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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 721: This Is Not My Fault Bahasa Indonesia


“Master… That was really cool…” Xun Guan whispered after I left the building.

“You think so? I’m glad you approve,” I chuckled.

‘Ufufufu~ Of course we would, Master. It is always nice to see you put these trash in their places.’

Unfortunately Iris’s input isn’t that reliable since she would still swoon even if I was kicking a puppy.

‘Of course I would, Master. Why wouldn’t I?’

See what I mean?

Checking around me to make sure I wasn’t being followed, I decided it was a good time for me to do some investigating.

Which was what I came here to do in the first place anyway.

Since the sun had set and the place was beginning to darken, it was the most ideal time for me.

I stuck to the shadows and made my way up to the inner area of the Sect, where I guessed the more important people would be.

‘Ara? If Master is trying to sneak around, why not just alter the perception of yourself like what I did?’

That’d be boring. If I did that, I might as well just use my omniscience already, right?

‘Mmm… I still don’t understand why Master goes to such lengths though? It just feels unnecessary.’

Like I said, if things always go according to how I want it, then everything would be boring. I actually think this was one of the reasons why the past me had chosen to become mortal in the first place.

‘Ara? Is that so? I suppose if this is what Master wants.’

Iris said nothing more as I neared the wall that separated the inner part of the Sect from the outer part. There were several Sect members guarding the gate and I highly doubt they’d just let me waltz through, Ancestor Phoenix endorsement or not.

At least, I don’t think so. I don’t really want to risk it and bring unneeded attention to myself right now.

In this sense, this Sect’s security is way stricter than ours since we don’t have such a separation within our Sect. Our Sect Elders and Master’s aren’t all grouped up in one place after all so there would be no point in manking such a wall in the first place.

I moved around the wall, finding a secluded section of it where no one was watching before leaping over it.

The moment my feet touched the ground however…

“Who’s there?!” Someone shouted, causing me to quickly hide in the shadows of a building nearby.

An Elder descended at where I had been moments ago. The old, bearded man looked around cautiously with confusion plastered on his face.

A few moments later, several Practitioners wearing the robes of Elite Practitioners came rushing here as well.

“Discipline Elder Gui! What happened?” One of the Elite Practitioners asked.

The old man shook his head, “It’s nothing. I felt the boundary of the barrier being crossed so I came to investigate, but it seems like I was mistaken.”

I looked down at the ground and sure enough, there were inscriptions carved around the edge of the wall which created a sort of alarm barrier. Quite cleverly hidden I must say since I didn’t notice it at all.

“Eh? For Elder Gui to make a mistake like that… That’s a first.”

“Ho, ho. This old man isn’t getting any younger after all. You can go back to your duties.”

“At your command, Elder Gui.”

The group of Elite Practitioners went back to wherever they came from without question, leaving the Elder alone.

When they were gone, he turned back to face the wall, “I know you’re there, come out. No normal student could have avoided my trap like this, so it’s obvious you are someone of considerable strength. What are you doing here and how did you get past our outer barrier?”

I briefly considered remaining in hiding but I decided to see what this Elder might think of this Wugui guy so I stepped out of the shadows.

The Elder frowned, “Wugui? What are you doing here?! Have you not caused enough trouble for our family already?!”

Oh? Are we related? Could he be the grandfather of the dead guy I was copying? Let’s try…

I cupped my hands, “Grandfather… I came to see you.”

He snorted, “See me? What could you possibly see me for? Did you get kicked out and you’re now trying to get me to accept you back in? I already told you if you fail the advancement test again, I can’t help you anymore!”

“Kicked out? Has grandfather not heard about the advancement test results?”

“How would I have known? You know my current work keeps me away for extended lengths of time especially when the maintenance of the barrier covering our Sect falls on my shoulder.”

Oh so he’s the one making the big barrier? That’s interesting…

“I passed, grandfather. I also received the favour of our ancestor phoenix too, it said I was a talent and endorsed me personally,” I explained.

The Elder frowned, “You passed? The Ancestor Phoenix endorsed you? You’re not lying aren’t you? And could you stop calling me ‘grandfather’? You never call me that except… Wait… You’re not Wugui… Are you… No, that can’t be… If not then… Who are you?!”

He pulled back his fist and summoned an array of Phoenix fireballs, all of them poised to be flung against me.

I suppose it’ll be hard to deceive the guy’s actual grandfather.

Tapping my chest, Xun Guan understood my intentions and my disguise melted away, revealing my real face to the Elder.

His face went from anger to confusion to shock in a single second, his Technique quickly dispersing as soon as he realised who he was staring at.

“Ma… Ma… Master… Master Lin…” He stuttered, his entire body shaking.

Just in case he screamed, I already erected a silencing and warding barrier around us so he couldn’t escape or call for help.

I raised my hand, “Yes, hi. You’re Elder Gui right? Nice to meet you.”

“Impossible… You were supposed to be dead…”

I grinned, “Well, like what I told your former Sect Master… News of my death was greatly exaggerated.”

He looked me up and down, his eyes still wide in shock, “You’re… Really Master Lin… You’re here… Standing in front of me… Then… Then… Elder Feng…”

“Was disposed of,” I finished for him.

He continued to stare at me for a few more seconds before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and the old man promptly fainted.

Ok… This time was totally not my fault, ok?


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