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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 734: Things Were Definitely Flipped Bahasa Indonesia


Ok, Brendan sitting beside me and kissing me and being all lovey-dovey, that’s definitely weird. But I could probably assume that it might be due to some potion he drank or something.


What the hell is going on?!

“Umm… Eris?” I called out.

“Hmm? What is it, Master?”

Surprisingly only one of them replied to me. Although the other three did look when they heard the name being called, it was more of the ‘curious what I called someone else for’ kind of curious.

I didn’t want to make myself look weird so I asked, “How’s your training coming along?”

“Eh? Ah! It’s going well, Master! Thank you for asking!” She assured me with a smile.

I nodded before looking at the other three Eris, “What about you three?”

The one to Eris’s immediate right gave me a thumbs up, “Not’a problem t’all, Master! Got everythin’ right an’ jiffy!”

Ok… Err… She sounds quite interesting…

The next one bowed her head, “This one humbly reports no issues, Master. Thank you for your consideration.”

Huh… Hold on… Eris sometimes talks like that too…

“… Good…”

The last one seems to not talk much but I understood what she was trying to say from that single word alone.

Still… What the hell happened? Did I get sent to another dimension or something?

What the hell is going on here, omniscience?

There’s nothing wrong? What? Do you not see four Eris in front of me? How is that normal?!

What the hell are you even on about?! I see four… FOUR Eris in front of me! What do you mean there’s only one?!


It’s always been like this? What are you even…

Ok, how do you turn this thing off and on again because this thing is clearly broken. I was definitely right not to rely on you!

Iris, tell me you’re not seeing anything weird right now?

‘Ara, ara? What could Master be talking about?’

I’m talking about since when did I have four copies of Eris?

Iris blinked and shifted her gaze over to my disciple before turning back to me.

‘I dunno?’

Right… Should have expected that.

There’s definitely something going on here but I don’t know what.

And omniscience is obviously not helping me either…

“Papa, toasties!” Cai Hong giggled, showing me the pieces of bread in her hand.

That’s her way of asking me to help butter her toast so I did so dutifully for her.

At least Cai Hong is still cute so that’s normal.

While I was spreading the butter on my little dragon’s toast, Feng Jie had turned to me and smiled, “Master Lin, will you be free after this?”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Depending on the situation. Why?”

“Oh nothing, I just want to wrap my mouth around that delicious meat pole of yours and suck it until tomorrow~”


I didn’t even have time to shut her up before that sound echoed around the room.

I looked to the side to see Brendan had broken his chopsticks in half and was currently glaring at the succubus phoenix.

“… Or that could have just been a joke, teehee~” The succubus phoenix added quickly.

Things are just getting weirder and weirder…

Feng Jie wanting to lay with the male version of me instead of the female version? Definitely not normal.

Once breakfast passed, it was back to their daily training… Except Manami and Kiyomi were still in heat, or at least, they were supposed to be.

Aside from their greeting, they didn’t even look at my direction throughout our morning meal so I called them to me afterwards.

“You called for us, Master?” Manami asked with Kiyomi beside her.

“Yes, it’s your mating season now, yes? I was wondering if you have any problems?”

Kiyomi smiled, “Fufu~ Of course not, Master. We still have each other to deal with it so there’s no issues with that.”

I frowned, “Huh? Then what about what happened yesterday?”

The two fox youkais tilted their heads at me in confusion.

“Yesterday? What happened yesterday, Master? Were we too loud?” Manami asked.

I was just about to point out all the love making we did when Brendan suddenly appeared in between the two of them and draped his arms over their shoulders. In his hands were two knives that he held against the girls’ throats while he chuckled mirthlessly.

“What do we have here? Are you two trying to do something to Master? Why are you standing so close to Master? Hmmm?”

Ok… I said this twice already but…




“N… No, Brendan, we were just talking about our estrus season…” Manami explained quickly, actually looking terrified.

“Ye… Yes, Brendan, it was only that and nothing else…” Kiyomi confirmed, looking just as scared.

That’s odd… Not to belittle Brendan or anything but… I’m pretty sure these two girls could defend themselves quite easily against a knife on their throat. So why are they so terrified of him?

I cleared my throat, “Brendan… What are you doing?”

Brendan looked surprised and retracted his arms, “Oh? Oh dear, I don’t know what came over me, Master. Please accept my apologies for that misconduct.”

“Yes… Umm… Why don’t the three of you go back to your usual practice?”

“Yes Master,” The three of them bowed before leaving.

Ok. There’s absolutely no way you’re getting out of this one omniscience, but the hell was that?

It’s normal?! How the hell is that NORMAL?!! If you were physically in front of me right now I’ll beat your ass and make you eat it before making you shit it out just to force it down your throat again!

How in the world was that normal?!!

Everything is flipped! How can… Hold on… Is that what it is?

Just give me a moment here…

I went to Diao Chan, finding the Witch busy jotting down notes on the Spells she was researching.

“Diao Chan?”

The Witch looked up in surprise, “Oh! Master! Is there anything you need?”

“Random question, what is your opinion on being tied up and whipped by me?”

She furrowed her brows, “That sounds painful, Master. Is there a reason to do that?”

“Nothing, just curious.”

I walked away, leaving a rather confused Witch staring back at me.



Ok, ok, ok, ok.

I’m asking the wrong questions.

Omniscience…. Are these the people here the disciples I have been together with since the start?

They are, huh?

Then have they been altered in any way, shape, or form?

So that’s a yes too.

In what way then?

They were ‘mirrored’? What does that even mean?

So that Shuai Ge boy has the power to designate a mirror dimension where he can flip anything he wish to? So what exactly was flipped?

He flipped everyone’s gender and sexual preferences?! Damn… Isn’t that kind of OP?

I see, so at least I know Brendan isn’t actually gay.

What do you mean that’s not the reason why he’s suddenly so aggressive with me?

He left the guys untouched but only flipped their assertiveness so that the males in this Sect should have been meek and passive? Guess that didn’t work out in Brendan’s case.

So why is he acting like he’s always been my lover and the girls acting like they’ve never been? Were their memories altered too?

His ability can also make them think that things have always been this way?

Ok, that seems really OP… How has this guy flown under the radar for so long?

I was just about to revert everything back to normal with a snap of my fingers when a voice called out from my courtyard’s entrance.

“Hello, Master Lin…”

I turned and there was the guy himself, looking at me with a bright smile on his face.

Well… Who’d have guessed the guy in question to appear right here and now?

I guess I can at least find out why he’s doing this…


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