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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 792: Gender Is Not An Issue For Face Slaps Bahasa Indonesia


With the items I bought stored safely inside my storage ring, my disciples and I prepared to leave the auction house to meet up with Hao Chi again.

On our way down the stairs, we came across an elegantly dressed woman with abundant makeup on her face leaning against the base of the stairs as though waiting for someone.

Upon noticing us, she moved to block our way and several men also appeared to stand behind her.

“You. Are you the one who bidded for the Celestial Maiden hair pin collection?”

“Sorry, I’m not,” I lied, moving to the side in an attempt to walk past her.

The woman immediately took a step to the side to continue blocking my path, “Don’t lie to me, I know you are the one who was occupying the top most auction room. Only the most important people in this city are able to use that place so why is a nobody like you able to use it over me?! That place should have been mine!”

Hmm… I see, I see.

She must be the problem Hao Chi had to come here early to deal with this morning.

Most likely Hao Chi had instructed the auction house to give me the best rooms they had, but this woman tried to bully her way to get the room for herself so he had to come here to stop her.

Coupled with the fact that she also most likely wanted the hairpins for herself, she decided to confront the person who took the two things she wanted from her.

Although how she knew it was me was another question.

I smiled at her, “I’m sorry my lady, but you really got the wrong person.”

“It’s no use lying to me, peasant, I’ve used that place enough times to know exactly when they will let you go collect your winning bids so I know it’s you.”

Well that sounds like a big oversight the auction house should be fixing, I’ll mention that to Hao Chi later when I meet him.

I sighed, “Alright, it’s me. What do you want? I’m busy.”

She crossed her arms and the men behind her spread out to surround us while cracking their knuckles.

“I don’t know how a nobody like you managed to get the use of that room, but if you are to hand over the Celestial Maiden hair pin collection to me, I’ll let you leave here with your limbs intact.”

I didn’t need to look behind me to know my girls were all prepared to throw down with them right now but let’s try not to cause trouble here if we can help it. Not because I’m afraid or anything but getting caught up in this is going to be a pain especially considering where we were.

So let’s just try to solve this as amicably as possible before we decide to make this woman regret even coming here today, ok?

“Could you stop and think for a bit, lady?” I asked.

“Huh? What stupid things are you talking about?”

“The fact that the auction house decided to prioritise me over you, does that not tell you that my position is actually above yours? Do you even know who I am?”

“Haa? I’ve lived in this city all my life! There’s no one else here that’s more important than me!”

I raised an eyebrow, “Even governor Hao?”

She furrowed her brows, “Except that bastard who bought over this city from me. And I know for sure you are definitely not him.”

Oh, so she’s the former city governor, that explains a lot.

I shrugged, “What if I told you I’m an important guest of his from another city?”

“What?! Then that’s even more of a reason you shouldn’t get it! You’re below him in importance which means you’re below me!”

I was about to explain to her the actual hierarchy when Tsuki came up beside me, “My Aniue is more important than him, you old hag. Now stop wasting our time and step aside before we shrivel up like those wrinkles you are trying to conceal on your face.”

Oh wow, since when was my little sister this savage? Oh wait, she always has been.

The woman pointed a finger at Tsuki, “You! How dare you?! Do you not know the position you are in right now?! I can have all of you beaten to an inch of your life and no one will care!”

Tsuki lifted her hand and materialised an aura of dark miasma around her fingers, “No… Do you know the position you’re in? We can kill you right here and no one will care.”

I’d like to think that those were simply just empty threats but I actually can’t tell when it comes to Tsuki…

“What are all of you waiting for?! Beat them to an inch of their lives!” The woman screeched.

Really? Even after all those threats? Man, people of Sun really are dumb.

Diao Chan raised her hand and pressed downwards, “Know your betters, ‘Kneel’.”

The men around us immediately collapsed on their knees, the light in their eyes disappearing.

Woah, woah, what Spell is that, Diao Chan? Did you… Oh, you didn’t kill them. The Spell simply showed them who I really was and… They fainted because they couldn’t comprehend divinity…

How and why did you even come up with a Spell like this?

As though already expecting such a thing to happen, Eris showed no reaction to the men collapsing and simply strode forward to slap the woman across the face.

It wasn’t a soft slap either, the slap was hard enough to send the woman crashing onto the ground in a crumpled heap, leaving a very prominent bruise on the left side of her face.

My girls aren’t holding back even if it’s a woman huh…

Tsuki then went to her and squatted down, pulling the woman up by the hair to face her.

“Let me guess,” My little sister sneered. “You only managed to get this far in life because you’re daddy’s little girl and you’re just living off your inheritance. You’re single, have no family nor anyone else who actually loves you and you like to abuse anyone beneath you. Got everything right so far?”

The woman continued to stare at Tsuki in shock.

My little sister gave her another slap before dropping her back on the ground, “Useless trash. If I was back on Earth I would have had your fingers cut off and dumped you in an alleyway in the next city without your clothes.”

Tsuki came up to me and hugged my arm, as though this whole entire thing didn’t just happen.

“Shall we go, Aniue?”

I looked back at the woman whose face was messed up from the slaps and her bodyguards who were most definitely traumatised for life.

Aren’t you girls taking the gangster thing too seriously?

And just by looking at my girls… I’m pretty sure Hao Chi’s going to get another complaint from them again. I have to agree with them this time though, the rich people here really are quite problematic.

PErhaps that’s because the hard work was done by the previous generations and the current one are just living off the fruits of their labour? That sounds entirely plausible.

I guess that also means this country is most likely headed to ruin.

Oh well, not my problem.


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