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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 746: He Talks Too Much Bahasa Indonesia


“Papa, huggies,” Cai Hong requested, waving her arms at me.

I opened my arms and let my little dragon cudde into my chest. She was obviously not interested in the big fight happening in my courtyard right now.

I didn’t even need omniscience to know that my disciples were really pissed by Shuai Ge’s antics. I mean he did trick them not just once but twice, even I would be a little miffed with that.

The only question I have is where was Eris and her other personalities? Did they split up and got stuck somewhere or something?

Shuai Ge pushed himself off the ground with a smile, “To think you would even punch your own Master in the face. Is that the kind of disciples you have, Master Lin?”

“Stop dragging Master into this you trash,” Diao Chan spat. “We all know you’re just a fake wearing Master’s face. You think we can stand someone else using Master’s beautiful body in vain?!”

Err… I think I said it before, but even I can get embarrassed, you know?

‘Ara? But Master is beautiful~’

Like you’re one to talk. I’m still wondering why you got angry over him suggesting to bed me since I’m sure you know who he was from the start.

‘Ufufufu~ Was I? I don’t remember that~’

This girl…

I turned my attention back to the fight and Shuai Ge was strolling towards my disciples with his arms spread out, “That’s what you don’t understand. Master Lin is so perfect, so beautiful! If I wear his skin, I will be that much closer to him! If you truly love him, you would do the same!”

You know… I thought he was bad but I didn’t think he would be this bad… What kind of logic even is that? Something’s really wrong with him.

Brendan pointed a finger at him, “How presumptuous of you to even think you can wear Master’s skin! Master is someone you admire from afar, not presume to become one with!”

… I’m trying not to think about the scene of Brendan kissing me that day…

“Ahahaha! Who are you to–“

Another blast of lightning hit him in the face before he could finish his words, courtesy of Lian Li.

This time the attack didn’t cause him to be blasted away like before, but merely made him a little annoyed.

Well that’s my disciples for you, I did teach them to take advantage of anything they could in a fight. An overconfident enemy monologuing is one such example.

“Hmph. Unlike you fools, I learn from my first mistakes so the same trick won’t work twi–“

Another bolt of lightning from Lian Li hit him in the face.

“Stop it! I already–“

This time a fireball Spell from Diao Chan exploded in his face.

“I told you–“

Tsuki blasted him with a darkness spear that also exploded in his face.

“I said–“

Brendan shot a stream of water at his face that didn’t do much damage but did make him wet.

“Stop! Sto–“

Elaria fired off what looks like a rocket launcher straight at his face.

Surprisingly, the rocket actually blasted him away.

“Oh! That worked,” Elaria chuckled, quickly firing off another rocket.

“ENOUGH!” He roared, disintegrating the rocket before he reached him. “Your pitiful little attacks do nothing to me! I’m not only mirroring Master Lin’s body, but I have mirrored his powers too! Whatever Master Lin can do, I can do as well!”

Hmm? Sorry to say but that’s not what his situation is right now. He’s a mirror of me, so the more accurate assessment would be that I can do anything that he could do, not the other way around.

Then again… I suppose that applies to everyone else in existence too…

He reached up and pointed his palm and my disciples, “That means I can do– ARRGGH!”

Seriously, this guy claims to learn from his mistakes but he’s definitely not learning about how no one here cares about what he has to say. Brendan only replied to him to buy time for the others to prepare their Techniques.

Lian Li had used the wet puddle on the ground caused by Brendan’s water stream to electrocute him, since she had correctly surmised Shuai Ge was blocking any direct attacks on himself but left himself defenceless against indirect attacks.

Brendan followed up with tossing a few bottles of gas at him, creating a thin layer of fog around Shuai Ge.

Just as that boy was recovering from being electrocuted, Diao Chan finished her Spell and the fog around him exploded into flames, consuming him in a pillar of fire.

While the fire was still enveloping Shuai Ge, Tsuki lifted her arms up into the sky while Elaria went ahead to plant what I recognised as remote explosives around the fire column.

My little sister retreated just as the fire died down, revealing a rather irate Shuai Ge behind it.

He was just about to start another monologue when Elaria pressed the detonator and blew Shuai Ge up into the sky, straight into the path of the meteor Tsuki had summoned.

The meteor crashed into him and slammed him back into the earth, the giant rock exploding into millions of fragments as it did so.

Yeah… Good thing I had everything around here fortified or this entire mountain might have already collapsed…

Unfortunately for my disciples, even after all that, Shuai Ge still stood back up without any injuries albeit with slightly ruffled clothes.

He finally realised my disciples were not interested in his words so he raised his own hand and summoned his own meteor, this one twice the size of Tsuki’s.

Lian Li tried to blast it apart with her lightning but with something that size, her lightning merely broke a chunk off of it without altering its course.

Right when they were contemplating on combining their strength together to break it, four figures flew above my courtyard, revealing themselves to be Eris, Laverna, Denna and Bait.

I have to admit, I was really quite surprised to see them in elemental form.

It all makes sense now why omniscience had chosen Cosmic Discordance as her cultivation method to achieve godhood.

Eris and her four personalities could cultivate individually before combining together to share the fruits of each of the personalities’ cultivation, even when they are in the same body.

One of them probably broke through and found the way to gain perfect Elemental synchronisation which allowed the other three to obtain that as well.

Eris looked down at the courtyard and seemed to come to an understanding of what was going on since all four of them immediately flew towards the meteor. They drew their swords and slashed, sending out four different elemental blades that sliced up the giant rock into pieces before those pieces were blasted apart by my disciples on the ground.

Ok… So they can do that now. Need to remember to give them a head pat each later because that’s seriously impressive.

Now that they’re all here, I believe Shuai Ge’s the one in a pickle now.

To think my disciples can go toe to toe against a clone of me, even if it’s an inferior one, that really showed how much they’ve grown.

Need to reward them with something later.


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