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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 641: One More Time Big Brother Bahasa Indonesia


“Dungeon! Dungeon!” Tsuki cheered the next morning, giving me a sense of deja vu.

“Hold on… I know I said I would take you to go dungeon diving over the weekend, but what about Lian Li?”

Tsuki tilted her head, “Hmm? Couldn’t Lian Li Onee-sama just join us?”

Lian Li raised her hand slightly, “Ummm… I’m not really sure what is going on?”

“Aniue can bring us to dungeons with monsters that we can hunt monsters in! It’s a really fun place!” Tsuki explained enthusiastically.

Seriously Tsuki, what happened to the ‘well-mannered’ lady persona? Was the prospect of going into a dungeon enough to get you to forget about it?

Also, I’m pretty sure normal people wouldn’t think hunting monsters as ‘fun’.

Then again… Lian Li isn’t exactly ‘normal’ either…

My golden haired disciple turned to me in surprise, “Eh? Wasn’t this another world? There’s monsters here?”

I scratched my head, “Well… Not really. I’m basically opening portals to dungeons filled with monsters, that’s where we’re going.”

Lian Li nodded in understanding, “In that case, I would like to go as well. Perhaps it might help in recovering my memories with Master. Umm.. I mean, if that’s not a bother for Master?”

Hmmm… I highly doubt it but I suppose there isn’t any harm in trying.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have access to her abilities since she doesn’t have a Cultivation Point either. I checked on that when I was trying to recover her memories back then, this makes her no different than a normal girl in this world.

I guess I’ll have to give her weapons that imbue her with power like what I did with Tsuki, shouldn’t be a problem.

“Very well, we can go again today,” I consented.

Tsuki cheered while Lian Li just showed me a grateful smile.

“But before that, have you done your homework yet, Tsuki?”

She gasped, “Oh no! I forgot!”

I chuckled, “I thought so. Go finish it first, I’ll make us some bentos that we can take to the dungeon. We’ll go there once you’re done.”

Tsuki’s eyes shone, “Give me thirty minutes!”

She rushed back to the study room and shut the door, presumably to finish up her homework.

I don’t doubt that she could finish it in half an hour given her intellect so I have about half an hour to make us lunch and also create a dungeon for us to explore.

“Master… What should I do?” Lian Li asked, tilting her head.

“Hmm… I suppose you can help me make lunch. I’m also planning to enroll you in our school so you’ll be coming with us tomorrow. Is that a problem?”

She shook her head, “Not at all. I’d like to stay close to Master as well.”

Things like this makes me wonder if she actually has her memories but they’re just locked really deep inside her. Perhaps I should do another search later.

We moved to the kitchen and I gave her some instructions in helping me prepare the food. While we worked, I dedicated some of my concentration in creating the dungeon for all of us to explore later.

Although Tsuki already has some experience, I’m not sure if Lian Li still retains her fighting instincts from before so let’s just be safe and assume she doesn’t.

I’ll probably give her the role of a mage by giving her a lightning staff since that’s the closest role to what she was in our original world.

Since there’s three of us now, I can put in stronger enemies without too much worry. And if it does prove to be too much for the girls to handle, I’ll just change things on the fly.

Honestly, one of the main reasons I agreed to this was to see if any of my disciples were going to appear inside this new dungeon I created. Maybe a dungeon I created seriously would yield different results than a half-assed one that I made for the sake of testing the hypothesis out.

Just as I finished packing up the last box of bento, the study room’s door was yanked open and Tsuki rushed down the stairs.

“I’m done, Aniue! Let’s go!”

“Alright, alright, hold on. Let me just store these and we’ll go.”

I reached out my senses towards the bentos and tried to store them inside my storage ring, only to realise that nothing happened.

Confused, I looked down at my hand to see what was wrong.

Oh, right…

I forgot I didn’t have a storage ring in this world. I should probably make one for myself.

Hold on… Didn’t we get one recently?

I switched my gaze to the ring on Lian Li’s finger, the same one that I had found in the dungeon and returned to her, “Could I borrow that ring?”

She took the ring off her finger and handed it to me without question.

Concentrating for a moment, I stored the bentos into the ring without any problems.

I also took the chance to do a quick inspection of the ring’s storage just to see what she had inside. The curious thing was that the storage ring was completely empty, which I know for a fact that Lian Li’s ring was definitely filled with a lot of things from our world.

Does this mean this isn’t actually her ring or did this world create a new one for her?

Ugh, I don’t even know how this world works…

The two girls gasped in surprise at the boxes disappearing into thin air.

“What did you do, aniue?!” Tsuki asked.

I showed them the ring, “This is an item from the other world. It possesses a pocket dimension that you can store things inside of.”

“That’s so cool! Could I have one too?” My little sister begged.

I scratched my cheek, “Well… Normally you need to be able to sense Quarks to use this but… Hmmm… It’s also a possible drop from the dungeon so let’s see if the dungeon has any later. You might be able to use the one that is found within the dungeon.”

“Really? You’re the best, Aniue!”

I’ll need to remember to create and add a storage ring as one of the rewards when we go in.

I handed the ring back to Lian Li, my disciple now handling the ring like it was a fragile piece of artifact. I had to assure her that it wouldn’t break so easily before she put it back on her finger.

Now that we’re ready to go, I waved my hand over Tsuki and her previous equipment appeared on her again. Not the mythical one but just the original shield and mace.

Tsuki pouted at me, “Ehhh… What happened to the OP stuff, Aniue?”

I shrugged, “It’s like you said, it’s too overpowered. When you’re too strong, things like this would get boring real fast, trust me on that.”

“Boo… If Aniue says so.”

Turning my attention to Lian Li, I created her wooden staff around her height that curved at the end and presented it to her.

“This is a lightning staff, you should be able to summon and control lightning while using this. It’s the element you were the most proficient in back in the other world so I think you shouldn’t have a problem using this.”

Lian Li received it with both hands, “Thank you, Master. Umm… How do I use it though?”

“It’s really simple actually, you just need to visualise what you want to happen and as long as it’s lightning based, the staff will do the rest. Try it.”

Her eyes widened at me, “Right now, right here?”

“Yep. Don’t worry, I’ll handle any problems that pop up.”

Getting my assurance, Lian Li closed her eyes and concentrated.

Soon enough, a ball of lightning formed in front of her before suddenly shooting forward.

I reached out my hand and caught the bolt in mid-air, disintegrating it before it could hit anything.

Lian Li opened her eyes in surprise, just in time to see the lightning disappear into nothingness.

“Less than a few seconds and you already got it, that’s my Lian Li for you,” I praised, patting her head.

“Eh? Ehehehe~ Thank you, Master~”

“Now, shall we?”

I raised my hand and summoned the portal, beckoning the two girls to follow me in.

Now… What are the odds that I find another of my disciples inside?


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