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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 663: The Origin Of The Universe Bahasa Indonesia


“What did you just say?” I asked.

“Ufufufu, you did not hear me wrong, Master. I was your first creation and also your very first student, Master. You brought me into existence and taught me my role as The End and everything I needed to know about the Universe.”

I frowned at her, “Then what have you been trying to do to me all this while? And if I’m Origin, why am I here?”

She giggled, “Like I said, Master. Why don’t you just look back into your memories to find out? In fact, why not project your memories out here so these lost souls would also know their place beneath me?”

“You say it as if it was an easy thing for me to do, I don’t even know the full capabilities of this power.”

“Ara? You have the power of Omniscience, Master. All you need to do is to simply want an answer to a question and you will get it.”

I frowned, “If that was the case, why haven’t I experienced this before? I’d think I would have already restored my memories as soon as I could, don’t you think?”

“Ufufufu~ Even if one possesses the power to do something but aren’t aware of its capabilities, they wouldn’t be able to make full use of it,” She answered, looking pointedly at Diao Chan who hadn’t known she was a Witch until I told her.

I honestly still don’t trust her that much yet but I suppose there’s no harm in giving it a shot.

Hmm… How do I do it? I’m already in this Origin state anyway so do I just… Ask to have my memories back?

I mean, I do want to know if what she said was the truth or–

Eh? Right then I just instinctively knew she was telling the truth. And this wasn’t because a voice told me that but it was just an undeniable fact bound by existence itself.

Ah… I get it, this was the omniscient part of Origin. If I really wanted to know something, I just knew it.

In that case, what’s my breast size in female form?

Oh… That big huh. Alright then.

What? You want to know? Well I ain’t telling.

Now that I know it works… I want everyone here to see my memories of how this all started.

The space around us warped and the scene changed to show another me standing in a dark space. He’s even wearing a set of white robes too.

“Huh… My looks stayed the same?” I mused.

“Master created this form and never saw a reason to change. All of your other lives followed the same form as well,” The End explained with a giggle.

“What? You’re telling me that Origin just popped into existence like this?”

The moment I asked that, I knew the answer to be negative and I was granted the knowledge that this was a form created by myself after creating and destroying several universes before.

Oh… Er… So this isn’t the first Universe I created? That’s… A little disturbing to know…

Unaware that I already received my answer, the white haired woman gestured towards the other me, “No one knows actually. Even other cosmic beings who possess omniscience could only see this scene which showed the beginning of the Universe. And… You always declined to give the answer.”

I suppose that makes sense since their omniscience would be limited to this universe only and letting them know that their own universe could be destroyed at any time might not be the best idea… I’m still trying to wrap my head over this Origin thing actually…

The other me looked around the black space before he snapped his fingers and a black ball appeared above his palm, hovering just slightly above it. How we even managed to see that ball of darkness in this literal space that is completely black is beyond me.

Eh? Aided comprehension? Oh… That’s good to know. This omniscient thing is pretty useful… Would it tell me what the lottery numbers for next week are? Oh It can? This thing even has future sight? Ok then…

The ball slowly moved away from the other me before morphing into a replica of him, except it was a child version similar to Cai Hong’s age.

“You shall be The End,” The other me said simply.

I turned to look at the white haired woman, “That’s you?”

“Ufufufu~ It’s a bit embarrassing to witness my birth again, but yes~”

I suppose looks don’t matter since she can literally morph herself into any form she wants.

The memory version of The End simply nodded as though that was all she needed to hear.

Satisfied with the newest creation, he then tapped his foot once.

In an instant galaxies burst out from beneath his feet, filling up the once empty, black space with the universe as we know it.

“Papa! Sparkly! Cool!” Cai Hong squealed, waving her arms around cutely.

Hard to imagine she was a giant dragon just a few moments ago.

Wait a minute… She called The End ‘mother’… Does that mean she and I…

Oh… I see… Umm… Good to know. Thanks, omniscience…

The other me had then proceeded on to create gods and assigned them to various parts of the universe as my administrators. There wasn’t even some grand ceremony or whatever, I simply just willed them into existence, told them their roles and they accepted it without question.

Even that goddess who was Muon’s patron, I just told her she was assigned as the goddess of fate and that was it.

It’s still weird that there were gods who chose to betray me for those stupid tentacled monsters…


I let them do that? But why?

To ensure the universe has a way to End? But… You know what, I’ll find out later… I’m already having trouble wrapping my mind around all this info already.

Then it was a montage of me teaching The End on various things like how to use her powers. It was mostly just me bringing her around the universe and showing her how everything worked.

The way the little The End kept following the other me around while asking about everything she saw and learning so diligently reminded me of my disciples. She actually looked quite cute to be honest.

But something felt a little bit off about the other me. He seemed disconnected… Or rather, dispassionate bordering on apathy about everything that was happening and I don’t know why. Even my omniscience could only answer that this was how I was like back then.

While my disciples were clearly engrossed in learning as much as they could about my past, I kept part of my attention on The End since I still didn’t trust her yet.

My omniscience told me that she still wishes to ‘reset’ me, whatever that means.

Her name of ‘The End’ isn’t given in vain either. She has the power to literally put an End to anything within this universe. If she wanted to, the entire universe could cease to exist just because she willed it to.

The only thing she couldn’t End directly was myself, since that would also require her Ending herself since there would be no beginning for her otherwise. And even if she tried, she would be Ended first before I would.

This universe was also not the first one that I had created and the past me never expected it to be the last either. In the other universes, most of them were deemed as failures for some reason that required them to be destroyed.

I would learn from the mistakes and then create another universe, if that universe was flawed as well, I would simply just do it all over again.

For the current universe, I’ve realised that I lacked something that could bring things to an ‘End’, thus my creation of The End.

I’ll probably have to sit down somewhere and just spend some time re-learning everything again…

Eventually, the scene led to the two of us witnessing a mortal’s birth within one of the worlds we visited, the memory version of The End watching the scene unfold passionately.

The scene of the husband and wife doting over their newborn child must have stirred something within her.

She started to change into the female form similar to the one here and then declared with a voice full of conviction, “Master! I want a child with you!”

My disciples did a spit take, while I just sighed.

At least we know she’s telling the truth and I know who I really am now. That’s… Good I guess?

Who even thought I was actually Origin?


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