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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 704: After Daddy Turns Away Bahasa Indonesia

(Sylphy POV)


All Creator himself is reinstating me as an Administrator God!!!!


Suck on it Shea! Big Daddy brought me here himself to put me back! What are you gonna do now huh? Still planning to flex on me that you took over my role? Wahahahaha!

Biggest Daddy even made me the official God to act as an in between for us! As if that wasn’t enough, he even allowed me to act casually with him!

Wahahahahaha! This is the greatest day of my life!! Now all I need is for The Greatest Daddy to give me his blessing and take Brendan as my pet!

Ehehehehe~ What do I need to do to convince All Creator of that?

“Alright, I’m sure you have things to unpack now that you’re here, so I’ll leave you to it and go back first. You know where to find me if you need me,” All Creator waved to me before teleporting away with The End.

The three of us only raised our heads after the remnants of All Creator’s energy dissipated.

“So that was… The All Creator…” Anul muttered, still looking quite shocked. “I never thought I would ever get the chance to see our Daddy face to face…”

Well if you think about it, what are the chances of All Creator ending up on our World and staying here? It’s so astronomically low you’d have a better chance meeting The End instead.

If any other Gods knew of All Creator’s presence here, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them abandoned their Worlds just to come here and gaze upon All Creator’s countenance.

Shea turned to me, “So… You’re back huh…”

Oh right, that reminds me…

“AHHHHHHH!!!” I screamed out in joy while hugging myself. “All Creator was right here!!! I even got to touch him!!!! I touched HIM!!!”

“WHAT?!!!” The other two Gods shrieked.

I flexed my hands at them, “You heard that right~ There were instances where I had been allowed to touch our Big Daddy with these two hands of mine! Jealou– Hey!!!”

The both of them suddenly leapt forward and grabbed my hands before licking them fervently.

I quickly pulled myself away from them and they tried to give chase, so I blasted them back with a gust of wind to knock them back.

“Get your own Origin Essence!! These are mine!!” I screeched, hugging my hands to my chest defensively.

I sniffed at my hands and sighed in relief, I could still sense a few traces of All Creator on there so I’m safe.

Shea clasped her hands together in front of her, “Please, sister Sylvestris! Haven’t we been the best God sisters for so long? Just a tiny bit of it will do!”

“God sisters? Don’t you remember how much you were laughing at me when I was made to fall?! Now I received Daddy’s favour and you want it? How shameless can you be?!!”

Anul raised his hand, “Umm… What about me? I never did anything so could I at least get a few more licks?”

“No! These are all mine! I suffered greatly to even get a tiny bit of this! Go get your own!”

Shea lowered herself into a fighting pose, “Grrr… If you won’t share it with me, then I’ll just have to resort to force!”

I rolled up my sleeves, “Hmph! You think you can take me on?! I’d like to see you try!”

The two of us snarled at each other as we got ready to fight.

But just as I was about to lunge at her to start pulling her hair, the unmistakable aura of All Creator returning filled the air.

In an instant, all three of us were back down in our kneeling positions just as he teleported into the room with The End behind him.

“Err… You guys can get up, I just forgot to give you guys something,” He called out the moment he returned.

Of course, none of us would disobey a direct order from All Creator so we hurriedly got back up on our feet.

All Creator reached out his hands and three fist-sized pouches materialised on top of his palms, a sweet scent emanating from it.

“I’m not sure what you guys liked but I made some cookies for you guys to enjoy. I’m sure this World is a little messed up because of my presence so take these as a form of thanks for putting up with me.”

Shea’s eyes bulged at his words, “We… We’re allowed to take this, All Creator?”

“Of course, I made it for you guys after all. If you guys like it, I can make more and send it to you guys later. Or errr… You guys don’t like cookies? I can go find something else if that’s the case, no need to be considerate.”

“No, no, no! We’re eternally grateful for this gift!!” All three of us blurted out at once.

We get to receive handmade cookies from the All Creator? I have never been happier to exist in my entire existence!!

“Erm… Right… Go ahead and take one then…”

All three of us sucked in a deep breath before we slowly reached out for the pouch closest to us.

Instead of pinching the pouch from the top, we chose to scoop up the pouch from the bottom, allowing our hands to brush against Big Daddy’s palms as we did so.

It took all of my self discipline to maintain my poker face but the other two weren’t as composed.

Anul was practically crying in happiness while Shea’s legs were shaking quite violently from the contact, it looked like she was just about ready to pass out even though she shouldn’t be able to since she was a goddess.

All Creator raised an eyebrow at them, “Hey… Are you two alright? Is this a God thing?”

Seeing that those two were in no shape to answer, I answered for them.

“They’re fine, All Creator. They’re just really emotional at being able to receive a gift from you. It’s already quite impossible for any of us to meet you in person but yet now we’re also receiving gifts. It’s a really momentous event for us.”

“Oh? Is that so… Well… Erm… I guess… Continue working hard then. I’ll still be staying here for quite a while after all, so… Good work.”

Unexpectedly, All Creator reached out his hand and patted the two of them on the head.

The two of them froze at the action and stood there staring at him with blank faces.

AHHHH!!! I’m so jealous!!!! Pat me too!! Please pat me!! Daddy pat me!!!

Pat me pat me pat me pat me pat–

“Well, you take care of yourself too. I may come and visit you again,” All Creator told me while moving his hand to pat me as well.

My body also froze up and my mind completely blanked out. I almost fainted but thank All Creator he had already returned my divinity to me so the concept of fainting is rather foreign to me now.

When I finally came back to myself, All Creator and The End had already left.

The three of us turned to look at one another, the pouches of cookies in our hands proved that we did not imagine what had just happened.

“The other Gods must never know this,” I told the other two.

They nodded solemnly before all of us sucked in a breath.

“YEEEESSSS!!!!” All of us screamed together.


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