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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 569: Would You Like Dinner Or… I’ll Take The Bath Bahasa Indonesia


Right… So I drank the Origin Liquid… Waited… Waited a bit more… And…

Nothing happened to me.

I even waited for a good half an hour too, but yet, nothing happened.

Like, my body didn’t even start glowing or anything, just absolutely nothing happened. No, the burp at the start didn’t count.

“Maybe it doesn’t work on Gods?” Shiori suggested.

No, how many times do I need to say that I’m just a normal human being?

Ok, I suppose the fact that I’m a Star Power user or whatever kind of makes me not a ‘normal’ human being, but I’m most definitely not a god at least.

I guess the fact that it didn’t work must be related to me being a Star Power user or maybe of my position as a conduit. If someone would come out and explain it to me, that would be great.

Huh, I thought someone might actually appear if I asked. Guess it isn’t that simple this time.

I suppose this is a bust, experimenting on it for so long also provided no logical conclusions either so I kind of wasted my time here.

At least these monsters seem happy about the effects it gave them so I guess it’s not a complete waste.

With the fruitless experiment done, I decided to go back to the palace, feeling rather mentally drained from thinking too much.

On the way back to my room though, I met Luna who seemed to have been waiting outside my room for a while, judging by the table, chair and tea set she had set up outside.

If you were looking for me, I’m sure there’s other ways to do it rather than just waiting outside my room right?

“Ah! Husband! There you are! Are you tired? Would you like a bath? Dinner? Or maybe you would like a massage? I can prepare some tea and cakes too if you’d like? I know husband is strong but you shouldn’t work too hard you know? If husband needs anything, you can just tell me and I will prepare for it, ok? There’s no need to be shy. Husband is husband after all, what is mine is yours. So how about we go take a bath together now? I think that’s a good idea, isn’t it?”

I sighed, “Don’t you feel weird calling me husband when I’m a woman now?”

The Matriarch tilted her head at me, “But husband is still husband no? Even if Husband is now a woman, husband is still husband. Ara? Perhaps in husband’s Plane, the idea of two women marrying each other is not accepted? In that case, husband should just move here already, we don’t discriminate against same gender marriage you know? As I thought, husband should just stay here after all, should I send some people to go get husband’s things? I will make sure to make you happy here.”

Seriously woman, do you have any brakes on you? I’m not even sure how that logic even works.

I raised up my hands, “Ok, first of all, the marriage thing isn’t the issue and the Earthen Plane actually does allow same gender marriage. Or more precisely, no one cares about the gender of who you marry there, especially sice gender change pills exist. Second of all, I really have no intention to move right now. Aside from my disciples, there are still other people there waiting for me and I can’t abandon them.”

Shiori and Akari nuzzled my neck, knowing some of the ‘people’ I mentioned referred to their group.

“Oh, that’s a shame. So does husband want to take a bath with me? A bath will definitely soothe your body after a tiring day. So shall we go now?”

“Speaking of which, where are my disciples?”

“Husband’s disciples? I believe they had already set off to gather the ingredients for husband’s potion.”

“That fast?”

Luna nodded with a rather annoyed look, “They were all interested in getting husband’s memories back as soon as possible after all. I helped too, husband!”

“Umu… Thank you for your help.”

“Fufufu~~ I wouldn’t mind if husband bathed with me as payment, you know? Should I get Rina to go heat up the baths? I promise it will help husband relax. You don’t even need to think about anything, you just need to relax.”

“I was going to stay silent… But this woman really is quite shameless isn’t she?” Akari commented from my right shoulder.

“Hush sister, you don’t say such things out loud even if it’s true,” Shiori scolded her.

You two… You’re just as bad as Manami and Kiyomi….

I thought Luna would get offended by their remarks but apparently she had chosen to ignore the two foxes’ comments. I suppose she’s taking the stance of ignoring everyone else except me quite seriously.

Seeing how she was staring at me, she was obviously still waiting for my answer to the bath question.

Well, she did help my disciples after all, so I guess I don’t mind indulging her for a bit. That is, as long as she doesn’t do anything weird to me of course.

“Mmm… I suppose I could use a bath… I shall take up on your offer then.”

She clapped her hands together, “How wonderful! Rina!”

“At your service, your Majesty,” The maid girl bowed her head, having appeared out of nowhere. At this point, I’m pretty sure this maid’s specialty lies in spatial manipulation or something.

“Prepare the bath for husband and I. Cancel all the meetings I have for the day and make sure no one disturbs us.”

“At once, your Majesty.”

The maid girl disappeared after receiving her orders.

We’re just having a bath you know? Is there a need to clear up your entire schedule for it? How long were you planning our bathing session to be?

As though reading my mind, Luna just smiled at me, “It’s a rare occasion that husband would spend time with me! Of course everything else becomes a triviality that I would ignore in favour of spending time with husband! And if husband wishes too, my entire day is free so we can do anything husband wants~ Shall I give husband a massage later? Or shall we go out on a date? How about a candlelit dinner? Maybe husband would like to go watch a play? Or we could just lay in bed and whisper sweet nothings to each other too!”

Seriously woman, control yourself, all I did was assent to a single bath session, there’s no need for you to blow that out of proportion.

“Ehh… Look at that sister, she really is shameless…” Akari muttered.

Shiori responded by smacking her sister on the back of the head with her tail.

Rina appeared again with her head bowed in front of us, “The bath is prepared, your Majesty. I have also instructed everyone not to bother your Majesty for the rest of the day.”

“Fufu~ Good work Rina. Shall we go then, husband?”

I already agreed to it, so it’ll be rude to back out now. If she does anything weird to me though, I’ll definitely run out of there.

At least I have my foxes and Xun Guan to protect me in the worst case scenario.


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