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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 793: New Clothes For Iris Bahasa Indonesia


“Your city is absolutely terrible, how do you even manage it?” Tsuki berated the poor governor who has had his head bowed ever since we told him what happened back at the auction house.

“Tsuki… I think that’s enough already,” I chided, figuring the ten minute sermon she had given was enough to put her point across already. At least she’s doing it at a place that no one else would see or I’d think he would have lost all his face.

“Honestly, Aniue, you’re just too kind… For all we know he might not even be doing his job and neglecting his duties all this while.”

I shrugged, “It’s not like this is our city or anything, how it’s being run has nothing to do with us.”

“Unngg… That’s true…”

“Now, now, the day’s still young, so let’s go. I want to see how Iris is doing.”

I used my telepathy Technique to connect with Manami.

“Ara, ara? Is something wrong Master?” She asked the moment the Technique connected.

“Just wondering if you girls are alright? Is it alright if I join you girls?”

“Ufufu~ We’re fine, Master. And we most certainly would not turn down an opportunity to spend time with Master~ We would be very honoured if you were to join us!”

“Umu… Where shall I meet you?”

“Ara, ara? How about we meet Master at the entrance of the market district in ten minutes?”

“Alright, I’ll see you girls there,” I agreed and cut the connection.

I was expecting the girls with me to follow along but they unexpectedly wished me a good time with Manami and co instead.

“You girls aren’t coming?” I asked, perplexed.

Diao Chan giggled, “We would most definitely come if Master tells us to, but I’m sure sister Manami and sister Kiyomi would like some alone time with Master.”

Well, that’s all the explanation I needed to know what they were expecting to happen between my fox disciples and myself. Even Tsuki was nodding along like it was the most natural thing.

I offered the girls the use of the carriage but they immediately turned the idea down, stating they had their own separate plans and it would have been incredibly inappropriate of them to make me walk there.

Not like I would have walked there without it since I could have simply teleported there anyway.

Tsuki ended up following Hao Chi back to the city hall, my little sister seemingly interested in seeing how he was running things. Eris and Diao Chan decided to tour around the city together so I told them to be careful about running into anymore stupid people. They should be fine anyway since I still have my protection inscriptions on them.

I returned to the carriage alone, half expecting there to be trouble with the youkai girls as well since I’ve pretty much been swarmed with incidents at every turn in this city.

For once, I was glad to be wrong and the girls welcomed me back with a quick question of where my disciples were.

A quick explanation and a short trip later, I was at the meet up point.

Manami, Kiyomi and Iris were already there, the cosmic being hugging a very conspicuously large body pillow of me in her arms.

I’m… Just going to ignore that thing’s existence… Was she really walking around the city carrying that the whole time?

The moment Iris saw me, however, the pillow was passed to Manami before she ran up to bury her face in my chest. My fox disciple discreetly stored the body pillow back into her storage ring, making me wonder if it originally belonged to her.

“Masteeeeer…” Iris whined, hugging me tightly.

Ugh… Even with her divinity suppressed, the hug still felt like the most perfect hug in existence.

I patted her head and was given a really, cute “fueeeeehhh~~” in response.

I cleared my throat, “I’m here, did you girls wait long?”

“Ufufu~ Not at all, Master. We’ve just arrived ourselves~” Manami giggled.

Hmm… Aren’t these the standard lines you say when meeting up for a date? Then again, I guess you can say we actually are going on a date right now.

“Was Iris ok? There wasn’t any trouble, right?”

“Not at all Master,” Kiyomi assured me. “She was very… Compliant.”

That’s good to hear, I was a little worried that she might just decide to stop suppressing herself and return back to her original self without me there.

“Alright, shall we go then?” I suggested, gesturing to the road in front of us.

Iris immediately took up position on my right, snuggling herself on my arm and hugging it as tightly as she could.

That left my other arm empty which Manami and Kiyomi immediately went ahead to wrap a tail around, both of them looking especially satisfied to do so.

We didn’t exactly have a destination in mind so we simply strolled through the market district together. Just like before, Alpha and the other youkai girls stayed behind with the carriage so it was just my disciples and myself.

The first store that caught our eye was a clothes shop that looked relatively high class. Then again, we are in the richer part of the city after all so most, if not all, the stores here are catering to the rich clientele.

Manami had then made the suggestion that we take a look there since Iris did not have any extra clothes of her own.

Well of course she didn’t have any extra clothes since she wouldn’t get dirty with her divinity.

But since she’s trying to experience a mortal life now, it might be good for her to dress differently too.

We pushed open the door and the bell hanging on top of the door chimed loudly, prompting one of the female staff inside to approach us.

“Good day, my lord. How may we help you today?”

“I’m here to find clothes for my companions,” I explained, watching the woman’s reaction carefully. If she were to show any negative reaction to my girls, I’m leaving this place immediately.

Surprisingly, she merely nodded and gestured towards the interior of the shop, “For your madam and the slaves, my lord? Certainly, this way please.”

“Ma… Master’s Madam… Aauuuu…” Iris blushed, gripping my arm tighter.

What is this cute little thing?

“Ara, ara? Would Master like to have your way with this little slave who is most definitely hungry for your love?” Manami giggled.

Kiyomi also showed me an indecent smile, “Fufu… I would not mind a little petplay too, Master.”

I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear anything. They would definitely push me down right here without any shame if I were to give them any hints.

At least they said it softly enough that the sales girl in front of us didn’t hear it.

A short walk later and we reached the inner part of the store that was curiously separated by a door that she opened for us.

Feeling a little wary, the four of us followed her into a different part of the store that was curiously empty of any other customers.

“Feel free to browse the wares here, my lord. I’m sure there is something here that would be to your liking. The changing rooms are in the back for your use. I will wait here in case you require any assistance.”

With those words, she left to stand by the side of the door.

Oh… It’s the lingerie section…


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