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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 735: I Hope This Isn’t Too Traumatizing Bahasa Indonesia


“You’re Shuai Ge aren’t you?” I asked, remembering him from the student selection tests as the one who wanted a harem.

He gasped, “Master Lin remembers me! I am truly honoured!”

The boy ran up to me and clasped my hands, “Master Lin! Ever since that day I met you, I’ve felt the connection between us! We’re fated to be together! Please! I may not worthy, but won’t you consider going out with me?”

What the hell… So he really was gay after all? But he didn’t show this kind of attitude towards me that day, so why the sudden change? All I knew was that he wanted to grow stronger to have a harem, so why the sudden change of heart? Omniscience?

A piece of my clothing got blown by the wind yesterday during my tryst and landed in his room? Then my smell made his infatuation with me skyrocket past the limits?

What even… I don’t even know what to comment on this…

Do I have to put my clothes in some sort of containment chamber from now on?

I slowly pulled my hand out of his grasp, “I’m sorry Shuai Ge, but I don’t see you that way.”

His jaw slowly dropped as his mind tried to comprehend what I just said.

This was calculated, ok? I’m not sure if he thinks the flip worked on me since it obviously didn’t. Iris and Cai Hong should also be unaffected too, so I guess that means his ability doesn’t affect divine beings.

So my rejection doesn’t reveal the fact that his flipping ability failed to work on me but instead, tells him that he’s just not my type. If he gives up from this and reverts everything back to normal, then I wouldn’t even need to do anything.

But if he doesn’t…

I watched him carefully as he closed his mouth back up, as though coming to terms with my words.

“I… I see… Could I know what is wrong with me to make Master Lin reject me?”

I sighed, “I’m sorry, I just don’t see you as a romantic interest. That’s all.”

He bit on his thumb and muttered under his breath, “I see… So I do need to flip the gender preferences of the males after all…”

Though he said it in a volume that normally couldn’t be heard, I heard everything since my attention was fixated on him.

I grimaced a little since his words suggested that he thought I was bi-sexual from the start.

The boy looked like he was about to leave when Brendan came running here again, my alchemist immediately latching himself on my arm.

“Master… Who is this guy? He’s not trying to hit on you is he? If he is, just tell me and I’ll get rid of him for you. Begone thot.”

… I’m not sure how I should feel about this version of Brendan…

Shuai Ge’s eyes widened at the sight as he no doubt came to the conclusion that the reason I was rejecting him was due to Brendan already being my lover.

“No… I was… Just leaving. Thank you for your time, Master Lin…” Shuai Ge bowed before leaving, obviously unhappy.

Brendan waited until he was out of the courtyard before turning to me, “What did he want, Master? Was he really hitting on you? He was, wasn’t he? I should go and make sure he doesn’t get close to Master again… Maybe I should just cut his legs off.”

Yeah… This is a problem…

I clapped my hands together and used a Technique that allowed my voice to be heard within my courtyard but anyone outside of it wouldn’t be able to hear me.

“Alright everyone, gather around me now. And I mean everyone, please.”

Brendan looked at me quizzically but I waved his questions away for later, indicating he should just follow me first.

I went to the pavilion and waited for everyone to gather, all of them looking at me curiously.

“Ok, first things first…” I sighed, I snapped my fingers and broke the Technique affecting them to revert them back to normal.

The effect was instantaneous.

Brendan went from holding my arm tightly to releasing his grip and scurrying away from me in an instant.

The girls went from curiosity to shock within a split second, their eyes widening when they recalled the events of this morning.

Unfortunately, there were still four Erises for some reason and I even forgot to ask omniscience about that. I would like to ask about it right now but there’s something else that requires my immediate attention.

Because right at this moment, Manami and Kiyomi had dived straight towards me and were currently in the middle of trying to rip my clothes off.

They had some trouble with it since my clothes were Xun Guan after all so it merely stretched and didn’t tear, causing my fox disciples to grow increasingly frustrated that they couldn’t get to my naked skin.

“I’ll come back and explain in a moment, ok? Sit tight!” I called out before teleporting the two foxes and I back to my room.

Yeah, I’m going to have to deal with these two girls’ libido first… I’ll be right back…


(Eris POV)

Ok… This is really weird now… All of us were still staring at the space where Master had been before he teleported away with Manami and Kiyomi.

“I’m sorry… But… Am I remembering the events of what happened this morning correctly?” Tsuki asked, her hands grasping at her head. “Was I really not attracted to Aniue for the entirety of this morning?!”

Elaria was hugging her knees to her chest, “I assure you, you did not… I was also seeing Onii-sama as just my Onii-sama and nothing more for the entire morning…”

Of course, leave it to the two bro-cons to get upset over the fact that they weren’t attracted to their brother.

“Arrrgghh!! How could I even tell Master that being tied up and whipped was painful?!!! That would have been a great reward for me!!!” Diao Chan screamed.

Ok… That’s the normal Diao Chan I know.

“Hold on now… Why are there four Erises?” Lian Li finally pointed out the elephant in the room.

I looked at my other selves and I instinctively knew who was who.

“‘Aayy… Nice to meet you guys in person, eh?” Bait chucked, giving a wave.

“… Mystifying…” Laverna muttered, looking down at her hands.

“This one is truly humbled by this feeling… Should we all be worried?” Denna asked, looking concerned.

I scratched my cheek, “Umm… Nice to meet you guys outside of me head, I suppose?”

“Oh? Are you saying your other personalities manifested into physical forms?” Lian Li asked.

All four of us nodded.

“How curious… I suppose you can’t hide this from Master anymore,” she smiled sympathetically.

I sighed, “We’ll tell Master everything once He comes back… In the meantime… Can we talk about Brendan?”

Everyone turned their gaze to the alchemist who was busy clutching his head and contemplating his existence in the corner.

Yeah, he doesn’t look ready to talk at all.

I guess we’ll give him a few minutes…


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