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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 513: Do I Even Exist? Bahasa Indonesia


As she had warned me, explosions rang out within the town that I had vacated a few hours prior.

With Xun Guan’s help, I managed to slip out of the town without anyone noticing me before settling down in a field a good distance away.

During that time, I was busy digesting all the information Muon had told me about this Star Power that I held. I wonder if that old lady was actually my Patron?

I guess I’ll ask Muon when she comes back.

“Master seems to trust that woman quite easily…” Xun Guan commented, rousing me from my thoughts.

“Ah… Now that you mention it, it seems like I did…”

“Umm… Should I be worried?”

“Perhaps… But it may just be because I hadn’t had a mentor in a really long time, so I unconsciously trusted her a little bit more than I should since she adopted that role for me. Or maybe this is just my respect from a teacher to another teacher.”

“Mmm… I can understand that. I will watch over Master in case she tries something.”

“Umu, I’ll continue depending on you.”

“But Master… May I ask a question?”

“Go ahead?”

“If this place suppresses men’s cultivation… Couldn’t Master just eat the gender change pill and solve that problem easily?”

I stared down at her for a long moment.

I actually forgot about that.

I crouched down on the ground and held my head in my hands, thinking how dumb I had been these few days.

Xun Guan misread why I felt so disheartened and immediately started apologising, “Ah! I apologize Master! It’s completely inconsiderate of me to tell you to just change your gender so easily!”

“No. no… It’s not that… I just completely forgot about that option…” I sighed.

Looking back, Muon even asked why I chose this ‘form’, how did that not even give me a hint?

Ughhh, did I become even more stupid after coming here? I did, didn’t I? Ughhhhhhh…

I want to go home…

While I was having such depressing thoughts, I felt the presence of someone arriving behind me.

“What happened to you?” Muon asked, landing behind me.

“Nothing… I was just realising some past mistakes… Anyway, how did things go?”

She gestured to the town where half of it was engulfed in flames, “Well, as you can see, pretty good.”

Err… No, I’m pretty sure setting half the town on fire couldn’t be classified as ‘pretty good’, what the hell even happened while I wasn’t looking?

Then again, this is the Spiritual Plane after all, these crazy things should be normal around here I guess. But still, I wanted to sleep in a proper bed you know?

Just when I was about to voice out my complaints, the group of men that had accompanied Muon in the inn ran up to us in their full gear, looking quite worned out.

“My… My lady… We’ve… Ha… Ha… We’ve arrived…” The man at the front gasped.

“Just a short distance and you’re all out of breath, quite a pitiful bunch you are,” Muon told them off harshly.

Err… I’m pretty sure any normal person would be tired after running several kilometers in full armour while carrying such heavy bags you know? Ah, maybe she’s just adapting to the ‘woman are superior’ mentality to fit in.

Hmm? Doesn’t that mean she’ll treat me like that too?

Muon turned back to me, “Senpai… Ummm… I can call you Senpai right?”

“Huh? Why?”

“You are my senior as a Origin Wielder after all, it would be rude of me to assume that we are equals.”

“I’m guessing this is a rule between Origin Wielders?”

“Not really, but it’s just respect that the younger ones have for our seniors. Living through multiple lives is not easy, after all.”

I can’t deny her words. I only have memories of living through another life and it’s already tiring.

Actually, why do they even have that word? Are they a gathering of chuunis or something?

“Forgive me… My Lady…” The man behind Muon spoke up. “Is… Is he my Lady’s newest subordinate?”

Muon actually growled at him, “Do you wish to die? You wish to die huh? How would you wish to die?”

“Eh? Eh? M… My… My Lady?”

“To dare call my Senpai as my subordinate, you really are tired of living huh?”

Muon’s hand was reaching out for the man’s head, her fingers curling inwards threateningly. I have a feeling she was not joking about killing him.

“Ummm… Muon? It’s not really a big deal you know? I mean, his line of thought is quite reasonable.”

Muon dropped her hand and turned back to me, “If Senpai says so, I won’t pursue the matter.”

“Anyway, you were saying?” I tried to steer the conversation back on track, giving the man a look to tell him he should be backing off now.

“Ah, that’s right! I wanted to ask if Senpai had any questions you might want to ask me?”

I turned my head and looked pointedly at the men behind her, silently inquiring if she was ok with talking about this subject while those people were here.

She waved her hand dismissively, “You don’t need to worry about them. They aren’t able to say anything without my say so. If they do try to leak out this conversation, their heads will explode.”

Ummm… That kind of sounds ominous so I’ll refrain from knowing the details.

“Alright… I wanted to ask what should I do in regards to this Star… I mean… Origin power of mine. What does it actually do and what should I be using this for?”

“Ah, that sounds like it will be quite a complicated subject to explain. Could I ask what Senpai’s plans were before you met me?”

“I was heading to the capital city actually. You might have guessed but… I’m actually not a denizen of this Plane. I was dropped here after going through a portal so now I’m trying to find my way back.”

Muon tilted her head at me, “Eh? You were dropped here after going through a portal?”

I nodded, “I found a portal on my Plane and… Err… To put it simply… I chased someone through it and ended up on a plain somewhere. I traced the person I was chasing to the capital city so I’m going there to find the portal and return back to my Plane.”

“I… I see… The portal wasn’t the reason why Senpai lost his memories right?”

“No, no. My memory loss happened before I went through the portal. In fact, I’ve only been in this Plane for a few days. Ermm… Why don’t we set up camp for the night and I’ll tell you my circumstances?”

“Oh, that’s a good idea,” She agreed, turning to the men behind her. “You heard him! What are you all just standing around for? Get to work!”

They immediately scurried off to obey.

How helpful.

Muon turned back to me, “If I may ask, Senpai. What Plane were you originally from then?”

“Ah… It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m actually from the Earthen Plane.”

“Ear… Earthen Plane?” She gasped.

I raised my eyebrow at her, “Yes? What’s wrong?”

“That’s… That’s not possible… The… The Earthen Plane… Isn’t a Plane that’s supposed to exist.”

I feel like I’m repeating myself here but…



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