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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 588: The Frustrated Phoenix Bahasa Indonesia


When I went to check up on the girls, they were just in the midst of waking up.

Or rather, my disciples had already woken up and Luna was the only one still sleeping soundly in bed, muttering something in the lines of “Harder… Husband… Mmm…”

Considering what we had been doing last night, I wasn’t really surprised since it was her first time after all.

I also have to mention that all of them were either still naked or in their underwear right now.

“Oops, excuse me,” I apologised, planning to duck back out of the room.

A hand caught my arm and pulled me back in before I could escape, burying both Cai Hong and I in a mound of really fluffy tails.

Shiori and Akari were simply staring at me from the entrance of the room so the tails don’t belong to them. In that case, I already knew who pulled me in before her hands had wrapped around me.

“Ufufufu~ What’s wrong, Master? We’re all girls here aren’t we? There’s no need to be shy~ How about we have a bonding session between us girls right now?” Manami giggled, hugging me from behind.

She’s one of the naked ones by the way.

Eris, who was only wearing a bra and nothing else, also came up to hug my arm, “Master! We don’t mind ya staying and watchin’ ya know?”

Hearing that, Diao Chan, in her birthday suit as well, quickly appeared by my side too, “Kukuku~ How about Master join us for an… Early morning exercise? It’s good for the body isn’t it?”

I gave the horny witch a flick on her forehead for suggesting such a thing when Cai Hong was right here.

Granted, the loli dragon was currently distracted by the fluffy tails and it’s not the first time she saw her sisters naked anyway since they do bathe together frequently. But Cai Hong is in an impressionable phase, ok?

As much as I adore this horny witch and her constant perverted antics, I definitely do not want Cai Hong to grow up to become like her.

Not that I would love Cai Hong less even if she did, mind you. Cai Hong has every right to decide her own path in life, I would simply guide and watch over her as her adoptive parent.

That’s not to say that I won’t discipline her when she does something wrong, but I should not be smothering her when she’s old enough to make her own decisions.

“As much as I wouldn’t mind staying here and going for another round of lovemaking, you’re all late for breakfast and it’s not a good habit to have,” I chastised them.

The girls groaned in mock disappointment before Eris and Manami released my arms, my fox disciple deliberately using sensual movements to tempt me while she moved away.

My only reaction was to give her a wry smile before turning to the rest of them, “Now get dressed, I’ll wait for you girls in the dining room.”

I brought Cai Hong, Shiori and Akari out of the room with me before the girls could start trying to seduce me again. If I stayed there any longer, they would definitely have succeeded and we probably wouldn’t get out of that room until late afternoon.

Good thing Luna was still not awake yet.

“Papa, play with Cai Hong?” The loli dragon asked while sucking on her finger.

I smiled at her, “What does Cai Hong want to play?”

“Mnnn… I dunno? Cai Hong happy with Papa!”

“Hahaha, how about we play…”

“Oya? Isn’t this the really charming Master I saw yesterday?” A voice called out suddenly.

We turned to see Feng Jie, the Phoenix from yesterday, sashay down the corridor towards us with exaggerated sways of her hips.

“Good morning Feng Jie. Please accept my apologies for what happened last night. I hope you rested well?”

She grinned, showing me her rows of perfect, white teeth, “Oh, think nothing of it. I am still a Phoenix after all, we are known for our regeneration abilities so something like that could be easily healed after a good night’s sleep!”

“Should have hit her harder…” Akari muttered, to which her sister smacked her on the head in response.

I, of course, ignored the scuffle going on on my shoulders.

“Well that’s good to hear. We were on our way to the dining room so I was wondering if you have already eaten?”

Her smile turned to a mischievous one, “Oh, you are just so absolutely precious. Phoenixes like myself have no need for food consumption to survive, my dear. Although… If you were to offer me the milk from your most tantalizing and mouth-watering jugs, I would most certainly take it without complaint~”

She’s a Phoenix right? Why do I feel like she’s giving me more of a succubus vibe than anything else?

“Can I hit her again, sister?” Akari asked, her tail already poised to strike.

“Do not make me hit you again, sister.”

Feng Jie finally turned her attention to the foxes riding on my shoulders, “How terribly sorry, I had been too distracted by Master Lin’s beauty that I had neglected to greet you all. Good morning, Cai Hong. Good morning foxes I most certainly do not know the name of.”

Akari puffed up her chest, “Listen well! I am Akari! My name was given by Master himself!”

“And I am, unfortunately, that idiot’s sister, Shiori. Nice to meet you,” Shiori greeted, her own tail hovering over Akari in preparation to hit her again.

“How nice to meet you two!” Feng Jie smiled at them before turning her attention back to me. “Now, shall we go somewhere more private, my sweet? Or, if you prefer having an audience, I most certainly wouldn’t mind either.”

I raised my eyebrow at her, “I don’t really know what else to say but… What is wrong with you?”

She tilted her head slightly, “Whatever do you mean? Do you expect me to actually hold back when such a desirable woman appears in front of me? Of course I would do everything I can to bed you.”

“There is a time and place for everything, you know?”

“Oya? Of course I know that. Since we’re standing in a corridor, it would be that right? You lean with your back against the wall while I kneel in between your legs with my face right up in your–“


My red fox immediately smacked her tail into Feng Jie’s face when she heard my order, sending the Phoenix girl flying back the way she had came from.

Yep, even that girl is bad news.

At least Diao Chan shows restraint when Cai Hong is around you know? Sure, the Witch would literally sneak her hand down my pants if there was no one around but at least she doesn’t explicitly say such crude words in front of my cute loli dragon.

Eris and Brendan said Feng Jie was locked in a treasury vault for a thousand years right? Don’t tell me that precisely because she was locked up alone in that room, she gathered a thousand years worth of pent up sexual frustration and is now releasing it on me?

Why do these things keep happening to me?


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