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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 775: The Little Sister That Fought A God Bahasa Indonesia

(Tsuki POV)

I may have had my memory with Aniue’s meddler wiped but I definitely still remember that time I met with that stupid God when I first transmigrated here.

How can I forget when he was the bastard that made me have that misunderstanding with Aniue?

Actually… I should go and find that stupid God and beat him up again just for this, I don’t feel like I’ve beaten him enough.

Putting that aside for now, the only reason I was reminded of him is because of the woman that appeared in front of us from inside the lake. I instantly knew she was a God since her aura was similar to that stupid God I had met as well.

Even though she was wearing a tattered cloak with a hood that hid part of her face, she still radiated a beauty that normal mortals could not possess. You would not have mistaken her for a homeless vagrant despite her clothes because of that.

And since a hundred percent of godly beings I’ve met, aside from Aniue of course, have been hostile so far, I was on my guard for this one too.

Sure, she’s kneeling to Aniue, but there’s nothing that indicates she wouldn’t go crazy like this loose cannon of a meddler that’s been following Aniue around all the time. There’s a reason why I have Aniue’s bonk hammer in easy reach strapped to my thigh at all times just for her.

Aniue stepped towards that Goddess and all of us took a step forward as well, clearly everyone here trusted the newcomer as much as I did.

“Archlis, please rise,” Aniue called out with a wave of his arm.

Oohhh~ Aniue’s looking really cool now! So, so cool… I hope that youkai Manami is taking pictures with her Technique, we need more of these to add to the Aniue collection! Ahhh!! Aniue is so cool!!

The Goddess obeyed and stood back up on her feet before immediately bowing her head, “Please forgive my rudeness of not coming out to greet All Creator immediately. I have no excuses for this misconduct and I’ll accept any punishment All Creator sees fit!”

Aniue shook his head, “No, no. I know you were being conscientious of me right? You thought it was a better idea not to intrude on my time, isn’t it?”

The Goddess looked surprised by Aniue’s words, “Eh? Umm… I… I mean, yes! As expected of All Creator to see through me! I thank All Creator for your benevolence!”

Yeah, that’s definitely not the real reason why this particular Goddess didn’t come out to greet Aniue. I’m sure what Aniue said was just helping this Goddess save face or something.

If I had to guess, she was probably hiding and watching Aniue bathe so that she can quietly pleasure herself or something.

Of course I wasn’t speaking from experience or anything like that. Nope, not at all.

Aniue nodded his head slowly, “Umu, umu. So out of curiosity, what are you doing setting up your domain here and not in the God Plane?”

“Eh? Oh! Umm… I’m one of the Gods that chose not to live in the God Plane, All Creator. For me, I feel it’s easier to fulfil my duties if I were to be in the Mortal Plane instead.”

Considering she had introduced herself as the Goddess of Decay and Disease, it would make sense that she would want to be where she can spread decay and disease more, right? Well, I wouldn’t know about all these God things except punching them in the face is quite cathartic.

“I see, I see. I’m guessing you put up that sign to warn others away and took it down when you knew I was coming, right?”

The Goddess nodded quickly, “That is correct, All Creator! It would be terribly rude of me to turn All Creator away from my own domain! If the other Gods knew All Creator avoided visiting me because I chose not to take down that sign, I’ll be the laughing stock of the entire World!”

“Umu… Then I take it that quite a number of people have disregarded your warning sign and came into your lake and lost their lives as well?”

“That is correct, All Creator… The lake is blessed by me so any mortal being that comes into contact with it would immediately fall ill to the most virulent of diseases and then undergo rapid decay. Such is the fate of mortals that try to step into a God’s domain. Ah! But All Creator already knows that and I made sure not to harm All Creators’ mortal companions too!”

She glanced towards our direction and even from this distance, I could see the pure, unadulterated look of jealousy in her eyes.

What’s this? This little Goddess is jealous that we get to be Aniue’s companions doesn’t she? Hehehe~ That’s right! So what if you’re a Goddess? You can only look at Aniue from afar while we get to cuddle with Aniue whenever we want to!

“I see… Umm… About that traveller from earlier…”

Her attention snapped back to Aniue, “Eh? The one stupid enough to think put his hand into my lake despite already knowing the danger?”

“Yeah, that guy… Eh… You know what, nevermind. It is part of the circle of life after all… What I want to ask is if it won’t be a bother for us to rest here for a while?” Aniue asked.

“Oh! Not at all, All Creator! My domain is All Creator’s domain after all! In fact, it would honour me greatly if All Creator would allow me to host you!”

“Umu… In that case, carry on everyone. I’ll go check on Brendan.”

Aniue walked back to the carriage, leaving us alone with the Goddess.

The moment Aniue disappeared inside the carriage though, the Goddess’s smiling face immediately turned into a scowl to glare at us.

“You mortals have no idea how fortunate all of you are to be Daddy Dearest’s companions.”

I smirked at her, “Oh we know. We most definitely know. Why? Are you jealous, little Goddess?”

She furrowed her brows at me, “How dare you talk like this to a Goddess, mortal?”

“Oh I dare, little Goddess. I am the precious, most adorable and best little sister of your ‘Daddy Dearest’ so I should be asking you to watch your tone, little Goddess, lest I rearrange that face of yours.”

That other definitely-not-Aniue’s-best-little-sister quickly protested, “Hey! I’m the most adorable and best little sister of Onii-sama!”

I, of course, ignored her.

The Goddess sneered, “Daddy having a little sister? You think you can occupy that position just because you are somehow born from the same mortal mother in one of Big Daddy’s mortal incarnations? How laughable! I can simply plant the curse of decay on you right now if I wanted to, like this!”

She snapped her fingers and I quickly erected a barrier around me, only to have nothing affect either myself or the barrier I made. Did she miscast or something?

“How cute… A World Goddess thinks she can do anything she wants in front of me? Was my presence really forgotten?” Aniue’s meddler commented from the side.

The Goddess turned to her with wide eyes, “The… The End! That… That was not my intention at all!”

“These are my Master’s companions and are under His protection. Who do you think you are to try and hurt them?”

The Goddess bowed her head, “I… I was not thinking! Please forgive me!!”

Huh… I’m surprise Aniue’s meddler actually protected me, I thought she didn’t care about us at all?

She opened her fan coyly, “Huhuhu… Whatever shall I do… Perhaps I should let Master know of your audacity?”

The Goddess started to panic, “Please! Anything but that!”

“Ara? A little World Goddess thinks she can bargain with me? I suppose this World can do without one Goddess. Another can simply take your–“

“I’m back, let me make lunch for us,” Aniue called out from the carriage, his voice quickly silencing the meddler and making everyone pretend that nothing had happened.

Behind Aniue was a still groggy Brendan sleepily rubbing his eyes.

“Did I miss something?” Aniue asked, looking at how we were standing around awkwardly.

The Goddess remained silent with her head bowed so the meddler was the one who spoke, “Ara, ara? Nothing, Master~ I was just thinking if this World really needed a Goddess of Decay and Disease?”

Aniue raised an eyebrow, “Of course it does, it’s part of the cycle of life right? Why?”

“Ufufufu, no reason~ Master is kind as always.”

The Goddess quickly got on her knees and pressed her forehead to the ground, “I thank All Creator for your benevolence!”

“Eh? Umm, no problem. It’s just cooking, no big deal. Come now, everyone.”

Ehehe~ Aniue is so cool~


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