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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 748: We’re Going To Pretend This Never Happened Bahasa Indonesia


I decided not to stop them when my disciples brought the unconscious Shuai Ge away.

Lian Li simply gave me her usual dazzling smile saying they just wanted to ask him some questions while the other girls carried him away like a sack of meat.

I guess they wanted to know what made him do this in the first place which I could have just told them. He simply became infatuated with me after getting his hands on one of my clothes that made him go crazy.

But I got the feeling that they wanted to find out about it themselves so I kept my mouth shut.

Well, I trust they wouldn’t do anything too bad so I was content to just leave it to them. All I had to do was dispel the mirror world and make it return back to normal…

Except for Eris who had one big problem.

I tapped my chin with a finger, “So if this world is gone, your other selves will also be gone… I see… So what do you girls want to do?”

“Master… Fix…?” Laverna asked.

She was saying “Is it alright for Master to help us fix this?”

I patted her head, “Of course it’s fine. The only question is whether you girls want to keep things this way or you’d rather go back to being in one body?”

The four of them looked at one another before turning back to me.

Eris clasped her hands together, “Master… Is it too much to ask for both?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Both huh… You want to go back to one body but still have the ability to split whenever you wish to?”

The four of them nodded their heads in unison.

My lips curled up in a grin, “Well, you girls are in luck actually. Remember the cultivation method I gave you to practice? Once you reach a high enough proficiency with it, you would be able to do it on your own actually.”

Denna gasped, “As expected of Master! This one is once again humbled by Master’s foresight! Master already knew about our situation all along!”

Err… No I didn’t… It’s just omniscience telling me about it… Which I guess could also mean I did know albeit unconsciously? Does it count? Well, I’ll just accept the praise since they were all looking at me with such sparkly eyes, which prompted me to reach forward and pat their heads.

With their permission, I merged them back into one body again before I destroyed the mirror world, ending the effect it had on everyone within the Sect.

Hmm? Not sure if it was just my imagination but I think I’m hearing some cries of despair coming from the Sect after I did that?

Eh, must have been nothing.

Right, while my disciples are busy with Shuai Ge, I’ll just go check on Manami and Kiyomi. Hopefully we can stay out of bed for the rest of the day…


The sun had already risen when I finally woke up.

I had to pry myself out of the entanglement of naked limbs while careful not to wake my disciples up, especially Kiyomi and Manami.

The good news is that last night should be the last time they are in heat and they should be back to normal soon. That means they wouldn’t be constantly trying to mate with me anymore and instead, only try to mate with me… Most of the time…

I stifled a yawn and left the room with Iris following silently behind me.

“Oh, good morning Master. You have a visitor,” Sophia greeted me while gesturing to the pavilion.

I turned and saw Sect Master Qing sitting there with a cup of tea in front of him, he must have been waiting there for some time now.

I quickly went to him after smoothening my robes, he probably didn’t want to wake me up and chose to wait instead.

“Sect Master Qing, to what do I owe the pleasure?” I greeted him with cupped hands.

“Ah! Good morning Master Lin. I’m only here as a messenger today actually. Her Majesty Guiying wishes to speak to you. Should I send her in?”

Eh? She’s the Empress right? Why does she need to wait for my permission to… Right… The Church and stuff… I forgot that was a thing.

I nodded, “Of course. Err… Should I go find her?”

“No need to, Master Lin. I’ll go fetch her for you.”

With those words, he turned and left, leaving me alone in the pavilion feeling rather awkward.

Not sure how I should feel that Sect Master Qing was really acting as a simple messenger for me. Like he was just sitting out here waiting for me just to say that? Couldn’t he have just passed the message to Sophia or something?

I’m also surprised he didn’t have anything to say about the Shuai Ge incident either. Are they going to brush it off like it never happened?

‘Ufufufu~ Would Master like to know what happened while the Sect was under its effects? It’s why they all agreed to pretend it never happened~’

Just because you mentioned it, I don’t want to know anymore.

‘Ara, ara? If Master says so~’

Soon, Guiying appeared at my courtyard entrance just as Sophia brought out tea for us. The Empress immediately made a dash towards me and hugged me.

I noted her escorts stayed outside my courtyard, waiting there with their backs turned to us.

“Maaaaaster~ I missed you!” The supposed monarch cried, burrowing her face into my chest.

“Ok, ok. I saw you not long ago didn’t I? You wanted to see me?”

“Mmm… Give me a moment… *Sniff* *Sniff* Mmm… *Sniiiiiif* That hit the spot… Oh! Yes, I wanted to ask you something, Master!”

I shall ignore the fact that she was sniffing me all over just a few moments ago and motioned her to take a seat.

She sat down but not at where I pointed. The Empress spun around and settled herself on top of my lap, leaning her back on me cozily.

“Mmm… This is nice~” She muttered, already forgetting about her purpose here.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Let me guess… You’re stressed out from all your duties and you’re using this chance to destress?”

“Ehehehe~ Master knows me so well~ Could I stay like this for a while?” She pleaded, looking at me with puppy eyes.

I sighed and patted her head, “Alright, alright. There, there, you did a good job. Good girl, good girl.”

She cuddled closer to me and purred, all traces of her being the Empress of this country thrown out the window.

Guiying looked so cuddly so I didn’t really mind the distraction, she has been working hard after all and this isn’t really much to ask for.

I continued to pat her head while she purred.

Mmm… This is good too.


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