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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 581: A God Descends From The Heavens Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)

The red dragon was the size of a small mountain, so imagine how ridiculous it was to see a mountain sized dragon perched on the peak of another mountain like some kind of giant cat.

I guess a normal person would be terrified, judging by the faces of the other women around us. But for Cai Hong and I, we were just a little amused.

“Dra… Dragon King Asphart…” One of them croaked, her voice cracking in fear.

The dragon flared its wings to its full length, blotting out the sun from view.

“Which of you insects dare to desecrate this mountain with the blood of my followers?!”

Geh… This dragon is both obnoxiously big and loud. Who the hell does this overgrown lizard think he is?

Cai Hong tugged the hem of my dress while holding her Master’s plushie in her other hand, “Big sis Diao Chan… Why is that old lizard so noisy?”

There was a loud crunch as parts of the mountain broke off under the dragon’s talons, “What did I hear you say, mortal?!”

“Uwaaaa… Old lizard uncle is so noisy…” Cai Hong complained, hugging her Master plushie even tighter.

Gununu… How envious…

Should I bring out my ‘full size, perfect replica of Master’s glorious form’ plusie here as well? No, the air here might contaminate it so it’s best to restrain myself here.

I turned back to look at the cowering girls, “All of you, run off and find somewhere to hide. We’ll deal with this decrepit thing.”

The woman I had pulled the hair of gasped at me, “B… But saviour… That’s Dragon King Asphart… You cannot fight him! He’s a god!”

I shook my head, “It seems like you need some reeducation after all. The only God I acknowledge to exist is Master and you should too. Anything else claiming to be one is a fraud.”

The dragon must have exceptional hearing since it roared in outrage at my words.

“Mortal! You dare call me a fraud?!”

I looked at Cai Hong, “Can I leave him to you, Cai Hong? We need to get his tears for Master.”

Cai Hong’s eyes sparkled, “For Papa? Cai Hong help Papa!”

The little girl stored her Master plushie back in her storage ring before skipping towards that overgrown lizard with a smile on her face.

“S… S… Savior! We… We can’t let her go! Dragon King Asphart is known for his temper!”

“Kukuku~ You girls are in for a treat then! Very well, I’ll let you stay and witness it. Be grateful that you’re one of the few who can see our darling Cai Hong in action! Now let’s see… It probably wouldn’t be too serious so… ‘Veil of protection. Air shield’.”

A transparent dome made of compressed air was formed around us, this should protect us from any debris that might fly our way. Assuming there even is any, of course.

“Just stay within this dome and we’ll be fine, I cannot guarantee your life if you go out though,” I warned them with a smile.

By now, Cai Hong had made her way to the overgrown lizard, the loli dragon looking up at him with a sweet smile on her face.

“Noisy uncle! Cai Hong needs your tears for Papa! Start crying, pwease?”

Unnn… She’s always so cute.

The dragon stomped its way down the peak and lowered its head to stare at Cai Hong with one eye, “Do you think that just because you are a youngling, I would spare your impudence?”

Cai Hong tilted her head, “‘Imm pui dance’? What’s that? Is it yummy? Cai Hong won’t eat sweets from strangers you know? Cai Hong will only eat Papa’s sweets!”

“Are you making fun of me?!”

“Muuu… So noisy… Cai Hong needs noisy uncle to cry… Tei!”

The loli dragon let out a cute sound as she leapt up to smack the dragon in the eye.

The supposed dragon king let out a roar of pain and recoiled back after being smacked in the eye.

He crashed into the mountain behind him and his weight caused the entire section of the mountain to break off and roll off the side of it, hopefully not crushing anyone underneath as it rolled down.

Cai Hong looked around her while sucking on her finger, “Unnn? Noisy uncle didn’t cry? Cai Hong’s smack not hard enough?”

The dragon roared out in rage and positioned himself in front of Cai Hong.

He opened his mouth wide and a blast of crimson red flames was shot towards the loli dragon in front of him.

I wasn’t really worried about Cai Hong since such weak flames would not be able to hurt her. But just as the flames were about to reach her, I heard the sound akin to glass breaking and the flames were stopped a distance away from the loli dragon by an invisible shield.

Hmmm? I wonder why did Cai Hong bother to make a shield for herself?

Maybe she doesn’t like the flames for some reason?

Eh? The flames are being returned back to the overgrown lizard? And is it just me or they are being returned at an even faster speed than it was sent?

The flames crashed against the dragon’s torso and though it did not seem to do much damage, it still made him recoil back in surprise.

He quickly recovered and sneered at Cai Hong, obviously enraged to have his own flames returned back at him.

He reared his head with his mouth open, looking like he was going to try and take a bite out of Cai Hong.

But before he could, something fell from the sky and crashed on top of his head, blasting the dragon straight into the ground and shaking the entire mountain.

The impact caused a giant crater to form and a cloud of dust to bloom.

Just as I expected the earthquake and dust cloud to reach us, the quaking suddenly stopped and the dust cloud was sucked back into the epicentre of the crash before winking out of existence.

That gave us an unobstructed view of the dragon laying within that crater, unmoving.

“Papa! Papa!” Cai Hong called out, running up towards Master who had appeared out of nowhere in His female form.

As expected of Master, only He can knock out a self-proclaimed god in one hit and even remove the fallout too.

“Cai Hong, are you ok? Did this mean dragon hurt you anywhere? Were you scared?” Master asked, picking up the loli dragon and fussing over her.

Cai Hong shook her head, “Nnnn… Cai Hong not scared! Cai Hong knows Papa will protect Cai Hong! Papa is strongest!”

“Oh you cute little thing, you.”

“Ehehehe~ Cai Hong wuv Papa!”

Ahhnn… I want to bury my face in between Master’s breasts too… Not fair Cai Hong, switch with me! Please let me bury my face in your chest as well Master!

The area behind me got noisy.

“One… One punch…”

“She knocked Dragon King Asphart out with one punch…”

“She beat… A God…”

I smiled and turned towards my new batch of believers, “He is the one true God you should be worshipping. As High Priestess of Master’s Church, I welcome you all as His believers.”

One of them looked up at me in confusion, “H… He?”

“Kukuku~ I have a lot of things to teach all of you~ We’ll have a lot of fun together!”

The crowd got noisy again.

“Will we be stepped on? Please let us be stepped on!”

“Let me worship the ground she walks on!”

“Please let us be spanked by her!”

“Is it too much to ask to be her chair?!”

Mmhmm… Definitely a lot of fun!


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