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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 507: Alria Town Bahasa Indonesia


“Master? I’ve disposed of the bodies,” Xun Guan reported when I woke the next morning.

“Umu, thanks, do they have anything of note on them?”

“One of them had this map, though it’s not very detailed…”

I took the piece of parchment from her, making sure to give her a head pat as thanks first before unfurling the map.

It was indeed not detailed at all, it’s basically just a sketch of some places with names without any other details about it. At least it did tell me the rough locations of places of interest around here.


“I’m pretty sure ‘deep dark evil cave’ isn’t the real name of a place. I’m guessing this is like their own treasure map of some sort.”

“Maybe we should go take a look at those places, Master?” Xun Guan suggested.

“Nah, this map isn’t even drawn to scale. We don’t know how far all these places are and it’s not worth the effort to search for them.”

“Understood… Shall we continue on our original plan?”

“Yeah, I already packed their things so we can just go ahead. Maybe we can sell their gear in that Alria town, never hurts to have more money on hand. Come on then.”

Xun Guan came and hugged me, transforming herself back into my travel cloak.

Oh, the rest of my clothes are still her by the way, she simply split herself into two bodies just now.

A thought just occurred to me.

“Xun Guan…”

“Yes, Master?”

“I just thought of it but… Couldn’t you simply just kill me here and go off on your own?”

There was a short moment of silence.

“Master…” I noticed the sound of genuine hurt in her voice. “My loyalty is not so easily given… This might not sound that convincing considering Master still has my slime core, but that day you gave me my name was when I had decided to follow Master for life. This life of mine belongs to Master now, if you wish for me to die, I would kill myself in an instant.”

Huh? Is me giving you a name really that big of a deal? Also, there’s no need to go that far you know? I merely asked this question just to check if I could still trust her and it turned out to be quite a big deal.

Had she shown any signs of betrayal, I would have just dropped her here using my Star Power if I had to.

It was necessary ok? As shown by those guys, you can’t trust anyone on this Plane. If Xun Guan wasn’t sure of herself, someone might be able to influence her to stab me in the back.

I would know, I speak from experience.

That’s why the Earthen Plane is so much better than here.

I want to go home…

I patted my face with both hands, shaking myself out of such melancholic thoughts.

“I’m sorry to have doubted you, Xun Guan,” I apologized sincerely.

“Eh? Ah! Not at all, Master! I… I mean… I didn’t exactly meet Master under the best of terms… It would be weird if Master trusted me so easily after I tried to kill you after all… Umm… I’m not helping myself, am I?”

I chuckled, “It’s fine. I am letting you be my clothes aren’t I? If I didn’t at least trust you to some degree, I wouldn’t even be wearing you. Neither would I be wearing you to sleep.”

“Umm… I… I guess that’s true… Thank you, Master. Please let me continue to serve you.”

“Well, it’s just us here in this unknown Plane so we only have each other to depend on. That’s why I’ll be depending on you a lot, Xun Guan.”

“Ye… Yes! Leave it to me! I won’t let Master down!”

I hefted my backpack alongside another bag I ‘appropriated’ that I managed to stuff most of those bandits’ belongings into before continuing my way.

Though I’m not exactly strapped for cash, I didn’t really want to spend my money on this Plane after all. Call me a miser but hey, I’m still saving up to build my disciples a better home in the new place ok? Every coin counts.

It took us half a day to reach the town where a single guard was standing at the town’s entrance, looking quite bored as he was leaning against a fence post.

Even when I neared him, he simply stood a little straighter but remained leaning on the post.

“Hey, never seen you around here before. You new here?”

I nodded, “Yeah, just passing through here on my way to the capital city. Got some business there.”

He looked me up and down, “You planning on staying?”

“Got some things to sell here and buy, so for one night.”

His eyes turned to the bags I was carrying, both of them clearly stuffed full with things.

“You alone then? Pretty unusual, if you ask me.”

“I did have companions but… Bandits happened.”

That caught his attention and he stopped leaning against the fence post, “Oh? So you’re the only survivor?”

“It is unfortunate, but yes. I don’t mean to brag but I am competent in a fight. My companions however, were not.”

“Ain’t that fortunate for you?”

I shrugged but said nothing more.

He watched me for a few more moments before going back to lean against his post, waving me away.

“Alright, I don’t really care as long as you don’t cause trouble here. Just so you know, Baroness Tian runs this town and owns the general stores here. Might want to keep that in mind while you’re here. We’ve got an inn just down the road and to the left. Look for the building with the bed sign and you’re good.”

How helpful of him, didn’t even try to shake me down or anything. I was even prepared to be chased away and forced to sneak in or something.

I thanked him and entered the town, following his directions towards the inn first so that I wouldn’t need to sleep outside tonight.

I found the building easily enough, a rather simple two story building that looks to have seen better days. Guess this town isn’t that big on visitors.

Pushing past the creaky wooden door, I realised the place also doubled as a bar seeing the tables and chairs spread out in the room. Even at this time of the day, there were quite a number of patrons it seems.

I was aware of all the eyes staring at me as I strolled through the room and to the counter, further proving that this town does not get many visitors.

Just as I reached the centre of the bar, someone came up and stopped me, standing in between me and my destination.

“Hey, new in town eh? You must not know how things work here. You got to pay a protection fee if you know what I mean?”

And there it is, can’t say I didn’t expect this.

“Xun Guan, maximum physical enhancement,” I whispered.

“Eh? Ah! Yes, Master!” She whispered back.

I gave him a simple smile before smashing my elbow into his chin, the man immediately collapsing onto the ground in a heap.

Since they are a resident of the higher Spiritual Plane, something like this should only knock him out for a few minutes or so. Better to make my escape fast while they’re still confused.

I stepped over him and continued my way to the counter.

“One room for the night please.”

“Er… Ah! Ye… Yes! That is… Three coppers for the room… Five if you would like to include food…”

So cheap? Oh well.

I tossed five coins on the table and he immediately handed me my keys, letting me go to my room unmolested.

I chanced a quick glance around the room just in case but no one moved to stop me.

I’m actually surprised the rest of the room didn’t start to fight me but I’ll take what I can.

Now I just need to drop my things in the room then go to the shop to sell the rest. Should be simple enough.


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