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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 740: My Disciples Are Always Cute Bahasa Indonesia


The other me turned around and his eyes widened, “Woah. Why is there another me here?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “You’re the fake one here. What are you even talking about?”

“Fake? What are you even… Eh? Cai Hong? What are you doing over there? Come here to Papa now!”

Cai Hong moved but it wasn’t to run over to the fake me but to hide behind me instead.

“Papa… Scary monster…” She cried, pointing at the other me.

I watched as the other me took a step back as though he was physically struck. Not gonna lie though, if I was the one receiving such words from Cai Hong, I would be quite devastated too.

He reached out his hand towards her direction, “Cai… Cai Hong, that… That one is the fake one, quickly come to Papa.”

“No! Cai Hong’s Papa is here! You’re not my Papa!” The little dragon squealed, hugging me tighter.

I could hear the metaphorical glass shatter for the other me.

Shuai Ge chose that moment to move towards the fake me, “Master Lin~ No need to care about them. How about we head back to our little nest and–“

He didn’t get a chance to finish his words before his body was blown up into a fountain of gore. I made sure to cover Cai Hong’s eyes from that scene. This is definitely proof that he’s fake, I would never let Cai Hong see something like this!

As if on cue, my disciples chose to come back at that very moment as well.

Lian Li rushed in, “Master! Our apologies! We let that… Eh? There’s two Masters?”

Diao Chan gasped, “Oh! Are we having another gangbang, Master?!”

This Witch… Can you read the mood? Do you not see the splashes of blood all around the place? I really need to tie her up and whip her later… No wait, she’ll like it. I’ll just tie her up and leave her there for a few hours… No, she likes that too. Why is she so difficult to punish?

The other me turned to them, “Everyone stay back, there’s a fake here messing with your minds!”

“Eh? A fake? Then… Eh? Why does this one feel weird when looking at you?” The demure Eris asked. If I remember correctly, she’s Denna right?

“Agreed… Fake…” The Eris known as Laverna nodded.

“Unn… I can’t put my finger on it either, but this is definitely not Onii-sama,” Elaria muttered while staring at the other me.

Brendan tilted his head at the fake me, “It’s slight, but this one standing here definitely has a different feeling about him. He’s not the Master we know.”

My disciples then started backing away from him, shocking him even more.

Oh, I get it, because he’s not a direct copy but a mirrored version of me, so his looks and aura were mirrored as well, making it obvious that he will be different from me.

But the fact that he was still here despite the Shuai Ge boy being obliterated was cause for worry. That means the mirror world he created was not anchored to him but something else that allows it to exist despite his death.

Or… He didn’t die yet?

Unfortunate, but all I need is to just manipulate the Origin of him creating such a world and that would be enough to cause this world to unravel.

So I’ll just do this and… Hmm? My attempts in doing so were Ended?

I turned to look at Iris who smiled and shook her head before pointing at the other me.

Oh right… He’s mirrored. So instead of being Origin, he’s the End instead. No wonder the universe isn’t collapsing into itself since I guess having two Ends is fine?

Er… I don’t know, ok? I didn’t create… Oh wait, I did create the universe… Can’t use that excuse here…

I’m still recovering my memories, ok?!


I looked at the other me, “Sorry but, I think if you were to use your omniscience, you’d know what is actually going on right now.”

He maintained eye contact with me but I knew he was doing what I suggested since… Well… Since it’s what I would do.

Shuai Ge shouldn’t have flipped the other me’s personality as that would just mean he created a different person from myself, which brings about the question of what exactly did he even flip to create him?

“So… I am simply a mirrored persona, huh?” The other me finally sighed, his shoulders drooping. “What now? Do I cease to exist because I found out about this?”

I tilted my head at him, “Err… I don’t believe there’s such a rule in place for such a thing. Is there?”

“Oh there isn’t, but there can be!” The voice of Shuai Ge echoed through my courtyard.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. No way he was going to let himself get killed so easily after coming this far.

“By Master… This guy is soooo annoying, can’t ya jus’ stay dead?!” Bait shouted, waving her fist in the air threateningly.

The other me looked up at the sky, “Impossible. I Ended you, how are you still alive?”

“Wahahaha! It was my miscalculation to create you with the same personality Master Lin! But I wasn’t joking when I said I’m God here. This is my domain and my word is law! I will have you become my lover no matter what I have to do to achieve that! Just you wait! I’ll soon find the best way to get in your pants! Wahahaha!”

Err… I don’t think that’s even a threat but what do I know?

Boy’s persistent I’ll give him that. He’s pretty much faced three rejections with one of them being death and he still wants to continue trying?

I reached up my hand, preparing to end this whole thing with a snap when Brendan stopped me.

“Master! Please give us one more chance! We’ll fix it! We’ll absolutely fix it! You don’t need to lift a finger for this!”

The rest of my disciples also nodded their heads desperately beside him.

I raised an eyebrow at them, “Is there really a need for you all to do this though? I can really just end it here with a snap, you know?”

“We know, Master! But please let us reclaim our honour by dealing with him ourselves!” Brendan insisted.

Err… Really? Something tells me that’s not the real reason you want to deal with this yourselves…

Ok… I’m a bit curious. What is the real reason they’re trying so hard, omniscience?

So that they can capture him themselves… Then they can… What? Oh… They’re going to even do that? Ouch. Oh? I err… Didn’t know Diao Chan even knew about such a torture method… Eh? Even Elaria and Tsuki? Oh my… Er… You can stop now, omniscience… Please purge all memories of this for me, thanks.

‘Was that an order, Master?’

Yes, I don’t want to remember what I just saw, just let me think they meant what they said, please. My disciples are all innocent cuties.

‘Ara? If Master so wishes~’

Hmm? Oh, so they were serious huh.

I nodded my head, “Alright. But if something happens again and any of you are in danger, I’m stepping in, ok?”

My disciples bowed, “Thank you Master! We won’t let you down!”

They turned and immediately left the courtyard, presumably to go find the boy.

I turned to smile at the other me, “So… Tea?”


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