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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 690: Undercover Master Bahasa Indonesia



“Luna, Rina,” I greeted the former Matriarch of the Spiritual Plane and her maid following a few steps behind her, maintaining my current composure.

The girls and the boy alternated their gazes between Luna and me before looking at Iris who showed no reaction to Luna’s presence and continued to stare at me silently.

They probably mistook Iris’s stare as one that is filled with disapproval so they turned back to give me a cold glare as well.

Well, it’s not like these people are related to me and I frankly don’t really care about what they think, thus I found no need to explain myself to them.

I mean, do I really care about the opinions of these people who aren’t remotely related to my cute disciples? Most definitely not.

All I needed to see was Cai Hong still nibbling cutely on her cookie and looking at me with her cute, round, sparkly eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Luna as she came closer to me.

“Fufu~ After coming to this Plane, I’ve realised my own shortcomings so I decided to train myself up from the bottom again! I was so short-sighted thinking Husband was perfect for me, but I never thought about whether I was suitable for Husband! Husband was already perfect to begin with and listening to Reverend Mother’s words made me realise how much I needed to change! Then I thought, what better way to remake myself than to go to where Husband had studied and learn more about your way of life here! Nnngg! Not being able to see Husband for the past few days were extremely tortuous compared to the time where I could look at Husband however and whenever I wanted for the past three years! Just wait for me a little while more Husband! I will remake myself into the perfect wife and we can finally get married as husband and wife!”

Her love is really heavy huh…

Luna’s words made our peanut gallery a little confused, but it was clear their opinions of me were still quite low even if they think Luna might be a little off her rails.

I raised an eyebrow at the former Matriarch, “You’re not here to become my student, are you?”

Luna giggled, “I do admit it was quite tempting, but that would mean my position had been degraded from your future wife to your disciple. No, I will learn from someone else instead, Husband! But please just let me gaze upon your countenance once in a while, please?”

Ok… Whatever floats your boat I guess.

I don’t even need to ask Rina why she’s here since I know she would just be following Luna around anyway.

Seeing Luna being so earnest, I couldn’t help but want to help her a little considering she had been taking care of my disciples and I during the past three years.

I gestured for her to come closer and whispered the location of where I knew a few of the Masters were hiding. I know the information is correct since I had obtained it by asking omniscience.

Whether she manages to get their approval or not would be dependent on her own ability though, so this is as far as I could help her. I don’t think she’ll appreciate me giving her a free pass here.

That fact didn’t bother her and she simply giggled after getting the information, “Ufufufu~ I’ll get right on it husband! I love you~”

She didn’t wait for my reply and rushed off, Rina bowing her head to me first before chasing after her mistress.

Since most of the people had already left, they didn’t have any trouble getting out of the Grand Courtyard.

I turned to the three girls and boy, “So… Are you all not going to go find a Master to approve of your admission?”

The boy was still looking at me with chilly eyes, “You… Aren’t you ashamed of being unfaithful?”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “Unfaithful? How so?”

He gestured to Iris, “You already have such a wonderful woman give birth to a daughter and you’re still soliciting other women in front of her? How shameful!”

I snorted, “You don’t even know who I am nor who either of these women are and you still dare to act so full of yourself. Forget it, get out of my sight. I’m not interested in you.”

The boy seethed, “How dare you?!”

Ah, let me guess, this boy is probably the son of some important official from somewhere and this is his first time getting told off by someone else? His parents did a bad job of raising him in that case.

Also, I don’t get why you’re so upset about this? Polygamy exist here doesn’t it? So it’s not a big deal that…


This kid is absolutely jealous that Iris is my woman. Well… I literally created her, boy. Though I’m pretty sure I didn’t create her to become like this in mind, but it’s still none of your business.

Before I could tell him off again, there was the sound of someone screaming and we looked up just in time to see a figure flying through the air and crashing into the middle of the Grand Courtyard.

The dust cleared to reveal a young man dressed in rather flamboyant clothes laying in the crater and looking rather miserable.

Sect Master Qing flew down to the crater, unperturbed by the fact that someone was sent flying down here.

“You’re disqualified. As soon as you’re able to, please leave our Sect.”

The young man gasped and climbed out of the crater, “Wait! Sect Master Qing, wait! How can this happen to me?! She was merely some fox youkai! How can she determine whether I was unsuitable or not?!”

Fox youkai? Don’t tell me he went to my courtyard and even disturbed my disciples’ cultivation? Yeah, he definitely deserves to be kicked out of here.

Sect Master Qing didn’t look amused by his protest, “In case it wasn’t clear enough… I said that any member of Heaven Sect would be able to disqualify you from the selections and I do mean anyone. Even the servants who are in charge of cleaning the Sect grounds are able to kick you out for any reason.”

That young master gritted his teeth, “To think this Heaven Sect would heed some servant girls’ words… Is that how low this place has become?!”

Ah, after the protest and denial comes the part where they would look down on us to save their face. Pretty standard young master behaviour right there.

“The ‘servant girl’ you mentioned just so happens to be a direct disciple of Master Lin. You could have simply just tried again on the next student selection but… Hmm, I suppose I should congratulate you on receiving your lifetime ban from here. Please remove yourself from the premises now and never return.”

Oh, this is my first time actually seeing Sect Master Qing being that harsh on anyone. I’ve always remembered him as the kind, old mentor of mine.

I wonder why he got so serious?

Oh wait… He’s part of my fanclub too isn’t he? So it could be seen as this guy indirectly insulting his idol…

Well, that explains I suppose…

Ignoring the sight of the young master starting to beg Sect Master Qing pathetically, I turned to the boy again, “So… You were saying something along the lines of ‘how dare you’?”

“N… No! I… I’ll be on my way now!” He muttered before escaping quickly.

I turned to the girls, “And how about you girls? I was asking what made all of you decide to join Heaven Sect in the first place?”

They recovered from their surprise quickly.

“It’s for Master Lin of course!” They declared together.

I managed to keep my face passive, “Oh? Why so?”

One of the girls smirked at me, “Don’t you know? Most of Master Lin’s disciples are females, that means there’s a high chance that he would accept another female disciple! If we can catch his eye, we will be set for life!”

Er… No, it’s not like I go out of my way to find female disciples… They just came to me naturally…

“Right… I suppose er… Good luck with that. Oh, I think you better get going, there’s a time limit after all. Just a tip since you were nice, you might find a Master hiding near one of the baths.”

The girls thanked me and left the Courtyard quickly.

Well… At least now I know why there’s so many female students here…

“Papa, cookie?”

Awww… Cai Hong is cute as always~


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