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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 589: They All Want Some Attention Bahasa Indonesia


“Oya? To treat me like roadside trash to be disposed of, is that maybe Master Lin’s kink?” Feng Jie giggled, not even showing any signs of having been struck in the face just a few minutes ago.

“Please do not spout such nonsense in front of my cute daughter,” I growled, patting Cai Hong on her head.

“Ehehehe~ Papa called Cai Hong cute~” Cai Hong giggled shyly while hiding her face with her hands bashfully.

“Oya, oya? I was most certainly not told that Master Lin already has a progeny. Mmm… She is cute but… But Master Lin is still the more beautiful one.”

I would have kicked her into another dimension and trapped her there for an eternity if she even had a single thought of laying her hands on Cai Hong.

We entered the dining room together, even though I would very much like to leave the Phoenix behind right now. It seems her regeneration was indeed as impressive as she claimed, something that Akari was most definitely not amused by.

I expected the dining room to be empty but surprisingly, Luna was already there with Rina serving her.

“Oh, good morning husband! You were absolutely irresistible last night! It was the first time I experienced such happiness and fulfillment in my life and, if husband does not mind, we would very much wish for this to continue! Shall we go on another date today? How about we have that inn rendezvous that we missed out yesterday? I would most certainly enjoy watching husband engage in lovemaking again. Oh! Did I mention that husband was absolutely irresistible last night? Because you most certainly were and I had to mention that again!”

“How did you even get here before my disciples?” I asked, deciding to ignore most of what she just said.

“Fufufu~ Once I realised husband was already up, I simply had Rina bathe and clothe me quickly before heading here.

Yeah, at this point I’m quite convinced Rina has a spatial manipulation ability of some sort, maybe even time manipulation?

Rina took the chance to speak up, “Your Majesty… Your schedule today involves addressing the uprising of the minor nobles in the north as well as inspection of the army. There’s also the report from the director of the Archives in regards to the power fluctuations that we are still unable to locate the source of.”

There’s an uprising in the north? Shouldn’t you people be worrying a little bit more about that? And power fluctuations? Oh… Right…

“Ah… Err… That was me,” I interrupted.

The two of them turned to look at me puzzledly.

I scratched my cheek, “You’re talking about those bursts of energy or whatever they were right? Yeah… That was me. I had to resort to some… Drastic measures for some things which might have been what you sensed…”

Luna clapped her hands together, “Of course! Since husband came from the Earthen Plane, such an occurrence should be expected! And since Husband’s disciples had also crossed over as well, the others must be related to them too! Rina! Have this fact documented and sent to the Director!”

“At once, your Majesty. But your other duties…”

“Mmm… It is vexing but I have to do them. I hope husband does not mind it?”

I smiled, “Oh no. I much prefer responsible women to irresponsible ones.”

“Ufufufu~ Husband is such a charmer~ Would husband like to follow me to work? I think that’s a good idea, isn’t it? The other nobles will know of husband and our relationship would pretty much be official! That’s a great idea isn’t it, husband? I think it is! We should do that!”

I raised my hand, “I’m afraid I’ll have to decline that. I already have plans to spend the day with my disciples and we have yet to create that potion.”

“Unn… I see… I suppose I’ll just have to settle all these problems quickly and return back to husband’s side. Rina, send a message that I will begin the address and the inspections at once. There is no time to lose.”

“By your command, your Majesty.”

The maid swiped Luna’s already clean plate away as the Matriarch stood up from her seat, hurrying out of the room with purposeful steps.

Well, I know she’s a serious person so there shouldn’t be a need for me to worry about her.

Just as I sat down on the dining table with Cai Hong and Feng Jie after Luna left, the door was opened again to reveal my disciples standing on the other side of it.

“Oh, Master! Good morning! We apologize for the tardiness!” Lian Li greeted, leading the group.

I could tell they had been in a rush to get here by the way they were dressed. I’m guessing they did not like the fact that Luna got here before them even though they had awoken first.

The rest of my disciples greeted me as well, to which I responded with my own greeting and gestured for them to sit.

I noticed that some of them scowled when they saw Feng Jie sitting to my right, their gazes similar to when they were looking at Luna when she was flirting with me.

Even last night, though they did their best to hide it, they were quite averse to Luna’s presence there. At least it was not to the point that they weren’t enjoying themselves, otherwise I would not have refused Luna’s participation.

I suppose that means no more group sessions with her anymore since, once again, my disciples’ happiness takes precedence over everything else.

Well… I guess I can understand why they don’t like her, they must feel that Luna had forced her way into my life and occupies a position they could not go against. As much as I would like them to get along, I don’t think it’s something that can be solved overnight.

As for the Phoenix… Aside from her perverse and slightly unhinged tendencies, Feng Jie isn’t really that bad of a person… Or Phoenix. As far as I could tell, anyway.

As far as I could tell, she was simply a sex-starved, perverted and horny lesbian, which was still better than an unhinged and psychotic torturer that I initially thought Tsuki was.

Speaking of which…

“Good morning, Aniue!”

“Good morning, Onii-sama!”

My two sisters greeted me enthusiastically, both of them moving to my sides with a sparkle in their eyes.

I see that even they were still referring to me as a male despite my obviously female form. Don’t they see the two lumps of fat on my chest that are currently resting on top of Cai Hong’s head right now? Then again, I guess it would feel weird if they started calling me elder sister instead.

Unlike my other disciples, they had slept in another room instead of mine, which made it even more strange that they came together with them.

What were they doing last night for them to oversleep as well?

I raised my eyebrow as a silent query to what they wanted and their smile widened.

“We did good work didn’t we, Onii-sama?”

“Could we… Get praised, Aniue?”


I had been too occupied with Feng Jie’s presence that I didn’t manage to praise any of them for the work they’ve done.

I mean the others definitely had their share of praises last night but my sisters were unfortunately neglected.

Since they asked so nicely, I proceeded to give them their sought after head pats diligently, only to realise that triggered the rest of the girls to want it as well and a line was quickly formed behind the two.

Oh well… I suppose breakfast can wait. This is a small price to pay for them to be happy after all.

I should go pat Brendan later as well.


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