”

That was when the black slime finally realised that Xun Guan had taken the hit on purpose and she had also deliberately overextended herself to bait the black slime in closing the distance.

Xun Guan continued to envelope the other slime with her body, “Also, spare me that ‘noble’ sentiment of setting me free. I know you’re just jealous that I found a Master that I happily serve while you’re stuck with yours that doesn’t care about you. If you had just quietly left, I wouldn’t have to kill you.”

The black slime roared and tried to pry herself out from Xun Guan’s body. She thrashed around desperately but my slime remained unmoving, continuing her efforts of consuming the other slime inside her body and melting her way towards the other’s slime core.

“And just so you know… My specialty does not lie in being a guardian,” Xun Guan chuckled. “I’m an assassin.”

With those words, she shattered the black slime’s core with a spike she created, instantly killing the monster.

Xun Guan let the black slime melt into a muddle on the ground before turning back to face me with a satisfied smile.

“Well done,” I praised, right before she leapt towards me and stuck herself on my body.

“Ehehe, thank you Master~” She purred, before kissing me on the lips and ravaging the insides of my mouth with her tongue.

I decided to let her have that one so the two of us kissed until she was satisfied.


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