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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 684: Master Is Master Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

It was night time.

My sisters and I had retired to our room for the night. Cai Hong was sleeping with Master today and that Iris girl had gone along as well.

Even though Master no longer needs to eat or sleep, I believe Master still does it out of consideration for us to make Himself appear mortal.

On that note… We still have yet to accept Iris as one of us given her rather infuriating ‘better-than-thou’ attitude, but she’s still Master’s disciple so we tolerate her as much as we could.

Yes, it’s only because she’s Master’s disciple…

Master… Master…

I couldn’t help but bury my face into my ‘life-sized love love Master’ hug pillow after remembering what happened today.

Master was so cool… Especially that part where he said this was his home.

We couldn’t help but embrace Him after hearing those words from Him.

Not good… I will need to relieve myself tonight, there’s no way I can remain calm after remembering Master’s words.

Just as my hand was moving southwards towards the area between my legs, I heard the shuffle of sheets on my left and a soft voice calling out my name.

“Lian Li, are you still awake?”

I turned to see Manami staring at me from her bed.

I moved my hand away and gave her a smile, “Mmm… What is it, Manami?”

“Ufufufu~ I thought that maybe you would like to talk about what happened today with Master.”

Before I could answer, I felt a weight press itself down on behind me.

I turned to see Eris sitting at the edge of my bed, looking proud of herself, “Hehe~ Is dis’ a girls’ talk about Master? Let me join in too! … Rude… Oh shaddup! Don’t pretend you’re not interested!”

I guess Eris is just like usual.

“Are we talking about Master? I want in too!” Diao Chan giggled, crossing the room and sitting herself on my bed as well. “Ahhhh~~ Just remembering Master’s figure and his words to us… Hnnngg!! Ah! Oh no… I got wet thinking about it.”

This girl… Please don’t wet my bedsheets… Well… I guess I’ll wet them later so it’s not like it makes much difference anyway…

“”Oh! Are we talking about Onii-sama/Aniue?!”” The two sisters popped up out of nowhere, looking all excited.

Of course if the topic was about their favourite older brother, these two would show up too.

“Hmm… As expected, no one can sleep after hearing what Master said huh?” Kiyomi muttered with amusement in her voice, joining her sister in her bed. “Are you not going to join us, Brendan?”

There was the sound of shuffling from the other side of the room and Brendan slowly made his way towards us, the alchemist settling himself down on the empty bed across from mine.

Master had offered to have another building made for him to stay in but he had declined the offer quickly.

The reason he gave to explain his decision was that he didn’t want to trouble Master too much. In reality, however, it was because he wouldn’t be able to use the secret entrance to the Church which was built into our wardrobes if he stayed elsewhere.

It didn’t bother us much anyway since Brendan was clearly not interested in us and only had eyes for Master. I wonder when he would finally admit to his own feelings?

Perhaps we should get Master to push him down instead.

“Ufufufu~ Now that everyone is here, we can resume our girl talk~” Manami chuckled, sitting upright on the bed. “I personally think Master was especially Divine today~”

Eris nodded her head in agreement, “Mmhmm, mmhmm. How long do you think it will take for the news that we shouldn’t call Master ‘God’ anymore will spread to the rest of the believers?”

Kiyomi started brushing her tails, “It would probably take a week or two but it’ll be easier if we figure out something to call Master by first. Some of them might get the wrong idea that Master was being denounced and start a riot.”

“Unn… That is true, but what can we call Master now?” I wondered, looking to the rest of my sisters and Brendan for suggestions.

Tsuki tapped her chin, “Now that you mention it… Didn’t that woman in the other Plane call Aniue ‘All Creator’?”

Elaria stuck her tongue out, “Bleh… That sounds boring and doesn’t fit Onii-sama at all. We need something with much more impact!”

“Ahahaha! That’s true, that’s true! We need sumthin’ bigger an’ better! Ahem… I think the term should at least show off Master’s divinity.” Eris suggested.

“Maybe we can call Master ‘Big Daddy’!” Diao Chan suggested, her mind clearly thinking about other lascivious thoughts.

“I would like to point out this is a new term to refer to Master, not some new Technique you would call out willy nilly,” Kiyomi reminded, not looking up from where she was brushing her tails.

Unn… She has a point… In that case…

I clapped my hands together, “How about we just call Master, ‘Master’? Master is, after all, the Master of everything isn’t it?”

“Ara? That’s a great idea!” Manami approved immediately. “Ufufufu~ Master is Master after all. And we can worship Master as ‘Master’ whenever we wish and it wouldn’t sound out of place!”

The rest also agreed readily and Manami made the necessary telepathy calls to inform the others of our decision.

“Huuu… Speaking of which… We were all thinking Master was going to leave for the Divine Realm or something weren’t we?” Diao Chan sighed, hugging her own ‘life sized love love Master erotic edition’ hug pillow. “To think Master had chosen us over everything else…”

I took a peek at the picture of Master imprinted on my pillow, “Unn… It’s because it’s Master after all. Even now, we still have yet to grasp how deep His heart and thoughts are. We definitely cannot let Master down!”

Kiyomi looked especially passionate about the topic, “Master has put His faith in us to gain this power with our own two hands… Failure is no longer an option. We must achieve godhood at all costs.”

“Ufufufu! With Master guiding us along, we will definitely succeed no matter what it takes~” Manami declared with absolute conviction in her voice.

Everyone also agreed quickly, our body filled with renewed determination to fulfill Master’s expectations of us.

“Actually…” Brendan called out in a small voice after having kept quiet all this while. “I don’t know for sure if it will work but… There might be a way for us to obtain Divinity rather easily without resorting to having Master grant it to us…”

All of us immediately turned our gazes towards the alchemist, silently demanding him to explain what he just said.

“The liquid Origin… The one we used to create Master’s and our memory potion… I still have quite a bit of it left over. One of this liquid’s properties is that it can seemingly create anything. Maybe we could create divinity for ourselves with it?”

All of us looked at one another at the new information.

Well… The decision is an easy one….


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