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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 680: Let’s Talk Bahasa Indonesia


I’m currently sitting in my room with my hands clutching my face.

I just learned that my disciples had made a really big fanclub of me and I didn’t even realise that until now…

No, don’t call it a cult… Please. It’s a fanclub and I’m not going to admit that it’s anything else but a fanclub.

A very dedicated fanclub…

“Ara? Master seems to be quite displeased about this. Should I End this world and recreate it anew? If not the world, then maybe just the people in it will do. We can recreate life from the start again and prevent this from happening,” Iris suggested.


“No, no. That’s way too excessive just for this, Iris. This isn’t reason enough to completely wipe all of life from a world…”

She tilted her head at me, “It’s not?”

“Why do you even think it is?”

“For some mere pieces of flesh and bones to make Master feel grief, is that not a good enough reason to wipe them from existence?”


I think I know the issue with Iris now… She has no common sense in the mortal plane of existence at all.

What makes it worse is that she has absolutely no love for anything else in existence aside from me, so she has no qualms about Ending everything else just to get to me, as evident from our previous fight.

To be fair, I’m pretty sure my common sense for the cosmic plane is just as, if not even worse, than hers since we both lived in two very different places, so it’s completely understandable.

Good thing this is something that can be taught. Not to brag but I think I’m quite competent in that regard.

Just look at my disciples, all upstanding people of society and not an ounce of evil in them. Absolute darlings, I tell you.

No, shut up. It’s a fanclub, not a cult. Say it with me f-a-n-c-l-u-b. Fanclub. There are no cults around here, just really, really, really dedicated fans who just so happen to pray to their idol as well. I mean… I’m technically a god too so it’s not like they’re wrong…

Now that I’m reminded of that scene of them praising my name inside that cathedral-like building again, I’m feeling embarrassed once more…

The best thing to do in this situation is… To run away!

Yeah, I’ll go settle Feng boy’s case first, then I’ll forget about this and come back. No need to think about this so much. Good plan.

I mean… This was already around even before I found out about it, right? So it would be fine if I just forget about it and continue life like always.

What do you want me to do? Confront them about it? Ask why did they set up a cul… I mean, why did they set up a fanclub in the first place?

Yeah, nah, not going to happen.

“I’m going to go take care of that Feng traitor. You wanna come along?” I asked Iris.

She tilted her head at me, “Feng traitor? Is it the little insignificant wailing thing that we met earlier today?”

“Umm… Yes.”

“Do we need to go there ourselves? We can just End his existence from here as well.”

“No, no. I’m not going to End him so quickly, he needs to at least go through a bit of suffering as punishment you know?”

Iris frowned, “Incomprehensible… Causing pain to someone doesn’t get you anything. The thing would expire in the end so why not just do it now?”

“We get a sense of satisfaction, Iris. Well just come along, you’ll see.”

“Very well, Master.”

Well alright then.

I teleported us into that hideout turned dungeon where I kept that crazy, undead fox before.

It’s been three years since I’ve come here so imagine my surprise when I found that undead fox standing in front of the blindfolded, gagged and chained up Feng boy with whips and knives held in her hands.

“Shizuri? What are you doing?”

“Daaaaarrrling!!” She squealed, throwing the knives and whip away to hug me.

Not wanting her that close to me, I adjusted the gravity around her and let her smash face first into the floor.

Why am I being mean? Please, she likes this.

“Ahhhhhh!! After so long!! This pain!!! Hnnnnnggg!! More!!!”

See what I mean?

I think it’s even worse now too. What the hell had she been doing in this cave for three years?

I released the Technique that was holding her down and she moaned out in pleasure.

“This little trash is pretty noisy for a lump of meat and bones… Can I End her, Master?” Iris asked.

“No, she has her uses… Ermm… I think.”

I don’t really need any monster cores for myself anymore and I could literally create them with just a thought if my disciples need them, so she’s pretty much useless on that front actually…

Oh well, I suppose I can keep her around to help me torutre people like Feng boy here.

And Iris… Could you please stop trying to End people when you first meet them?

Shizuri finally recovered from her delusions to notice Iris, “What’s this, darling? You found another girl? Ugh… She is really pretty though so I guess that’s to be expected. But leaving me here in this cave for three years is a little bit too much even for neglect play don’t you think?”

I blinked at her, “You… Stayed inside here and never went out all this time?”

“Hmmm? Of course not. It’s not like the outside is any better than in here anyway. I don’t need to eat or drink either so it’s not like I have a pressing need to go out either.”

“Weren’t you even slightly bored?”

“Why would I be? I’ve got all the toys inside our playroom to play with, of course I won’t get bored.”

This crazy fox actually tortured herself for three whole years without getting the slightest bit tired of it…. I don’t know if I should be scared or impressed?

I sighed, “Well… Long story short, I got stuck somewhere and couldn’t get out for three years. So it’s not like I wanted to leave you here either.”

“Heeeeh? Darling was actually thinking about me?! I’m so touched~”

I most definitely wasn’t. If it wasn’t for Feng boy here, I might have even forgotten about you… But I’m not going to tell her that of course.

Shizuri gestured to the still chained up Feng boy, “So what’s his deal? Did you find him sleeping with one of your girls or something?”

I chuckled, “If he was, he wouldn’t even be here. No, he made a mess of my home while I was away and I’m here to make him suffer a little.”

“Only a little?”

“I’m not the one who’s going to do anything to him,” I explained, tapping my chest.

A part of my robes peeled off to form into Xun Guan, the slime girl glaring at the chained up old man in front of her.

“Oh? Darling kept the pervert slime girl around eh? Must be nice~”

Xun Guan ignored her and stalked towards Feng boy, reaching up to tear his blindfold off.

He blinked at the sudden return of vision and his gaze slowly lowered to the girl in front of him.

“Remember me?” Xun Guan asked with a sneer.

I could tell he had no idea who she was at first until realisation finally dawned on him. Since his mouth was still gagged, he wasn’t able to voice out his surprise and fear but his eyes gave his emotions away.

He turned to look at me, knowing her presence here could only mean one thing.

I smiled, “Yes, I knew you were involved in that assassination from the start. The slime core you destroyed was a fake one I replaced for you and she has been my guard ever since. Thought you might appreciate a reunion.”

He started thrashing about, screaming into his gag as though trying to say something.

Xun Guan looked at me for permission and I nodded, letting her remove the gag from him.

She removed the cloth from his mouth and he immediately began to blabber, “The Dark Sect! It’s the Dark Sect! They were the ones who gave me the formation to use on you! They also gave me that ring and instructions to spread the news about your death!”

Well, isn’t he singing like a canary now? Is he that scared of Xun Guan?

Since he’s already so cooperative…

I materialised a chair and sat down in front of him, “Well then… Let’s talk.”


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