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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 747: He Got Nuked Bahasa Indonesia


Eris landed back down on the ground, “So… Any reason why we’re fighting the fake Master?”

Lian Li raised an eyebrow at her, “You destroyed the meteor and you don’t even know what’s going on?”

“Hey, we thought you guys were having another spar or sumthin’!” Bait protested.

Brendan shook his head and pointed at Shuai Ge, “That’s the little piece of trash that’s responsible for all this. He’s hiding behind Master’s guise all this time while leading us on a wild goose chase.”

Shuai Ge smirked at him, “To even be fooled by something like this, none of you are even worthy of being near Master Lin.”

Eris turned to glare at Shuai Ge, though it was a little hard to tell since her entire body is now literally made up of lightning Quarks.

“Tch… Did you guys encounter mirrors of yourselves?” She asked.

Diao Chan shook her head, “We didn’t. Did you?”

“Affirmative… Irritating…” Laverna muttered, though loud for me to hear as well.

Oh? I didn’t think she could be that expressive. What she said was ‘Affirmative. She was irritating as hell so we made her suffer for it. It was not a good time.’

“At least we got this super awesome power up thanks to that bitch!” Bait flexed her arms proudly.

“This one suggests we leave the boasting for later. This one is thoroughly offended that the trash in front of us is still using Master’s face,” Denna commented while pointing her sword at Shuai Ge.

Laverna lowered herself into a fighting stance, “Agreed…”

Shuai Ge spread out his arms mockingly, “You are welcome to–“

Eris had flashed forward and punched the guy in the face, sending him crashing into the back wall for the second time today.

Seriously, this guy really doesn’t learn at all. He’s seriously making me wonder how he even passed the student selection tests and got admitted here…

I guess he got overconfident with the power boost he got from mirroring me or something.

Otherwise… This might be his attempt at making my disciples look bad in front of me in the hopes that I might be disappointed in them? Honestly, I don’t know what is going through this guy’s head and frankly, I don’t want to know especially after he admitted his fetish for wearing my skin…

The punch in the face finally made Shuai Ge take my disciples more seriously.

He reached out his hand and tried to call upon the powers of divinity that the mirror me possessed, seeking to End their existence with his will.

My disciples sensed the danger and immediately moved to stop him, only for their advance to be impeded by a transparent shield a few metres away from their target.

All of them immediately began hammering away at the shield, even managing to crack it but Shuai Ge had completed his preparations before they could fully destroy it.

Of course being the villain he was, he couldn’t help but to say something before he activated his power.

“This is the end for you all!” He laughed before snapping his fingers.

A wave of power washed over my courtyard, enveloping my disciples within it.


Nothing happened of course.

Do you actually think I’ll let him do that? Of course not. When my disciples had wanted to deal with him themselves, I already made sure that he couldn’t make use of anything that might really hurt them.

Even the mirrored Eris was weakened to a certain degree that if Eris didn’t manage to achieve perfect Elemental synchronisation to defeat her, she wouldn’t have been able to defeat the real Eris either.

I also limited the amount of power he could use so he doesn’t actually have access to the full capabilities of the mirrored version of me, thus why he’s being kicked around so easily by my disciples.

That’s right, I set it up right from the start that Shuai Ge had no way of winning.

Am I being biased? So what if I am? Who is anyone going to complain to? The gods? Iris? Mmhmm, that’s what I thought.

Eris punched at the wall with her lightning fist while Lian Li and Tsuki supported her with a golden and dark lightning blast each, their combined attacks shattering the wall.

Shuai Ge was still stunned by the fact that nothing happened so he didn’t react in time to protect himself from Denna rushing forward and kicking him in the guts.

He hunched over in pain, giving Bait the perfect opportunity to uppercut him in his face and sending him flying into the air.

Laverna was waiting above, delivering a spinning kick to his face to send him crashing back down into my courtyard and straight into the freezing Spell Diao Chan had prepared.

The Spell activated and Shuai Ge was frozen in a chunk of ice, right as something flew over the mountain to head towards our direction.

Brendan threw a bottle of liquid hellflame that blew up the frozen Shuai Ge, leaving him open for the object that was flying towards him.

It took me a moment to register what that object was but…


Elaria called down an intercontinental ballistic missile on him…

I made a displeased face at my little sister who was looking at me with a cutesy face. She was expecting me to contain the fallout from the start huh…

This is what happens when you dote on a little sister who doesn’t know the definition of restraint.


I hugged Cai Hong a little tighter, the little dragon already dozing off cutely in my embrace, before creating a barrier around the strike zone of the missile.

“Cover your eyes,” I instructed Joanne.

“Eh? Ah! Yes, Master Lin!” The little girl panicked before doing exactly what I told her.

My disciples also braced for impact right as the missile landed, the resulting explosion painting the entire scenery white.

I watched the entire explosion with a sigh.

My little sister already managed to create a literal starship capable of jumping to other Planes so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised she has a couple of nuclear warheads sitting around.

I can’t even tell her to disarm them since she would use this exact event to argue the need for such a weapon.

Hmm… I guess if we come across some really troublesome Sect we don’t want to deal with in the future, she could just nuke them.

Wait, I shouldn’t be thinking about such a possibility in the first place.

Nuke is no good, it’s too messy. Just use a meteor, that’s enough to solve your problems.

And if it doesn’t, that just means your meteor isn’t big enough.

The dust soon cleared and Shuai Ge was standing there, looking half battered. Seems like he didn’t give himself enough protection to withstand a nuke.

In front of him were my disciples all prepared to finish him off.

“Cou… Could I…” He began but my disciples were not hearing any of it.

Brendan grabbed him by the throat and poured down an entire bottle of sleeping potion into his mouth.

I’d really like to question why he had those on him but I guess it’s part of his research.

Shuai Ge then promptly fell into unconsciousness, leaving him in the mercy of my disciples.

Err… What are they planning to do with him now?


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